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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 195

Chapter 195.

195 Changes

「So, who are you now?」

I think to Gyurie's question.

「Seeing from Gyurie, which one do you see?」

After I thought, I asked back in return.
Although it's in a form of returning a question with a question, it can't be helped.
Because I myself don't know the answer to Gyurie's question.

「I see both of you, but also not. The present you have mixed too much to the extent that it's impossible to say that you are either one of you. However, apparently, your consciousness is close to Ariel」
「Ah, as expected. I see」

I scratch my head while smiling wryly.
Although I was able to expect it, it becomes the feeling that "I see" again when it's pointed out from another person.

「Your tone seems to be close to that」
「Yeah. Incidentally, I feel that the thought is also close to that」

Otherwise, I will not have such optimistic feeling.
Before this, I'm a careful coward.
Experiencing that I will die at present, and it was a good evidence that I haven't died mentally.

「And so, what will you do from now on?」
「I don't know」

I really don't know.
In the situation that the soul has mixed to here, even if I defeat the opponent's main body, it's probably too late already.
And, the biggest problem was that I can't think of a way to defeat that main body.
On top of accomplishing the mysterious revival even if I defeat it, it can't be easy to catch it because it has Transfer in the first place.
I met it before was only because I was lucky, and the main body is an idiot.

Even if I chase it, I can't catch it. Even if I caught it, I can't defeat it.
Even if I can defeat it, I probably can't return to my former self anymore.
There's not even the guarantee that the erosion won't advance any further.
I'm cornered.

「To be honest, I have already been checkmated. Whether I will remain as me or not is about 50-50, but can that me be called as me? It can be said that the existence called Ariel has already changed and disappeared in such meaning」

I don't say that I died.
Both the memory and the thought as Ariel remain in me.
But, the way of thinking is different from the old days.
Can that really be called as me?
It's a difficult problem that it's hard to give an answer.

「Why didn't you consult me until it become like this?」

Gyurie asked with a slightly sorrowful face.

「No, what can I consult with a guy who drinks with my opponent?」

Although he came over with a serious look, you can't deceive my sense of smell.
Gyurie drank alcohol.
Besides, from the faint smell in the air, it seemed that he come in contact with the main body of the opponent that I'm fighting against now.
Somehow, because there's a smell of a human in addition to the smell that I smelled before, there's another person there.

「I only come in contact with her as an Administrator」
「I understand. That's why, I can't consult you」

Gyurie is an Administrator.
When you manage this world, you must not take sides with someone on your own convenience.
Therefore, even if I'm on the verge of death, I can't rely on Gyurie.
Because that is not fair.

「But still, even if I can't get involved directly, I can at least mediate between you two」
「Isn't it uncool to beg in tears from the beginning?」
「And, this is the result of having your own way」
「When you said so, well」

Because I have really lived for a long time, my pride might have become higher.
If I rely on Gyurie from the beginning, this would not happen.
But, regarding it, I don't regret it.

「Seeing from Gyurie, was it a problem that can be solved if you mediate between us?」
「At least, a cease-fire should have been possible. The position that you and that are aiming is similar」
「I see」

It's good only to be able to hear that.
Even if the existence called me disappears, there's an existence that inherits my will.
If I'm eaten by that opponent, it's not meaningless for me to disappear.

「And, it's not too late even if it's from now, you know?」
「Hmm. I will pass. Now that I have come this far, I will confirm the ending by myself」
「I see」

Even if the existence called me remains or disappears.

「Seeing from Gyurie, what's the possibility that I will remain?」
「Half-to-half. The separation of the soul has already reached the level that I can't do anything with it. Either way, the existence called you will remain in some form, but I can't even imagine what kind form will it be」
「Anyhow, it seems that the side that possessed your soul can't stop the fusion on its own will. Which thought will come into surface is also not understood. Perhaps, in the end of mixing, there's even the possibility that you will become a completely different thing」

Let's pray that it won't become like that.
I will fight against it as much as I can because I have the feeling to want to remain if possible.

「For the time being, I will chase the escaped main body. After that, I will think after meeting it」
「I see. As for me, I want you and that to reconcile if possible」
「Did your feelings boil after having a drink with it?」
「I think so. I can agree why D likes that. That is a very pleasant existence」

Gyurie answered so to the question that I asked jokingly.
How unusual.
For this man to leak such an impression of the other party who's totally unrelated to Sariel-sama.
It seems that he likes it very much.

「It's absolutely different. Although it's interesting to look at that, it's a very troublesome existence if I get close to it. I can't have love feelings to such person」
「Ah, yeah」

Is he praising it, or speaking ill of it?
If I had to say then, it's speaking ill of it.

「Then, I will do my best so that the three of us can drink alcohol in the future」
「Ah. Be strong」

Perhaps, I exchange the greetings that might be the final farewell.
When Gyurie tries to leave with Transfer, I noticed it.

「Hey, leave the Earth Dragon」
「I refuse」

Gyurie says it coldly, and leave together with the corpse of the Earth Dragon with Transfer.
After that, although I look around the bottom layer, the other Earth Dragons were collected.
Damn you.
The next time I meet you, I must avenge myself.
Therefore, it becomes impossible to disappear here.


  1. So what exactly do we call this new creature?

    1. Judging by how this is going she'll probably be like 75% Ariel and 25% Kumoko so she'll still mostly be herself but with a heavy inflence from Kumoko.

      Although in her case this might actually be a good thing as she described herself as a coward and it seems Kumoko's influence has changed that so she should be able to get more seriously and do what she wants.

    2. Since the Admin said their goals were roughly the same...and Ariel is not as idiotic as kumo in general...I'd say this will turn into an amazing Demon Lord! Daring, thoughtful, occasionally silly and with loads of experience...yep, the perfect demon lord!

    3. Mahou Shoujo Demon Lord-chan?

    4. She self-proclaimed herself to be maou shoujo Ariel-chan (ch. 203). So there you have it. She turns into a pretty awesome comic relief character. I seriously like her, but she's pitiful as a demon king...

    5. For me only important things is that kumoku-chan get her status etc. Her character may be still Ariel only status is improtant

  2. Replies
    1. Oooo i like this. We should go with this. :D

    2. Oooo i like this. We should go with this. :D

    3. Not good. she's the original taratect, the spider from the start. so you can call her Kumoriel anyway.

  3. Man, having kumoko chipping away at your mind piece by piece day after day must be one hell of a horror story...

    1. and for worst to come worst....to be body in charge the one eroding your soul......

  4. Don't make me sympathize with another Kumo-chan. How dare you.

  5. I met it before was only because I was lucky, and the main body is an idiot.

    lol that body-in-charge's line, only she and other wills know of her stupidity

    1. Yea, when she said "main body is an idiot", I almost burst out laughing.

      That was so.... kumoko.

  6. Hmm he keeps saving the dragons probably because he is a dragon himself

    1. Or reviving them? Admin is a greater existence than ruler, and shun can revive?

    2. Or just giving them a burial, still better end then being eaten after having lived for so much time.

  7. Hahaha!!! That last line, leave the dragons here. Made me laugh real hard.

  8. Hahaha!!! That last line, leave the dragons here. Made me laugh real hard.

  9. Gyu-kun leave his wife, Sariel, home to spend passion night drinking with his mistress, Kumoko-chan, before return to home he visit his first mistress who's also wife handmaiden, Ariel, and try to make his two mistresses reconcile.
    What a guy.

  10. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!! Now I fell sorry for Ariel... DAMNIT!!!

  11. hmmm... i don't think Ariel will disappear.... it's more like a Ariel with clumsy manner of kumoko.... from Demon King Story before... the Demon King seem rather clumsy (kumoko)... but actually have sharp mind (Ariel)....

    1. She's also more daring now as it seems the old her was more the cautious type who didn't want to get involved with anything.

      This probably means the demon lord in the future story was Ariel after Kumoko's influence made her take action and Shiro is Kumoko who is working with Ariel since they have the same goal.

      Although Kumoko is probably an Admin by this point and thus stronger than Ariel she probably has Ariel be the demon lord either because she thinks having that position is too troublesome or because Kuro said something like "Admins can't take such an active role in the world.

    2. it's more that you need the title to be recognized as the demon lord or hero.

  12. Poor body in charge.... she's totally, going to be lost orz

    1. ....I think she will be, at least, assimilated with Ariel.
      There's difference between lost and fused

  13. Maou Shoujo KumoRiel-chan is near.

  14. For those that don't know. Kumo is a mad scientist type of genius. Tests anything and everything, even on herself, for the sake of knowledge. Would make a fine pupil for Mr. Sinister.

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  16. So, this demon king will become Maou-sama, the administrator will become Kuro and Shiro is the main body?

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  19. How interesting. Despite her physical power basically being that of a tactical nuke, she was a coward who feared death as much as Kumoko did early on in her life.

    In a very twisted way, Body-in-charge used some of Kumoko's constant over inflating over her own abilities to make Ariel a better person. If Kumoko was a shut-in, Ariel was the god of Hikkis.

  20. Shoto todoroki half and half.