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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 183

Chapter 183.

183 People are trash

While I was troubled on what I should do, the situation changed.
One person who looks like a commander steps forward from the Outsu country side.
It's not a gallant horse, what's that?
Well, jumping to the space where both glare at each other in the battlefield on such a monster.

「I am the king of the Outsu country, Gushiisuku Emera Outsu!」

His voice is loud.
Although it might be the effect of some kind of skill, the king of the Outsu country named himself with a loud voice to the extent that it echoes in the entire battlefield.
It's a little exciting that it's like the one scene of a movie.

「You respect the monster as the Divine Beast that brought calamity to our country, and in addition, your devil deed by offering our country's brethren to the monster! Evil believers, your sins deserve a certain death!」

That middle-aged man is decided to be the sacrifice to me?
No, I understand that it's far-fetched.
Is that middle-aged man's interference ignored completely?

It was a short statement, but it's a loud voice that sounds even in the bottom of the stomach and the effect is outstanding.
The soldiers on the Outsu country side get excited.
Although they yell severally, unfortunately, because there's a distance and the large group raises a war cry without unity, I can't grasp what are they saying.
I don't think that I want to grasp it though.
In the first place, it's a mystery that whether they are yelling meaningful words or not.
To be frank, I think that most of them are simply yelling.

And, like cutting the Outsu country allied forces' excitement, one commander jumps out of the Sariera country side.
This one also rides a monster, but it's different from the king of the Outsu country.
The white coat of hair and the opened wing.
I mean, it's just a Pegasus.
As expected of D.
The point suppressed is being suppressed.

「I am the king of the Sariera country, Jigis El Sariera!」

The king who gives his name is young!
What's with the young noble who looks very good with that white horse?
Although the king of the Outsu country gives an impression of a stern and honest soldier, the king of the Sariera country looks like a prince who's in a story.
When I have to pick either one of them, I prefer the king of the Outsu country.

「Servants of the Divine Word! The arrogance that curses us in your narrowed view as heresy! The sin to hurt the sacred Divine Beast-sama who heals us, and passing the judgment that its a brutal sinner! Even if the merciful Goddess-sama forgives you, on behalf of her, we will give the iron hammer of judgment!」

I had enough of such thing..
I don't wish for such thing.

「Ridiculous! The mind that worship the monster is evil itself! Obeying the origin of the Divine Word's spirit of the God, you should start over again from the afterlife」

Saying such thing.

「You are addicted to the deception called Divine Word without knowing Goddess-sama's merciful heart! Aren't you the heretics!?」

Oi oi.

「Nonsense! The world only has one God which is the Divine Word God! Something like the Goddess is nothing more than a fantasy! Have you heard the Goddess's voice before!?」
「No! However, Goddess-sama's spirit always watch over us! To answer the spirit is our mission of the Goddess Religion!」
「That is to be equal to the monster!?」
「They are good neighbors! What is wrong with believing the neighbors!?」
「This is because it's a monster!」
「Then, what is the one that you are entrusting your body to now!?」
「This is a tool!」
「That is nonsense! Humans and monsters work together, and one day, together with the descended Goddess-sama, the Demons will be destroyed! That is the promised holy war! It's Goddess-sama's salvation!」


「The Demons and the monsters, both belong to the devils! There's no way we can understand each other!」
「The Demons and the monsters are different!」
「It's the same! They harm us, Humans! Arguments more than this are unnecessary! Everyone, judgment to the pitiful heretics!」
「Attack the people manipulated by the false God with Goddess-sama's mercy!」

Both armies begin to advance while raising a war cry.

It can't be helped.
I understood it.
Although I understood it, when I see it like this, it goes beyond anger and I'm dumbfounded.

The Goddess Religion, there's no way the Goddess wish for such a thing.
Descend and destroy the Demons?
Such thing can't be done, and it's impossible that she will do it.
Because the Goddess continued struggling to save even the Demons until the end.

The Divine Word Religion is hopeless.
I studied a little about the Divine Word Religion when I gathered information in the town.
In short, it's a religion that believes that the voice of heaven is the voice of God.
And, in order to hear the voice of heaven numerously, it should teach the people to raise a lot of the skills and levels.

I can understand the origin.
Because someone long ago raised the level of the skills, that was made as the religion.
That someone surely believes in God more than anyone else.

But, from what I can see just now, the faith is distorted.
It's the evidence that it denies the Goddess Religion completely.
The purpose of the person who caused this war can be seen through.
For the Divine Word Religion, the Goddess Religion was obstructive.
Therefore, it's decided to smash it.

It's obvious.
It's because a part of the Goddess Religion is right.
The Divine Word Religion doesn't want to spread that right part.
Because it will make them inconvenient.

Knowing that it's like that, and giving priority to oneself.
What can you call it other than trash?

The Goddess Religion that forgets about the Goddess's hope.
The Divine Word Religion that gives priority to oneself, and carry out the erasure of truth.
Both are trash.
Well, it's decided that which one is more of a trash.

The Outsu country is a calamity.
Because I'm used as the excuse to crush the Goddess Religion, and  it becomes a war without I knowing it.
Well, it might be the consequences of one's deeds caused by their stupidity.
If it's a nation, he should lead the country properly.
If it's the small country, I guess not to have things on one's way.
Then, I sympathize you.

Although I sympathize, I won't show mercy.
The Divine Word Religion might be necessary evil to the world, but I don't like the existence.
That's why, I will smash it.


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  7. thanks for the chapters

    it's also nice not to see the fucking losers that keep posting "first" and "I spam f5" in the comments again

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