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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 158

Chapter 158.

I changed Seizure to Snatch.

158 When I thought that it was a fishing village, it was a farm village

I walk on the beach looking for a fishing village.
Like I can fish in such a dangerous sea!
No, well.
What's with the sea where the Water Dragons can be fished?

Well, because the Water Dragon caught a while ago was a low rank Dragon with a low level, it's possible to win, but if I beat it badly, the Water Dragons seem to surge in great numbers.
I even avoid the Earth Dragon trio, so the large crowd of Water Dragons is not a joke.
This sea is more frightening than the labyrinth.

My belly is filled with the fished Water Drakes, so I withdraw the fishing and search for a fishing village now.
The village where there are men who fight against the Water Dragon.
Surely, there must be a wonderful old man.
Wait for me, Nice Guy.
I'm coming to ogle at you!

Although it's good that I'm enthusiastic about it, there's nothing that looks like a village.
After all, I moved along the beach for a day, but it became dark without finding anything.

I don't want to sleep at the beach.
It smells of the sea.
There's the Water Dragon too.
Here, I think that I should return to the labyrinth after a long time.

Thus, I returned to the labyrinth after a long time with Transfer.
There are no changes.

Although I understand it when returning like this, this labyrinth has a really comfortable air flowing inside.
Although the outside is slightly cold, here is neither hot nor cold.
Because there are no other monsters anymore, there's no sound.
Although the smell is slightly bloody, I'm not bothered by it.
Because there's no sunlight, I don't need to be bothered by the ultraviolet rays.
Because of the "Perception Area Expansion" skill which is the higher rank skill of "Visible Range Expansion", I'm bothered by excessive things like the ultraviolet rays when I go outside.
Because it can't be helped even if I mind it too much, I turned off the skill usually.

I slept well overnight in the comfortable space.

It's the morning.
The only inconvenience in the labyrinth is that I don't know whether it's morning or night.
Well then, let's look for a fishing village continuing from yesterday.

I come to the place where I came yesterday with Transfer.
It's no use even if I walk along the beach like this, so I use the "Space Maneuver" a little to rise up to the sky, and look around with "Clairvoyance".
As far as I can see, only the sea and the mountain.
Oh, village discovered!

But, it's a little far from the sea.
That doesn't seem to be a fishing village.
Ships are not found either.
Rather, isn't it a farm village?
It looks like a part of the mountain is used to grow plants.
What about the men of the sea?
Even though I looked forward to it, what are you going to do with this discouraged spider heart?

Oh, well.
For the time being, let's aim at that village.

I arrive near the village while encountering a huge crab on the way.
As expected, because it's impossible to enter like this, I go around the mountain and observe the state in the village.
Humans live like this, huh?
If I think about it, this is the first time for me to see human living.
A slightly fresh feeling.

The building of the village is made of wood.
Although the style is like a log cabin, it's a raised-floor-style.
Is it the tsunami measures?
There's no store-like thing.
This has the atmosphere of a remote village.

The people living there are Caucasian.
Well, it's a race close to the Caucasian in the Earth.
Besides, they are a little tanned to say as Caucasian.
The color of the hair is generally light brown.
Although it's a fantasy world, there's no one who has the showy color like red or blue.
Because all of the recent knights wore helmets, I don't know that part.

Only by appraising, there's no one strong.
Even the man who thought to be the strongest man in the village is less than 100 in status.
He stayed alive with such weakness well.
Well, I'm even weaker before.
But, leaving aside the status is low, how about it when there are no decent skills?
If it's a human, there should be knowledge to some extent, so isn't it strange that skills are not trained?

I guess it's not strange to that extent.
Skills are not needed if it's only to live in a remote village normally.
Although necessary skills are acquired, is it good if at least not dying?
In addition, if they have the time to train the skills,  then work.
When it's a poor village in the Earth, children are even made to work.
A hard life.

The villagers start to be restless.
Don't tell me that they noticed me?
It's strange.
"Tyrant" is turned off, and I should be difficult to be found because of "Stealth" and "Camouflage".
There's no one who's excellent in perception, so I shouldn't be found.

Well, although there's no way that I'm found, something might have happened.
It's troublesome if I'm found, so let's hide.

Incidentally, hunt monsters to fill my belly.

It's the night.
Everyone falls asleep.
What am I doing?

I got the delicious things of this village.
Specifically, the fruits cultivated here.
As expected, the degree of difficulty to sneak into a private house and swipe the seasoning is high.
I sneak into the farm like this at midnight and hunt for fruits.

I'm a monster after all.
I'm not concerned with human law.

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Snatch LV1』》

The proof of the crime was carved here.
I'm sorry.

What's this?
It becomes easier to steal things?
It's a skill with a strange effect.
It might be useful for a thief.
In the first place, I won't steal such things.
The present situation?
It can't be helped because it's for sweet things.

I steal the fruits of the farm only a little so that it's not known, and I fled.
Villager 「Somehow, I have a terrible chill」


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