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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 160

Chapter 160.

160 Vampire Princess

What's this person?
Because it's an important thing, I will say it one more time.
What's this person?

I don't know where to retort because there's too many parts to be retorted.
Yosh, I will retort in turns.

First of all, what's with that name?
Why there are two names?
No, well, the Sofia is probably the name in this world, and the Negishi Akiko is the name in the previous life.
Negishi Akiko, was there such a person?
She might be there. or maybe not.
She might be there.
Just not in my memory.
In the first place, I don't remember more than half of my classmates' face and name.

I mean, when the person who has a previous life is appraised, the name of the previous life is displayed.
Then, what about my "no name"?
Is it a defeat if I think deeply?

Well, I understood that this baby is my classmate of the previous life.
She has the 「n%I=W」 skill too, so it's certain.

But, what's with the Vampire?
Moreover, the race displays both Human and Vampire.
What does this mean?
For the time being, I will appraise the Vampire race.

Vampire: The night ruler who sucks the blood of others. A race that has high ability, but it also has a lot of weak points. Originally, it's mostly other races, and the prime field of the characteristic of the race is succeeded. In addition, the pure-blooded that's born as a Vampire is called the True Ancestor』

Well, is it roughly the same as the vampire in the Earth?
Because D supervise it, it's probably the same.

Then, the next is the "Vampire" skill.

Vampire:The special skill that Vampire possesses. The ability values rise by taking blood. In addition, the special effect is demonstrated according to the level. LV1:Blight Blood』
Blight Blood:If blood is not taken, the person will be weakened』

It's a negative effect at the very beginning.
Vampire is inconvenient.
But, this child is not weakened, right?
Does it means that she drank blood?

The mother's milk is said to be made from blood, so isn't it a substitute of the blood?

How about the title?

VampireAcquisition skill 「Automatic HP Recovery LV1」 「Night Vision LV1」:Acquisition condition:Acquisition of the 「Vampire」 skill:Effect:The Vampire is added in the race:Explanation:The title presented to those who became a Vampire』

True AncestorAcquisition skill 「Immortal Body LV1」 「Enhanced Five Senses LV1」:Acquisition condition:Inborn Vampire:Effect:Nullifies the Vampire's negative effects:Explanation:The title presented to those who are the Vampire ancestor』

Ah, the True Ancestor is amazing.
Getting rid of the weak points of the Vampire, it's a cheat.
That explains why she can remain calm while the sunlight shines down brightly.
The mystery of the Blight Blood a while ago was able to be solved with this.

Besides, it even comes with an rare skill called "Immortal Body".

Immortal Body:All of the attribute resistances except the fire, light, and corrosion rise. In addition, you can survive with HP 1 only once a day no matter what kind of attack is received 』

An outrageous resistance function is added.
It's a cheat.
What's this person?

In addition, what's with that enormous amount of skill points?
Isn't it impossible?
It wins the points that I accumulated steadily so far by a wide margin.
What is this?
It's a cheat.
What's this person?

I mean, no matter how I think, this is D's foolish act that the person born as a Vampire, right?
She said that she distributed the reincarnation privilege suitably.
As for this person, the "Vampire" skill was presented as the privilege.
Why did she have to give such a land mine skill?
Is she stupid?
She might be stupid.

When I stare quietly, the Vampire child also stared at me.
The spider that stares at the baby.
The guards who watch it breathlessly.
The lady who speaks to me about something.
Ah, Madam, because I don't understand the language, it's useless.
It's indeed a surreal spectacle.

I mean, judging from situation, this lady is the mother of the Vampire child, right?
Did she step back at the moment I appraise her?
Oh, well.

Ah, her name is Seras Keren.
It's the same family name, so it looks like she is the mother of the Vampire child.
But, this person is a normal Human.
Although her status is slightly higher than normal people, her level is low and she don't have any combat skills, so she's a commoner.
However, no matter how I look at her, she's a noble because she hire guards, she is well dressed, and above all,  she gets on a luxurious carriage.

A Vampire is born in the noble's house.
It only smells of troubles.
Fortunately, it looks like the fact that this child is a Vampire is not known yet, but it will be known sooner or later.
What will happen at that time?

I don't want to be concerned with this.
Good friendship of former classmate?
There's no way that there's such a thing.
Like I will take care of a total stranger's that neither the face nor the name are remembered.
Thus, I run away.
I didn't see anything.
Ah, I will at least mark them just in case.

Then, farewell.

Although the lady Seras shouted something, I don't know.
If you want to stop me, master Japanese.
Then, I will think of it.
It's only think to the end.

Although I have achieved the first encounter with a person who's reincarnated accidentally, it's troublesome.
I should ignore the people who are reincarnated.
I don't have a friend either, and it's not the feeling of a comrade.
Rather, it's only a nuisance if the fellow feeling is held strangely because of that.
I will ignore if there's a person who's reincarnated.
Let's do so from now on.


  1. Lol I was excited over nothing, what an anticlimactic exit hahaha. Though it really shows that all her classmate are still babies

    1. Good for determining the definite time line lol

      But disappointing she doesn't give a single **** about them

    2. it makes sense since she was anti-social from the start to the point her classmates found her creepy but I agree it's disappointing.

      Well since her name wasn't on the list of dead we'll probably see her again later so either the whole vampire thing isn't considered a problem in this world or she was able to escape.

    3. She can't even tell them that she is their classmate. If she would tag along with them she might just make further problems for them.
      She should have get the Telepathy skill to speak with the baby. (not like Kumoko could have help the baby)

  2.'s roughly 1.5 years after Kumoko was born in this world

    1. which show, just how badass she is. NOT Skill Point or cheats, and afte 1,5 years, already stronger then the hero ~

    2. Fuck your right.. She's already stronger then the when Shun gets older a roughly 14years have passed..imagine how powerful she got?

    3. i just leave this here: "if she want she can make war with both human and demon single handle

    4. @Joshamee Eh, while she had fewer skill points to start, monsters naturally have much higher stats and the option of getting a bunch of skills through evolving, etc. Even the reincarnated humans can't become as strong as her that fast no matter how hard they try. Her only disadvantage was that she was weak at the very beginning, but once she started effectively using her thread and poison it was only downhill from there.

    5. Basically, Kimono was always OP. And she became more OP because of a sum of circumstancesaround her and lots of careless curiosity.

      Even if we forget about a ton of broken skills which were unavailable to anyone else. Those really undermined the nature of her struggle.

    6. @CK-Lord: Incorrect. Shiro was Kumoko. Remember that the Hero was killed by Evil Eye of Extinction, a power that Kumoko has. Our favorite spider isn't dumb enough to declare herself the Demon Lord, because that just puts a huge target on your back.

    7. I think that the humans COULD become powerful as fast as kumuko IF they were to go through similar experiances to her, eg after they reach a minimum about of age and ability to fight for them to go into the labrinth and constantly fight for their life.

      because humans take an easier way of life they dont get the opertunities to advance as much.

  3. I see, it is indeed a time gap in the setting between main story and SS
    thanks for the chapter

  4. So this is my delusion and a bit of wild guess, is that Shiro or just a random background character? Considering Shiro doesn't speak at all, she might not be one of Kumoko-chan's other ego. Our MC sure can talk a lot after all.

    1. Shw can her head

    2. Shiro seems to passive to be D.

      Besides she said she wouldn't get involved just watch the fun happen from Japan

    3. hey guys. thinking and talking are two different things. you will be surprise.

    4. I think she did talk, when her fruits were stolen!

    5. I've of the opinion that Shiro is kumokos parallel wills still, nothing so far to suggest it isnt

  5. Thanks for the new chapter! I'm curious to know what that woman was saying. Not sure if they will ever cover it.

    1. Me too. I really wanna know what she said. Maybe she wanted to entrust the baby to the spider or have the spider heal her baby(They might think their baby is sick)

  6. "The Immortal Spider and Vampire Girl"

    wait.... should be "The Dragon and Little Girl"?
    oh well.....

  7. Did she mark her classmate...
    Since her classmate is a noble.. By the age that suitable to be appraised, she will deemed as dangerous and will be lock up???

    Thus spider in shining thread... Saver her... Muawahahaaa

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      You think she fins someone who know japanese & master that within the few seconds you are running away!?!

      Nai Wa!

  9. Aw I was hoping Kumo-chan would finally be able to get an ally. She's been alone this whole time after all. Doesn't she get tired of having only herself for company lol?

    1. I'm pretty sure that whole vampire in a noble family thing is not going to end well. She will probably pick her up later she did mark them after all

    2. Hehe, you wanted Kumoko to take care of a human baby? :)

    3. she'll have her hands full soon enough in that department.

    4. First she needs to get actual hands. :P

    5. She doesn't get tired of being alone because she's literally insane and was even before reincarnating. There's a reason why she was reincarnated as a spider instead of a humanoid race.

  10. Actually, I too kind of wanted it to happen. Imagine Kumoko taking care of a cute baby girl. Feeding her milk with a baby bottle. Changing her diapers. Singing lullabies to her. (Ah, she'll need to learn the Audible Glamer spell for that.) Bringing her toys and picture books. Knitting baby clothes for her. And everything.

    Sigh, too bad, that's not our heroine's style. Cute little girls running around in the labyrinth and calling her "Kumoko-mama" is something that won't happen. Nai wa. So sad. ^.^;;;

    1. does she hold a bottle with sickle hands?

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  12. I'm dissapointed she didn't quickly buy telepathy and talk to the vampire girl.

    But don't worry guys if what Elf Sensei said is true then even 10+ years from now the only ones to die are Hayashi Kouta-kun, Wakaba Hiiro-san, Kogure Naofumi-kun, Sakurasaki Issei-kun.

    So even in the future story Negishi Akiko has not died.

    1. ikr. At some point Kumoko just seems to have forgotten about that skill.

    2. Telepathy seems to be unable to communicate cross language, so meaningless unless it's a reincarnated one, and she doesn't really seem too motivated to converse with her old classmates ..

    3. I said "talk to the vampire girl" so I was talking about the classmate!

      I know she didn't care that is why I'm disappointed. I wanted her to talk to her old classmate and she didn't do it.

    4. She doesn't even remember the names of any of her classmates, so they're basically strangers as far as she's concerned.

  13. More importantly, she seens compatible with it, so lets hope Sophia uses her skill point for the missing attribute resistances and attain true 『Immortality 』. That or grind『Immortal Body』and 『Automatic HP Recovery 』 agressively before she gets appraised.

    Actually wait. She's a noble, but ahe didn't cause an uproar like Shun and Katia. She's not dead either, so what gives? Did she use all skill points? Was she whisked away by sensei and her merry crew? Did she gain ruler class and hide her skill? Too many questions and not enough answers.

    1. I could see Immortal Body evolving into true immortality. But since grinding experience for it is dangerous (have to try to kill herself so her skill can bring her to near death and then be vulnerable for the rest of the day) she's probably need level ups to upgrade the skill and leveling a skill to LV 10 purely through normal level ups will take a LOT of levels.

      Also while she's a noble she might be a lesser one. Shun and Katia were royalty and high class nobles. Since this girl and her mother only had a few guards that were able to be beaten by bandits she probably was a pretty low class noble.

    2. Not if she grinds『Automatic HP Recovery』 first, and maybe have blood prepared later on. I see nothing regarding what race or species the blood must come from, it just says "blood of others". She could plausibly have her vulnerable moment limited to a few hours or less. With her max HP currently at 11 it's perfect to train at night when nobody will notice her.

  14. At this point, I wonder if kumoko is not actually one of the classmates, and whether she is just D's creation as D's is the real classmate.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I think the Demon King is Negishii Akiko.
    She was just a front that used by Kumoko (as Shiro) since she hate things pushed to her...


  18. I dont know if its revealed yet in future chapters (since theres more to read for me) But I think I worked out the Maou. What we have here is "pure blooded" vampire right, can also be referred to Vampire lord too or elders. They are generally high tier demons in this regard, being more than capable of being a maou. You get my drift ?

  19. Disapointing hope she might raise the kid oh well

  20. There seems to be less and less entertainment from this story with each chapter now. Content of this story boils down to: she sees an enemy (prey) kills it too show how op she is which isn't to much of a problem given her second life and describes how it tastes afterwards. If the prey happens to be human she takes a chunk of time to figure out if she should kill them and act as mentioned before or run away.

    I was hoping that at this point her interaction with her classmates or anyone else for that matter would offer something different. I shouldn't be surprised but am disappointed in the direction of the story. Despite that I will soldier on to see how it goes.

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