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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 182

Chapter 182.

182 Battlefield inspection

Now that I have come this far, let's go to the battlefield.
I don't even know what kind of situation it's in now.
It's possible that it was already over when I reached the battlefield.
After all, it took quite a lot of days until I recover.
Although I don't know how long is it to start a war, if it's a fantasy world where magic exists, it's not strange that the military movement is faster than the former world.

Well, if it's over, that's all.
Anyway, let's go to the site.

I knew it relatively easily that where I should go.
Although this town is connected to a lot of roads, there was a road that seemed that it's obvious that a lot of people used it.
The innumerable footprints and the trace of the wheel that seems to be a carriage were made a while ago.
Although the other roads also have those, there's a lot of non-humans' footprint.
Did they even tame a monster and enslave it?

I advance the highway with "Concealment" activated.
Oh dear! Because my status skyrocketed, an outrageous speed is released when I run even a little.
The feelings are the feeling of riding a roller coaster without safety device.
Although my speed was high originally, it rose even more after unifying with Mother.
If I train steadily by level up, it might be fine, but, I'm troubled that when it rose all at once like this, there's a gap between the consciousness and body.

Well, I have the cheating skill called the "Super Thought Acceleration".
Even if I accelerate physically, it's rather just right for me that everything becomes slow.
I will fly, yay.
I might be a person who will change character at the moment I grasped the steering wheel when I drive a car.

I let my speed do its thing, and reached.
Apparently, the border's vicinity is around here.
It looks like a real combat hasn't start yet.
Both armies glare at each other on the excessively wide plain.
I mean, there's a lot of them.

From the result of Wisdom-sama's Detection, this side that's the Sariera country army is approximately 42000.
On the other hand, the Outsu country side is 53000.
Wasn't the Outsu country a small country?
Why there's so many people?
I mean, there are more people than expected.

Is this true?
Is this the fight that I was made as an excuse?
The atmosphere of an all-out war with the dangerous mind is flowing though.
Ah, I feel that my stomach is starting to feel pain.
I don't know whether the spider has the organ equal to the stomach or not.

It's a several times scale of the battlefield that I imagined.
Even though I imagined a more cozy skirmish, it's this when I look at it.
What should I say? I plan to break into the battlefield if possible, but if I do that, it's like I can't read the situation.
What should I do?

I mean, why the small country, Outsu country has more people?
I try to look at the Outsu country army.
This, it's that.
The so-called allied forces.

Apart from the army that seemed to be Outsu country's soldiers, there's clearly the army of the soldiers that seemed to be a different power.
And, there's several.
The army that stands out the most was overall coordinated in white.
Their appearances stands out considerably with a lot of people next to the Outsu army unit.

The second one that stands out is took their position on the opposite side of the white army.
They looks like the knights who I encountered in the Elro Great Labyrinth.
I mean, it's probably the soldiers of the same country.
This one has almost the same number as the white army.

In addition, there are various armies mixed in there.
Although the others don't have a great number of people like the white army and the tentative name knight country, if trash piles up, something can be done.
It becomes the number of people more than the Sariera country whole army with only the main force, the white one and the knight country, and another power joins in there. As a result, a large army that greatly exceeds the Sariera country is completed.

Judging from the appearances, both battle formations are simply lining horizontally on the plain.
The place is also a common plain, so it doesn't seem that there's a geographical advantage.
Both armies neither have battle formation nor the geographical advantage.

Then, the outcome of the battle is decided by the difference of simple forces and the ability of the commander, but in this case, the ability of the commander is only in the range of error.
In other words, the difference of the simple forces connects to the victory or defeat.

At this rate, the defeat of Sariera country is inevitable.
If there's a person of the strength matching for a thousand people class in the Sariera country, it's different.
After all, in this fantasy world, I can't say that such a person doesn't exist.
Judging from the human's strength who I have seen so far, if the status exceeds 1000, it's strong enough.
Then, if there's at least 3000 in status, it's not a dream to be matchless.
If it's at least 3000, it's not strange that it exists. Do I think so because I myself have an inflation feeling?
But, as a real problem, it's certain that even if there's a human like that, it's not strange.
It's not only in the status, but a guy who makes full use of the skills and fight equally.

Well, that's not only to the Sariera country, but it's also possible to say to the Outsu country allied forces.
If there's such a non-standard existence on the other side, there's no way the Sariera country can win.
Because they already lost in the number of people.

How will the individual difference of forces appear?
As for the human's strength of this world, the upper limit is about 1000 in status.
As for the lower limit, it's only one-digit.
There's a considerably gap in strength.

Among them, the strongest one is unfortunately, the middle-aged man who I left in the labyrinth.
After all, if I look at his magic-type status, it's around 1500.
In exchange for that, the physical-type status was around 300.
Even that 300 is quite high for a human.

When I think from the human's status that I have seen so far, an ordinary soldier is around 200.
If it's an elite, it's about 300.
And, the elite on top of that is around 500, is it?
When thinking from there, exceeding 1000 is considerably strong.

Then, isn't that middle-aged man an elite even in the physical?
Oh, well.
Let's forget about the middle-aged man who looks like a pervert once.

The problem is how much is the difference in soldiers of both armies.
If one side is 200 on the average and the other side is 300 on the average, it seems possible to push back the disadvantage of the number.
However, just by looking at both armies in a glance, it doesn't seem that there's so much difference.
Rather, the Sariera country side has a lower quality of soldiers, and it might be at disadvantage.

The white army and the knight country army seem to have high skills even if I look from a distance.
Although if it's the Outsu country including the other armies, they seem to be judged as the victor, the two armies clearly differentiate.
Although it's the Sariera country if it's in all, it's the Outsu country allied forces if it's the prominent.

It's a difficult point, but the Sariera country is disadvantageous.
I mean, I think about things on the Sariera country side.
What should I do?


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