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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? The Labyrinth's Nightmare 4

The labyrinth's nightmare 4.

The labyrinth's nightmare ④

The Wind Magic of the Kirecock hits the Ede Saine directly.
Although I was surprised because I never thought that it will hit, I understand the reason why the Ede Saine didn't avoid the attack when the cloud of dust caused by the impact of the magic cleared up.
For the Ede Saine, something like the Kirecock's magic is not worth to even avoid it.

However, it was able to gain time.
Due to hitting the Kirecock's magic first, the Rock Turtle that's slow was able to reach the front line.
The Rock Turtle that has a high defensive ability.
The Rock Turtle is made as a shield, and the other three start to attack.

The Wind Magic of the Kirecock rains from the air, and Suiten's water breath explodes.
The Febelt attacks immediately after the two attacks hit.
The Febelt that's excellent in speed and physical offensive ability springs at the Ede Saine.

And, a spear of soil thrusts the Febelt.

The Febelt was not able to react to the huge spear of soil that spring up from the ground suddenly, and it's skewered.
Immediately after that, the flapping Kirecock falls to the ground.
As if it's been thrown down.
It collides with the ground intensely as it is, and it sinks into the ground while making an unpleasant sound.
What happened?
The Kirecock is crushed by something invisible as it is.

Meanwhile, Suiten keeps shooting the water breath.
However, the Ede Saine doesn't mind it at all.
It turns towards Suiten slowly, and Wind Magic was shot.

Not only soil, but also wind!?
In the view of the surprised me, the breath is blown off by the Wind Magic, and the appearance of Suiten defeated.

The only one remaining is the Rock Turtle.
However, the Rock Turtle doesn't move.
It can't move.
When I appraise the Rock Turtle after seeing it's state is strange, it has the abnormal condition paralysis before I know.
Moreover, all of its status falls rapidly.
HP also.
The tough Rock Turtle became a corpse at a short time that can even be called as an instant.

The summoned beasts that have get over many difficulties together with me was slaughtered one-sidedly.
And yet, the thing ruling me now is not sadness and anger.
It's fear.
It's pathetic, and it's rude towards the dead summoned beasts.

Although I think about that, I can't fight against the fear that springs up from the bottom of my body.
I want to run away from this place quick.
However, as a person who leads the unit, I can't run away before my subordinates.

My subordinates began the withdrawal in the time that was gained by the summoned beasts that became sacrifices.
However, it's slow.
I forcibly return the consciousness of Ronant-sama who loses his sense by hitting him, and make him prepare a large-scale Transfer magic to withdraw with the unit.
But still, more time is still needed to make everyone of the unit to fall back to the range of the Transfer.

A few seconds in the meanwhile.
In that few seconds, the nightmare occurs.

The magic of soil and wind flies around wildly.
Even though it seems that it's shooting at random, each hit kills the soldiers

There's a soldier who falls suddenly too.
The mysterious attack that killed the Rock Turtle a while ago.
An attack that can even kill the Rock Turtle that has a lot of HP in an instant.
The soldiers can't endure even an instant, and fall one after another.

A magic flies towards Ronant-sama who's preparing the Transfer magic.
I become resolved to use up my MP, and I summon a monster again to be a substitute for Ronant-sama.
The magic that begins to be shot many times.
I summon a monster every time.

I take a restorative medicine that recovers MP.
I summon while drinking it.
My MP that recovers gradually.
However, the consumption is more than the recovery.

Magic comes, summon, magic comes, summon.
While repeating it, finally, the summoned beast on hand is used up.
But still, the magic doesn't stop.
Or rather, the number of magics flew is obviously more than the beginning.

When I look at the surroundings wondering why, only Ronant-sama and I survived in this place.

「It can't be helped. We will return even if it's only both of us」

As Ronant-sama starts to activate the Transfer magic, the Ede Saine has approached to our front.


The fired spear of darkness.
It's a magic filled with a frightening amount of magical power that the soil and wind magic from a while ago are seen as a child's play.
It's aiming at Ronant-sama.
Because Ronant-sama was concentrating on the magic construction, he can't avoid it.
I have used up all of my summoned beasts, so there's nothing that can be used as a shield.

It was an instant.
I use my body to stop the spear of darkness.
My body bursts open.

The spear of darkness penetrates through my body, and attacks Ronant-sama who's at the back.
Ronant-sama's right arm and a part of his side blew off.
Because I entered between the spear and Ronant-sama, the trajectory seems to have shifted a little.

Ronant-sama activates Transfer while having an anguish expression.
My view distorts.
I shut my eyes instinctively, and when I opened my eyes, it was not inside of the labyrinth.


The person in front of me becomes surprised, and stiffens.

「Someone, those who can use recovery」

Ronant-sama talks to the people in the place while distorting his face in pain.

Here is the empire's magic laboratory, huh?
Immediately, the surroundings becomes noisy.

「Endure a little more」

Ronant-sama applies recovery magic on me.

「Although almost half of your upper body was blown off, you did well to still be alive with this」

Although I thought to say something, blood came out of my mouth.

「After all, I have to return the hit from you. So, don't die until then, okay?」

My body recovers little by little.
My HP also has escaped from the critical area.

Treatment is also given to Ronant-sama after the people who can use recovery magic.

I take a breath of relief, and became exhausted.
Although there's a large sacrifice, we survived.


  1. Ahh, thanks for the blazing speed of the translations. really appreciate it. However the MC is proving to be very disappointing, turning into a real monster. If is becoming very close to Chinese Wuxia like revenge, which I frankly don't like.

    1. In this case it seems like her mind is being actively fucked with to the extent that her basic personality is changing. Rather than in Wuxia, where the MC eventually becomes a dick to everyone when they have enough power regardless of how close they are.

    2. I see it entirely differently. They trespassed and came with the intention of assaulting her so it was warranted. In Chinese novels they'll attack you just because you questioned their actions.

    3. its not her fault, she get ''taboo" max and see the truth of the world. in turn she acquire "anger" which make her easily annoyed at everything.

    4. Do not compare this to wuxia, it's an insult to the way this novel has bothered to build the characters, as compared to wuxia whereby the characters other than the mc and his harem are as important as the passing wind, from the ass

    5. it was pretty reasonable actually. Kumoko was going through quite a few disappointments. The burning of her home was just the last straw.

      Also, you should have already seen with taboo. She isn't just killing them because she's made, killing humans was her intention in the first place.

    6. well there is the anger skill take a part here and basicly who doesn't get mad when someone singlehandedly burn your house,, getting appraised and MC is theroically a monster, monster rule is survival of the fittest
      when you in rome do as a roman do...

      and for the las part shouldn't soil magic become earth magic ?? or soil magic next rank up is earth magic ??

    7. soil magic next rank up is earth magic. Which means, after Soil Magic lvl10 she'll get Earth Magic lvl1, and then Earth ripping (地裂) magic.
      Wind (Kaze) magic is also can be evolved into Windstorm (Bofu) magic and then into Stormy Heaven magic (Arashitengoku)
      Thunder into Lightning.
      Water into Waterflow.

      Please don't consider it as spoiler - author never do any explanations about those kinds of magic, moreover he didn't place any status screens almost for 40 chapters...

    8. Oh i didn't really meant "she'll get" as if she already got them for sure - she could get if she developed them. we don't know because author don't show her status.

    9. But from the beginning she's said that she never had aversion to killing even in japan. She just thought it was troublesome. But she'd do it if she has to.

    10. She also has a title that prevents her from feeling any "guilt"

    11. Don't you dare compare this to some shit wuxia/xinxia generic novel

    12. well, she had her fucking house burned down. in the manga at least, she didnt intend to kill the first 8 with her evil eyes, she just overestimated them. then if someone got away, it would mean trouble for her, which meant she had to finish them

  2. Why can't they die? Become food for Kumoko!!! Taste the flesh XD

    1. and even better... experience points! (This reminds me of fff class trashero. Recommended by the way if you like cruel mc's! It has good comedy to!

      Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Imagine : A woman is on her period.
    Then burn her house.
    How will you react?
    (Just to clarify, I'm not sayin she's on her period. What i mean is that she kinda like a woman in her period: easily annoyed/agitated, ...

    1. Common misconception. We get agitated before and after our menstrual period. Not during. We're harmless then.

    2. Just like Emily Evelin commented, but in the menstrual perios i always get annoyed all the time

  5. And yet they didn't regret what they did..

    1. Oh, they regretted it. About the time she killed those first four summons.

    2. The summoner regretted it as soon as she showed up. "Ah, that was your web, was it...? ... I don't supposed you'd accept an apology, nope, good-bye!"

    3. BD, i think she would, if she could understand them. she didnt intend to kill the first 8, in the manga at least. she just underestimated her power and overestimated them

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  7. Noooo, I mean...yeah, they burned your house, can make another! With just some SP and stuff from your butt!
    So sad to see her going down this path. I genuinely hope it's a nasty effect from Taboo and not just her deciding to be an asshole because the way this world works sucks.
    Maybe killing people somehow saves them or something, I dunno.

  8. I actually feel bad for the first 4 summoned beasts, it's pretty much the same feeling I would have if my pet died.. :,(