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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 184

Chapter 184.
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184 Now, pray to God

Taking advantage of the confusion that both armies will clash, I also start my action.
Aiming at the white group.
Judging from the clothes, it put on the airs of a clergy, so I think that it's the Divine Word Religion's main force.

The people who have been sent to such a battlefield are fools believing in the Divine Word Religion seriously without knowing the intention of the higher-ups, but I'm not concerned.
Although I'm not concerned, it meets the requirements as the target of my anger, and I want them to think that there was no luck and give up.

I prepare the activation of magic while moving.
I move in the air while looking down at the battlefield with "Space Maneuver".
I will use a slightly bold move.

I arrive at the sky of the white group.
At the same time, the prepared magic is completed.
I activate without hesitation.

"Darkness Magic", Darkness World.

If the "Abyss Magic" is excluded, it has the highest offensive ability and area of effect among the magics that I can activate, the wide area annihilation magic.
Although the offensive ability is a little inferior to the Hell Gate of the "Abyss Magic", the range is almost equal of about 200 meters in diameter.
That range is engulfed in darkness.
It's an instant.
But, after the darkness vanished, nothing remains.
Neither people nor things were there.

If it's the present me, I can use this kind of magic relatively easy.
This is because I use the "Parallel Will" as the arithmetic unit without the ego.
If it's the present me, I can even activate the "Abyss Magic" with composure.

The white group is almost annihilated by the single blow.
The wide hole is completed in the battlefield.
Although the sound of the war cry and weapons clashing echoes at a distance, only this area is strangely silent.

A tremendous amount of level up notifications came.
I hear the voice of heaven all the time since a while ago.
If my level rises so easily, should I just destroy one or two towns without minding anything?
Oh, well.
Even in this place, it's possible to recover enough.

A second Darkness World bursts to the silent Outsu country allied forces.
Like making everything disappear, such an unreasonable scene spreads.
In the battlefield that falls silent again, I get down to the ground.
If I see the front, a group of faces that seemed to despair.
If I see the back, a group of faces that seemed stiff.
Both are awful faces.

A courageous soldier came to slash me.
Rather than courageous, the soldier is probably already confused.
I intercept the soldier with a suitable magic.
The soldier's head bursts open.
The soldier of the Sariera country.

I have done it.
Even though they are distorted, I intended to overlook the Goddess Religion because they are more reasonable.

I look at the Sariera country's army.
The state that the understanding has not caught up yet that a soldier went mad and attacked me, and I killed the soldier.
But, if the understanding catches up, I will be recognized to be an enemy.
Even if they praise me as the Divine Beast, if they understand that I'm harmful to them, they will change their attitude.
Human is such a thing.
Human always betrays.
Even if the person is the benefactor.

As I thought, the soldiers of the Sariera country shoot magics aiming at me.
The Outsu country also attacks me like they conspired.
You guys are on good terms.
Is it that?
When a powerful common enemy shows up, they can't help but to joint struggle reluctantly.

Unfortunately, I'm not interested in such false friendship.
Even if they form a temporary truce and fight together, they can't beat me.
There's no reason that they can win.

I erase the magics with "Divine Dragon Power" and "Dragon Barrier".
It would be better if they are of the Drake class or even higher rank, but if it's the magic manipulated by humans, I won't receive any damage even if I don't do anything.
I shoot the magic of the counterattack at the same time to both armies.
It's the new magic that I learned by seeing the middle-aged man using it in the Great Labyrinth.
The flash of thunder flickers from my left and right.

I'm weak in fire and ice.
Next is water, and the light is almost the same as it.
But, thanks to the 「Rescuer」 「Saint」 「Savior」 that I acquired by hypocritical actions, the light attribute became my forte now.
The thunder seemed to have a good affinity with light, and after the titles are acquired, the affinity rose when I checked it.
Originally, because I'm not so weak in thunder, it has become my best attribute following the dark now.

So I intend to strengthen the magic skill of thunder with the light.
Something like deliver the final blow with light and dark to the people who believe in God, isn't it a good taste?
Is this the divine punishment? Or, is it the devil's curse?
Which one do they see?

The light flickers, and the thunder scatters flash.
Life scatters without the friend and foe relations each time.

That's right.
When thinking about my present status, this situation is right even though I was beaten completely by the Demon King,
I'm really strong.
The Demon King is only too non-standard.
Such a person is a cheat.
It's impossible to win.

But, it can also be said to me.
The people in this place must have tasted the despair similar to me when I confront the Demon King.
The monster that's invulnerable to any attacks, and uses a lot of advanced magics.
Aren't I the strongest?
Why I can't beat the Demon King?

I continue the massacre while thinking something useless.
Although the Sariera country and the Outsu country have already cooperate to attack me, I'm not wounded at all.
I crush the great attack ahead of time after all.
Although it's not a big deal even if I receive it, I can't accept that the precious experience points will decrease by that.
That's why, if there's a group that prepares a great magic that seems to have a wide effect, I will crush them first.

Again a person comes to try to slash me.
It's the fastest one so far.
A child?

「Monster, I'm your opponent!」

Eh, why is a child in such a place?

The question was understood when I appraised the child's status.
The child's name is Julius Zagan Anareich.
Title, Hero.
Well, after the Demon King is the Hero.


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  9. im realy confused about the time line now :S
    first, all recarnated are the same age right? including oka sensei. and this chapter is just 2-4 years after rebirth then. but why are there remnaints of nightmare still there? in Shun`s time.

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