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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 173

Chapter 173.

173 Sponger

Children is convenient.
Even if I don't say anything, they will work.
Moreover, they are excellent.
Even if I don't do anything, my life is supported.
It's wonderful.

However, I can't do nothing either.
The Demon King who was marked will reach the bottom layer soon.

After defeating my former main body, the Demon King head to the bottom layer of the Elro Great Labyrinth straight.
I think that she went to confirm what happened to the Queen that was taken over by me.

Well, there's no way to win if I encounter her.
Because it won't be a joke if the "Abyss Magic" is used again, I must prepare the escape route for the Parallel Will that took over Mother's body to escape.

Thus, "Spawning" begin.
Because my body has shrink unlike before, it's difficult.
A huge egg is produced inside my body in comparison with my present body.
This is hard.
I hold out for about half day.
I finally give birth to one egg.

Ah, it was tiresome.
But, with this, the preparation is done.
Now, if she withdraw before receiving the "Abyss Magic", it's perfect.
If possible, it's good if she can play dead without the "Abyss Magic" being used, but when thinking about the Queen's large build, the possibility of using the wide range annihilation magic is high.

When I'm waiting this and that, No.2 born from the egg as expected.

Good morning.
{Good morning. Nai wa. That is impossible}
Did you understand my feeling?
{Un. There's no way to win no matter what}
For the time being, eat so that the body doesn't die.
I left some foods just in case.
{Thank you}

Therefore, although No.2 was newly added, I noticed something.
The No.2's species remains as the Queen Taratect.
At present, although the figure is the same as me when I reborn, will she return to that large build sooner or later?
Assuming that she will return, how long will it takes?

Rather than that, I must pay attention to the Demon King's movement.
Although I don't think so, she might suspect that we are alive and begin to search for us.
I must watch her tightly so that it won't become like the other day.

The Demon King is still in the bottom layer.
Although I don't know what she's doing, as long as she's in the Great Labyrinth, I can't be careless.

When I spend the time like this, the baby unit returned again.
Ah, un.
Although I half expected it, all have evolved.
In addition, they acquired the Gross Feeder title.
As expected, they haven't acquired the Monster Killer, if it's at this rate, it might be a matter of time.

Not only the title, but the skills increase steadily too.
Starting from "Life", the every status strengthening skills, and the enhanced five senses skill of the "Enhanced Vision".
These guys are really too excellent.
How long do you think that I take to reach that stage?

Well, I have no dissatisfaction with the pieces being excellent.
Rather, it's convenient.
This time also, they carry the corpses of the monsters without fail.

The snake is there.
They became able to defeat the snake already?

My children who put the corpses of the monsters and leave gallantly again.
Somehow, it's becoming the atmosphere like the soldiers who have a long military record already start to march.
To evolve in this short term, how long have they do a dark fight?
It's scary that it's doesn't seem impossible that the next time they return, they have evolved further.

For the time being, eat.
My status recovers when I eat.
When my status recovers, the shedding occurs, and my body grows bigger.
Although there was no shedding except the level up, the shedding is originally like this.
The impression of the shedding by level up was too strong.

The size of my body returns considerably, around 80 centimeters.
A little more.
But, the status is still hard to say as complete recovery.
Around 15000.
If I recover to here, I won't fall behind an incompetent opponent, but if it's in the situation that the Demon King is near, I want to move as much as possible after complete recovery.
It doesn't mean that I don't want to break out of the present lazy life.
No means no.

Although No.2 eats and the status recovered a little, the size of the body becomes bigger faster than me.
After all, because the origin is big, it's faster to become bigger.
Even though she should be eating the same amount, where on earth does this difference come from?
It's mysterious.

When I experienced the mystery of the monster, I think about the future.
For the time being, I want to go to see the state of that town where the Vampire child lives once when I recover completely.
Because I was worshiped as the Divine Beast, the people might be confused that I disappeared suddenly.
There's also the war with the neighboring country, so I should go to see it to grasp the situation.

And, I think that I will restart the attack to the Demon King after seeing the state.
If I don't meet her, I'm more advantageous.
If I meet her, she's advantageous, and if I don't meet her, I'm advantageous.
If I continue the attack while running around with Transfer, I should be able to win.

There's no way to defeat such a monster by a frontal attack, so I can only defeat her by underhand trick.
And, I have the underhand trick.
Then, no matter it's unfair or whatever, I will do anything to win.
I will return the debt of being defeated.
Wait for me, Demon King.
After all, I have the "Hero" skill.
I can't afford to be scared of the Demon King.

Ah, but please don't come from the front, really, please.


  1. hm... 'himo' is a sponger, rather than pimp, isn't it?

    1. Hmm... I don't know about it. What I get from 'himo' is a pimp.

    2. Out of curiosity, would you, by any chance, like some help with translating this series until it's caught up with the raws? I can read some Japanese so I should be fine if it's machine-aided translation. Since you release chapters at around 11:30 pm GMT +8, I could probably translate 1-2 chapters per day and send it to you by 11:30 am GMT +8.

      Let me know if you're interested please! You can contact me at

      Thank you for translating this great series!

    3. Ahh, no, translating himo as pimp sounds really bad, haha.

      "Himo" refers to someone living off of a woman's money without working. There is not a sexual connotation here.

      Pimp though is someone who makes their money taking by taking a cut from whores. There's very much a sexual connotation here, in addition to a general negative image pimps have of being abusive.

      There isn't a direct term that means 'himo' in english, but Leech, Mooch, or Sponger would probably be a better choice than pimp.

    4. Okay. I will change the title.

      @ Lay Fay, I'm sorry that I reply here because currently, I'm only using mobile internet. So loading the emails is very slow. I don't think that I need any help for now (not sure about the future). Anyway, thanks for trying to help. I will contact you when I do need some help.

    5. Okay thanks a lot for letting me know!
      Please keep up the great work ^^ It's awesome to have multiple chapter updates per day so consistently.

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  3. Here we see our precious spider birthing scene

    1. And she also seems to care for that little vampire girl


  5. All that bravado against the demon king and then that last line lol...

    1. I know, lol, I myself, when I read that last line, I was like:

      "You are unqualified as a hero! We don't need such a useless hero!"

      Or something with that feeling. Hee hee. ^.~

  6. Thanks for the chapter!

  7. How is she growing without killing monsters for exp?

    1. and seriously. That's exactly what was explained.

  8. Wait, did she fake Kumo.2's death live as well? or did she just leave a soulless husk queen taratect for Ariel to discover?

    Use spawning+soul transfer+parallel will to make more clone bodies?
    then plant backups in parallel, with a generational backup system that cannibalizes excess spawns while conserving experience and SP.

    It's a lot more efficient to kill your own members of your swarm near death than to recover experience from the monster that killed it. The same probably applies to the corpses and SP.

    Game breaking... use spawning as a pseudo SP to EXP conversion skill?
    go hunting (EXP++)> expend excess SP for spawns (SP--)> partially cannibalize spawns until swarm is managable size (EXP+, SP+; split between swarm and main).

    1. Eh? Monster? That much is obvious just from looking, right?

      Ecosystems break when unchecked consumers deplete their own food source. Artificially increasing the mortality rate via cannibalization keeps the population from exceeding the carrying capacity even with high fecundity, while increasing the survivability of the remaining population.

    2. "It's a lot more efficient to kill your own members of your swarm near death than to recover experience from the monster that killed it. The same probably applies to the corpses and SP."
      that is a huge assumption. Efficient, I mean.
      We got the biggest dungeon in the world here. One thing is not lacking is the exp gain from monster killed, since they can just migrate from other areas back to fill the void left by the spider hunts. In term of efficiency, you need to cast a net of spider hunt teams as far as possible.
      And the current number is not that huge. Original 999, half died during first hunt. And neglible loss during subsequent hunts. So let's say they got 444 left. And they are at the level that can hunt the snake~
      If one or two dragons attack, they are sooooooo screwed.

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    4. Not such a huge assumption, if exp gain is said to be absorbing part of the defeated one's soul its not a stretch to think that implies some will be lost. If it's a matter of whether you should let the enemy claim exp for a dying swarm member or whether you should kill it yourself to keep some of it, the answer is obvious. It also keeps enemies from being more troublesome than they already are, since the enemy combat potential doesn't rise and the decrease in your own is less.

    5. She "faked" the death so far as Kumo.2 also encountered Ariel and was wiped out, hence the "good morning" exchange.

  9. As a Starcraft player, the way she uses the spawning and parallel will feels like the zerg. When a zerg hero die, they spawn back on the primary hive

  10. Hero skill and hero title... I wonder how differentiate... As for kumoko getting depressed over her excellent army, she seems to have forgotten she had to fight her way through a cannibalistic family all the way solo from lower to upper layer xD SOLOOOO

    1. The skills Hero and Demon Lord give a flat boost to your stats, the title "The Hero" and "The Demon Lord" is granted to the best candidate in the world when the previous title owner dies.

      Interestingly though you can get the title without having the skill, as seen in Shun's case. In fact, Kumoko had the Hero skill at that point while Shun did not, so "best candidate" seems to apply more on the personality and possible growth than if you have the skill.

      Ps added the "the" to the titles to differentiate them from the skills a bit more.