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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter S23

Shun 23.

S23 Entering the Elro Great Labyrinth 

We ride on the Light Drake for a whole day.
We arrived near to the Elro Great Labyrinth.
Because we pass over the forest and the mountain in a straight line, we arrive considerably faster than walking.
We look at the entrance of the Elro Great Labyrinth at a distance with "Clairvoyance".

「As expected, the empire soldiers are there」

At the entrance of the Elro Great Labyrinth, countless empire soldiers are in the fort built there.
The Elro Great Labyrinth is almost the only way that connects the continents.
Therefore, if the Demons invade, they need to pass through this Great Labyrinth.
The fort that can be seen with "Clairvoyance" at the front is the final defense when the Demons pass through the Elro Great Labyrinth.

However, it's almost impossible for the Demons to pass through the Elro Great Labyrinth.
The Elro Great Labyrinth has a complicated structured labyrinth and has the wideness that a person will take a whole lifetime to escape from the labyrinth without guides.
On top of that, numerous troublesome monsters inhabit in there, and the degree of difficulty is too high to invade with an army.

In the first place, the situation that the Demons invaded to the entrance of the Elro Great Labyrinth means that Kasanagara continent is almost in the Demons' control, so at that point, the Humans will be made to stand in a considerable crisis.
In the current long history, there's no era when the Demons raged to that extent.
Although I don't know what will happen in the future, I don't think that the Demons will rage immediately, so it's unlikely that the Demons will pass through the Elro Great Labyrinth.

Therefore, the fort's main role is to deal with the monsters that came out of the Great Labyrinth.
In the Great Labyrinth, there are a lot of special monsters that inhabit only in there.
It's the present fort's role to prevent the monsters to be free in the outside world.

There are the empire soldiers of another country that shouldn't be in the fort normally.
There's only one meaning.
It's the lookout to not let us enter the Elro Great Labyrinth.

「What should we do?」

I'm troubled to Katia's words.
Front breakthrough is not impossible.
But, that is the final means.
If possible, I don't want to do it.

「Can't we sneak in and get pass them somehow?」

Sensei proposes it while looking at me.
She must be expecting my skill, "Concealment" effect.

The "Concealment" skill is the evolved skill of "Camouflage".
The effect is literally concealing something.
Although the "Camouflage" skill is the same as well, the appearance don't change even if I use this skill.
However, there's an effect that it becomes difficult to be perceived by the five senses of other living things.
If I use it with "Stealth", it becomes even more difficult to be found.

And, the excellent point of this skill is I can choose the target to apply this skill.
Not only myself, but I can apply it on other people and things.
Furthermore, even the skills.
I always apply the "Concealment" skill on a certain thing.
That's the "Taboo" skill.
With this, it becomes difficult to know that I have the "Taboo" skill even if I'm appraised suddenly.
Although when it's found out, it will be found out, it's definitely better than nothing.

I shake my head to Sensei's plan, and deny it.
The "Concealment" will be found out when it's found.
If there's an opponent that has a higher perception ability than my "Concealment" skill, we will be found out easily.
The elderly magician that we fought at the royal capital is a good example.
That elderly person perceived our concealed figure that was far up in the sky.
As expected, I don't think that there are so many of such people, but if Yuugo thinks that he seriously wants to obstruct our actions, it's not strange that such people are stationed in the fort.
I thought that the simple infiltration that relies only on the power of skill was dangerous.

「I have an idea. Follow me」

We who became cornered, Hyrinth-san gives a new proposal.
We can't think of other methods, so we follow Hyrinth-san's directions silently.

Hyrinth-san led us to a small village at the place close to the entrance of the Great Labyrinth.
It seems that this village is a village made by the merchants and inns that deal with the people who enters the Great Labyrinth according to Hyrinth-san's teaching along the way.
If I look from the outside of the village, there are certainly shops that sell necessary preserved foods and antidotes.
I can also see big inns where even a large family can stay in this small village.

We move stealthily at the outer circumference of the village so that we don't attract public attention.
There might be a person who's connected with the empire soldiers in the village, and above all, we are wanted people.

The place that we arrived after moving stealthily was one house that's at the outskirts of the village.
It's quite large compared with the other houses.
Hyrinth-san knocks the house door modestly.

「Coming. Who is it?」

The appearing prime of life has a surprised look when Hyrinth-san's appearance is seen.

「It has been a long time」

Hyrinth-san lowers his head.
The prime of life look at Hyrinth-san's state, and look around the surroundings restlessly.

「For the time being, please enter inside」

We walk into the house as we are invited by the prime of life.

「This one here is the labyrinth guide, Goief-dono. It's a person who Julius and the others are indebted several times」
「I'm Goief. Nice to meet you」
「Goief-dono, this is Julius's younger brother, Shurein」
「I'm Shurein. Nice to meet you」

Everyone greets in accordance with Hyrinth-san's directions.
Although Goief-san hears it while having a gentle smile, I can't make light of this person.
Although it's hard to tell because it's hidden by the clothes, the body is considerably trained, and in the interior of the gentle eyes are narrowed like appraising us.
I agree that Hyrinth-san be in such polite manner.
It's a person who seems to be difficult to deal with.

「Then, Goief-dono. I will tell our matter without beating about the bush. We are accused of a false charge now, and we are in a position being chased by the empire. In order to put an end to this, we want to pass through the Elro Great Labyrinth and head to the Kasanagara continent, but the entrance is surrounded by the empire soldiers, so it can't be done. Can Goief-dono somehow make us enter the Great Labyrinth with your power?」

Goief-san ponders for a while to Hyrinth-san's words.

「I understand your circumstances to some extent. Because I thought that it was strange since I heard the story that Hyrinth-sama is planning a national overturn」

All of us are relieved to Goief-san's words.
Apparently, Goief-san don't have the intention to oppose us.

「However, unfortunately, I can't help」

We are dejected by Goief-san's following words.

「Do something about there」
「I am sorry. Because my life and my living suffer from this. I can't help you all and get marked down by the empire. Even if it's fine for me, when thinking that the danger will reach my family」
「Is that so?」

Although the appearance is not seen, I realize that there are several presence including the child in this house.
Goief-san also has a family.
He can't be our ally to the extent that his family is involved.
Although I understand, when I confront on the spot like this, I'm aware that the label called the national rebel plated on us is a serious thing.
No, it should be better just by hearing our story like this.
The worst, it's not strange that he will point a weapon at us when he saw us.

「What. If the coward don't want to guide, should I guide you all?」

An elderly person appeared while kicking the door, and says it to us who are depressed.

「Good grief. You coward. I wonder why are you scared of the empire when you have reached an appropriate age」

The elderly person who appeared with a sake bottle enters between us.

「I'm this coward's father, Basgas. I can be the guide in place of this guy, you know?」
「Wait, Father!」
「Shut up」

It's not loud at all, but Goief-san can't help but to fall silent to the powered voice.
Basgas-san has a splendid body that can't be thought as a elderly person, and he wears a Haki that can be understood at a glance.
I felt the strength that I want to appraise his status instinctively.

「If you okay with such a retired old man, I will guide you, but what do you want to do?」

Although Hyrinth-san is troubled, my intuition thinks that it's fine to entrust it to this person.
I tell that briefly with Telepathy.
On this occasion, I didn't miss that Basgas-san slightly reacted.
This person can eavesdrop the Telepathy.

「Please help us」
「Leave it to me. Even if I say that, I can't do any great things」

That's a lie.

「Then, let's have a specific talk」

By Hyrinth-san's proposal, we discussed about the plans for the future after that.
Goief-san seemed to give up on the way, and seems to back us up.

The preparations took one day, and we came to the coast.
According to Basgas's information, there's a cave at the bottom of the sea that's connected to the Great Labyrinth nearby.
It's not used because it's near the Water Dragons' habitat, so it seems to be a secret path that only a small portion among the guides know.

「Listen. Don't even try to fight when a Water Dragon appears. You will only be killed. The basic is to run away. The entrance of the cave is near after we dive, and once we enter the cave, the Water Dragon can't enter the cave because it's narrow. Head into the cave immediately after diving. Understood?」

We nod to Basgas-san's words.
We who changed into swimsuits hardly have luggage.
All the luggage are inside Basgas-san's space storage bag.
It's a magic tool that has the power of the skill called Space Storage that can store things in a different space.
Although it's uneasy to entrust everything we owned including the equipment to another person, now that it's decided to trust him, it's decided to trust Basgas-san to the end by entrusting everything.

「Well then, I will distribute the wind balls. Please don't crunch it even by mistake」

Sensei distribute the small balls at the size of putting on the palm.
This is the ball that confined the air compressed by "Wind Magic".
If this is held in the mouth, there's no need to worry about the air.
It's something like a micro oxygen cylinder.
However, like what Sensei said, when it's crunched by mistake, the compressed air that was confined will explode at that moment.
While it's convenient, it's a very dangerous thing.

「Then, I will lead everyone, so follow me」

Basgas-san holds the wind ball in his mouth, and dives into the sea.
Following the sequence, I dive at the end.
When I enter the sea, there's little shoal, and it became deep suddenly.
Is it because of the skills? I can see the underwater state clearly even without googles.
I saw a calm and huge approaching figure at the end of the view.

Water Dragon Krag.

The level is 8.
It has a figure like the Nessie which I saw in the dinosaur picture book.
I shudder when I see its status.
All the numerical value exceeded 3000.
On top of that, the skills are improved that can't be compared with the monsters that I have seen so far.

This is bad.
As for us, only Basgas-san who led just arrived at the entrance of the cave.
The others still haven't notice the existence of the Water Dragon.

The Water Dragon stands ready.
That's the preliminary movement of the breath!?

I move to the front of everyone immediately, and activate a magic.
"Holy Light Magic".
The magic obtained together with the Hero title.

My magic collides with the Water Dragon's breath, and a water current is generated by the aftermath.
I'm sucked into the cave as I was wash away by it.
I continue to be washed away while being careful not to bite the wind ball in my mouth while my body strikes many places.

A feeling of floating for an instant.
And, I struck the ground in the next moment.
Apparently, I have arrived at the end of the cave after being washed away.

「Is everyone all right?」

I take out the wind ball from my mouth, and look around the surroundings.
Comrades who were grazed all over with the completely exhausted state are on the ground.
It seems that no one is in danger.

However, leaving aside Sensei's loli figure, the swimsuits of Katia and Anna are torn in several places, and the exposure of skin has increased.
In addition, the hair sticks to the body, and there's a slight sex appeal.
It's very tempting.

「Ka! If it's like this from the very beginning, this is going to be hard!」

I agree to Basgas-san's shout in my heart.
For the time being, I must treat the place that's grazed.

「Well, we were able to enter safely. Welcome to the world's hell, the Elro Great Labyrinth」

I started the everyone's treatment while feeling tired with the Basgas-san's exaggerated talk.


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