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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 167

Chapter 167.
The chapter title is probably a Code Geass reference because it's Hangyaku no Kumo.
Anyway, what the Parallel Wills were doing all the time is revealed.

167 Spider of the rebellion

At first, I felt an uncomfortable feeling when I fight against Fire Dragon Rendo.
I felt the Dragon to be hateful at that time.
Although I had thought that it was scary, there was not a time that I felt the Dragon to be hateful until then.
The start was when I have doubts on these feelings.

If I see my inside, the doubt was clear.
Is it the effect of "Wisdom"? I was able to recognize my soul.
There were two things that influenced the soul.

One is the Ruler skill.
"Pride" and "Patience", the two skills has influence on my soul.
But, this can't be helped.
I can't tear off the skill, and I can only deal with it by being aware that I'm influenced.

The problem is the another one.
That's the forced rule by the Superior.
I received the influence even though it's a little.

Something like a thread that's connected to my soul.
It's the line for the transmission that the Superior use to send the orders to me.

The fact that I only receive a little influence is because of the "Heresy Nullity" skill.
But still, because the line is connected since I was born, the order of the Superior flowed into my soul.
The content of the order is to become strong.
It seemed that this is the reason why I greed for strength.

After I defeated Fire Dragon Rendo, I used the line oppositely, and started attacking the Superior.
I dispatched the "Parallel Will" through the line, and the erosion of the soul by the wills started.
If I were to compare it and say, it's near hacking.
From the terminal called me, I invade the main computer and take over it.
This was the identity of the attack outside of the system that D said.

When saying by my sense, it was similar to the act of eating.
Eat the other party's soul.
It was such a feeling.

I was able to identify the Superior who gave me the order immediately.
My biological parent, and the Ruler of the Elro Great Labyrinth.

But, even that Mother was only a mediator.
There's someone who rules Mother.
Surprisingly, that person enslaved four monsters that are equal to Mother.
I advance the erosion of Mother slowly so that it was not noticed by the true Ruler.
Incidentally, I dispatched "Parallel Will" to the remaining four through the line, and start the capture almost at the same time.

Eating the soul was a quite hard work.
After all, it's the thing that's called as the creature's core.
And in addition to that, the other party is a far higher rank existence.
If it's a normal physical match, there's no way to win.
It can be said that it was possible to carry out simply because I have the defense of the soul that's near cheating called as "Heresy Nullity".
The erosion of the soul only advanced slowly.

The turning point was when "Taboo" reached max level.
After that time, my thoughts changed suddenly.
It's also because I absorbed Mothers' soul little by little, but the truth obtained by "Taboo" brought me shock.
At the same time, I decided it.
I must take actions.

I was not able to say leisurely things like 'so that it won't be discovered'.
That's why, I decided to erode boldly.

Of course it was discovered.
But, if it's against my "Parallel Will" that has "Heresy Nullity", there's no way it can win in the fight through the soul.
Because the other party understood it, it looked for my main body.

And, the spider army led by the Arch attacked me.
It was my miscalculation regarding the other party, but I didn't die.
I was stronger than the other party's thought.

However, still, I can't win if the main body of Mother and the true Ruler come.
That's why, I didn't go to the place where Mother seems to go, and I pay close attention to Mother's movement.
After all, I finished marking through the soul.

There was no problem because the true Ruler was far away.
She doesn't have the "Space Magic".
That's why, she can't come to me suddenly.

Then, it's only the fight with time.
Will I eat them up first?
Or, will they find my main body first?

As a result, I succeeded in consuming Mother.

Although it took a considerable long time, I understood that I can absorb the all of the other party when I consume the soul.
The remaining four can be consumed within another one month.
Then, I can oppose her.
If things go well, I might be able to consume her.

If I go that far, it's not a dream to become an Administrator.
My purpose will soon be achieved.

What kind of actions will Gyurigyuri take at that time?
I don't know.
But, I don't have the intention to stop.
It's not that I have such refined thoughts like saving the world.
But, if this stays the same, I can't settle down.
I don't like it.
That's why, I move.

I think that the Mother's Ruler is a terrible backlash.
She never thought that such me is mixed in her kin.
It's the end of the luck to have connected it with the "Kin Domination" skill.

In case of her, she probably let Mother to give birth suitably to increase the usable pieces and strengthen it, but she might have not imagined that an irregular was generated in that.
I will snatch both your intention and power.

Therefore, don't catch up with me.
Present Demon King, Ariel-san of the Origin Taratect.


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    2. Wrong, it is 'Present Demon King, Origin of the Teratect,' not 'Present demon king origin of the Teratect.'

      Two separate titles, meaning that Ariel is the current holder of the Demon King title.

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