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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter S29

Shun 29.

S29 Offer

「Thank you for all your help」

We lower our head to Basgas-san.
We escaped from the Elro Great Labyrinth, and we lodged in Basgas-san's base for one night.
And, it's decided that we will leave immediately to the Elf Village in the morning of the next day.
We are parting with Basgas-san here.


Basgas-san says so and nods.

「However, is it really okay for me to take all of the materials of the Earth Dragon? It's a fortune if you sell it, you know?」
「Yes. This is a hurry trip, so we can't take it. Please consider it as reward for helping us」
「Then, I will take it without reservation」

Basgas-san smiles broadly.

「Basgas-san. If」
「Lad, I'm a humble guide」

Basgas-san says so interrupting my words.
It was the answer to the words that I was going to say.

Basgas-san is an experienced warrior.
I was able to understand it enough in the Elro Great Labyrinth.
In addition, he also has excellent judgment that comes from his experiences.
To be honest, I want this person to come along with us.

But, Basgas-san's word denied it.

「As for the guide, guiding is the work. Even more, I'm already retired. There's no place for an old man to butt in any further」

Basgas-san who says so and laughs.
But, he stops the laughter immediately, and begins to talk with a serious face this time.

「Lad. Although this is my intuition, I think that a huge incident will occur in the near future. There's no grounds, but I always have an anxiety that can't be cleared for these past few years. The riot that Lad got involved might be the harbinger」

It's not only the matter of Yuugo.
The large-scale war with the Demons.
Taking over the Hero.
The world movement these days is very active.

「Because I have guided you all, I will pray that the world change to the better way. Then, the guides will be blessed than we deserve」

Basgas-san hold out his hand.

「I will do my best so that it will become like that」

I grasped the hand firmly, and shook a firm handshake.

Two days after we part with Basgas-san.
We move by riding on the Light Drake's back.
The place we are heading is the country called Sariera country where the transfer magic circle to the Elf Village is concealed.

The Sariera country places the original religion called the Goddess Religion as the state religion that's different from the Divine Word Religion, and it's a radical nation that fought against neighboring nations when we are babies.
The national power dropped considerably in the war, and they stay hidden after that, so it's not understood that what will happen in this country.
We advanced while being cautious enough.

「Offer the skills! Then, you will be saved!」

When we enter the town to buy foods, etc, there were people shouting such words everywhere.

「The Sariera country is the nation that worships the Administrator Sariel. Therefore, let's try not to be concerned with them as much as possible」

I also agree to Sensei's low voice.
It's doubtful whether the shouting man is sane or not.
If this is the act of the Administrator, it's not a good feeling.

「What's offering skills?」
「It's said that there are two meanings. The first one is erasing the skill by the skill called 『Skill Erasure』」
「Can such a thing be done?」
「Yes. 『Skill Erasure』 is a skill that can be acquired without skill points, and it erases skill by taking a few days. Because it won't stop until all of the skills disappear when it's activated, it's impossible to erase the targeted skill alone. Of course the disappeared skill won't return. If a person trains again, the skills can be acquired back」
「Is there a meaning to do that?」

From what I heard so far, I don't understand the meaning of such a skill.
It's only a disadvantage to lose the skills.
Even if the skills can be acquired back if a person trains again, the time taken until then will not return, and if there's the paid skill points, it's wasted.
It's like throwing away the thing that you accumulate until then purposely.

「In other words, it's transferred as power to the Administrator」

I see.
In other words, the power that's cultivated by the people is offered to the Administrator.
That's the essence of the 「Skill Erasure」 skill.

「Come to think of it, Sensei have erased Yuugo's skills once」
「Yes, but that's something like a trick. Erase the others' skills instead of paying a big compensation. Although I say it because it's now, when I activate it, some of my skills are lost, and I slept for many days after that. Because it's a dangerous method that both me and the opponent can die, I don't want to use it again」
「I see」
「I thought that it was the best at that time. If the skills are lost, I can remonstrate Yuugo who became arrogant. I believed so. Even though the important one is to regain his own mind as a person properly after that, I have neglected it. And, the result is this. I'm disqualified as a teacher」
「It's not Sensei's fault」

Although I thought that it's an unskillful comfort, I can only say that.
The bad one is Yuugo who actually took the action.

「Thank you. But, this is the distinction as the teacher. It's the last education that Sensei can do to the former student who's on the wrong path」

Sensei's eyes that filled with dark determination.
I was not able to say anything to it.

「And, what's the second one?」

I change the topic.

「I don't know the second one well. Something like offering the skills to reach the God」
「That's like the words of the religion」

The clergy who shouts in the town.
I wanted to get away from this place that has a dark atmosphere as soon as possible.


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  7. Let see how long can she keep saying things like "admins being evil" when she reach Taboo 10

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