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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter S25

Shun 25.
Changed Remains of the Nightmare to Remnants of the Nightmare.

S25 The Elro Great Labyrinth capture ②

The fifth day after entering the labyrinth.
We have moved half of the labyrinth.
Because it's only a small number of people and everyone's status are high, we took the shortest route at a considerably absurd pace.

Although I was worried that we will be ambushed by the empire soldiers on the way in the labyrinth, I'm told that it was impossible by Basgas-san.
The empire is evading the labyrinth, and above all, ambush in the labyrinth is inefficient and the danger is great too.
In the complex labyrinth like a maze, something like ambush can never be done because they might not know which route to pass.

That's why, only monsters can be said as an enemy in the labyrinth.
The monsters also haven't become a big wonder at present.
Although there are many kinds of monster that has poison in the Elro Great Labyrinth Upper Layer, most of our member can use "Treatment Magic".
Because many monsters have low status and even if we received poison, it can be recovered immediately. In the first place, receiving attack itself is few.

Hyrinth-san who boast of his impregnable defense as the shield at the front, and Sensei who has high magic ability at the back.
Furthermore, Katia and I who can be both a vanguard and a rearguard, Basgas-san sees the situation and move.
Although it's an impromptu team, it can be said that it turned out well.
Except one person.

「Stop for a moment. Let's take a break once soon」

Everyone who stops to my call.
Basgas-san confirms the safety in the surroundings quickly, and open the luggage to be able to take a break.
Among everyone who begins to relax, only one person, Anna who sits down while panting.

「I am sorry」

She whisper it to me with the voice that seems to vanish.
I shake my head silently, and tapped Anna's shoulder gently.

Anna is an excellent magician.
But, among the members gathered here, she looks inferior no matter what.
In addition, because her status is inclined to magic, her physical strength is low by all means.
If we don't take a break frequently like this, with Anna's stamina, she can't match our movement speed.

Because Sensei is also a slow-growing Elf, her physical status is low, but her body is strengthened by the excessive magic.
Although she has a young child appearance, she can do well in close combat.

I wonder whether this is the difference between the pure Elf and the Half Elf or Sensei is special.
Although I think that it's probably the latter, an obvious difference is shown to Anna, and she has been wreck physically and mentally.
Originally, she was cornered by the strong pressure that she's holding back everyone, and it seems to become a burden mentally.

After all, it might be a mistake to bring her along.
But, even if I leave her like that, as expected, it doesn't change that it's an anxious situation.
Either way, I think that it was not the right choice.

Then, I who acknowledged to take Anna along must watch her with responsibility.
Does everyone understands it? Nothing is said to me.
Although Basgas-san don't know the circumstances, he's a professional who guides anyone.
Even if the client's pace is slow, he won't complain.
However, only Katia seems to have some dissatisfaction.
I should talk to her indirectly later.

「Well then, now that we have reached half of the labyrinth, let's decide the route after this」

Basgas-san talks to me.
And, I decide to leave Anna for a moment.

「There are several routes after this. The dangerous shortest course, the relatively safe detour course, and the course that dangers are not known. Although it's roughly like this, which will you choose?」
「Well, the dangerous shortest route, how dangerous is it?」
「There are two kinds of paths in the Elro Great Labyrinth. The normal narrow passage like here, and the other one is called as the large passage」

Then, the word ended once, and a drink is presented to me.
I receive it gratefully.

「About the large passage, it's literally a wider passage than the normal narrow passage where we are now. Rather than a passage, it's already like a hall. And, it continues endlessly. Although I say that passing through the large passage is the shortest route, the large passage has strong monsters that can't be compared with the monsters in the normal narrow passage. It's a danger zone where there's a lot of C class monsters and sometimes even the A class monsters」

A class.
It's the threat at the level that the army is dispatched.
Generally, it's said that the limit of the monster that can be defeated by a small party is a B class monster.
Human is inferior in status compared with the monster.
In order to oppose it, skills are polished, form a group, rack the brains and cooperate.
Like that, victory can be gained against the monster that's superior in status.

But, that can only be done up to the B class.
The A class monster makes a clear distinction with the monsters before.
First of all, it has high status, and it even becomes excellent in skills.
It's equaled in the skill that's the human advantage.
Among them, there are also individuals that have the special skill peculiar to the monsters, and such species is generally troublesome.

The representative example of the A class is the high rank Drake.
Although the Light Drake enslaved by me is barely at this rank, that guy has become strong to approach me who's the master.
If this continues, I might be surpassed.

「Then, how much is the difference in days between the safe detour course and the shortest course?」
「Well, when thinking about the pace so far, it's four days」

It's unexpectedly a lot.
It seems to be a considerable detour.

「How about the last course?」
「Ah, There」

Basgas-san hesitates to say for some reason.
When I'm waiting for the continuation, he scratched his head and opened his mouth.

「To be frank, it's the course that I don't want to go」
「That's too frank. Is there a reason?」
「It's the Nightmare」
「That place is the area where the Nightmare made as its territory in the old days. That's why, guides don't want to approach the course there. Especially me who meet it directly. If possible, it's my real intention that I don't want to approach it」

The Nightmare.
The Myth rank monster that was mentioned the other day.
But, it shouldn't be there anymore, right?

「By the way, is that course fast?」
「It's a little slower than the shortest route. The shortest route should be slightly faster. The difference should be around one day」

The dangerous shortest course, the safe but a considerable detour course, and the unknown course.

「The Nightmare is not there anymore, right?」
「Ah, the main body of the Nightmare is not there」
「Main body?」

I inclined my neck to the side to Basgas-san's strange words.
As if there's something that's not the Nightmare.

「We call it as the Remnants of the Nightmare」
「The Remnants of the Nightmare?」
「Ah. It's the monsters that have the appearance similar to the Nightmare. Although they are scattered in a wide range in the upper layer now, a lot of them inhabit in that course」
「Is the monster strong?」
「It's strong and troublesome」

A monster that make Basgas-san said that it's strong and troublesome.
If possible, I don't want to encounter it.

「However, they also have the same behavior as the Nightmare. As long as we don't harm them, they won't attack us」
「What is that?」

An amazed voice came out.
Is it okay to call such a monster that has a strange behavior as a monster?
Monster should have an image of attacking without questioning.

「However, it spread invisible threads all over the place, and it will attack if the thread is cut」
「Ah. Now that you mention it, I have said about it. The Nightmare is a spider monster. The Remnants of the Nightmare are also the same」

Spider, huh?

「The invisible thread that has powerful viscosity that when you are caught in it, you can't escape from it easily, and toughness. Even though that much is troublesome already, it's an absurd monster that the main body is also strong. Although there's a common sense of burning the cobweb when it's found in the old days, after the Remnants of the Nightmare appeared, it changed into 'when the cobweb is found, run away immediately'. It's the most nasty monster in the upper layer」

That's a terribly troublesome monster.
While using the guard called the thread, the main body is also strong.
As if it's a monster that has the human slyness.
If possible, I don't want to encounter it.

Then, that course is rejected.
The remaining ones are the shortest course and the detour course.

「Everyone. Should we advance the dangerous shortest course or the detour but safe course? I want to hear everyone's opinion」

I call out to the other members who are taking a rest.
I was just warned by Basgas-san the other day.
I can't choose the dangerous course by my own judgment only.
Above all, I can't put more burdens on Anna who's near to her limit.
The judgment was difficult for me.
But, the more time we spend, the more the situation moves.
While we are doing this now, Yuugo might be attacking the Elf Village now.

「I think that we should advance the shortest route」

Sensei's words.
Katia seems to agree with her.

「But, isn't it dangerous? If there are several A rank monsters, even if it's us, it's difficult to deal with it」
「Ah, Be relieved because the A rank monsters will never be in a crowd. Even if we encounter it, it will be alone」
「Then, we can manage somehow」

Katia declares with confidence to Basgas-san's words.

「But still, I think that we should not take the risks」

Hyrinth-san picks the safe route.
Well, originally, Hyrinth-san objected that I'm going to the Elf Village.
Rather than the Elf Village, our safety probably have higher priority.

With this, it's two to one.
Basgas-san keeps neutrality, so the remaining ones are Anna and me.

「What Anna thinks that we should do?」
「You may ignore my opinion」
「That's not going to happen. Anna is a comrade after all. It's fine to state your opinion without reserve」

I speak to Anna with a slightly strong tone.
Anna shows a grateful appearance, and after she thinks for a while, it seems that she have decided it.

「Let's advance the shortest route」
「Is it okay?」

With the thought of 'can she catch up with us?', and 'is she all right?'.


It was a powerful affirmation that came back.
Then, there's nothing that I can say.

「Let's advance the shortest route」

It was decided to advance knowing the dangers.


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