Saturday, 19 September 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Magician, Apprenticeship

Magician, apprenticeship.

Magician, apprenticeship

Author note: Ronant's point of view.

It's a lie.
I won't accept it.
That person can't be defeated by the underling of the church.

However, it's in fact a hot topic in the town.
The place where the Divine Beast was became a wretched state that can't be think that it was a small forest.
As if the ravages of the destruction that seemed to be a barrage of great magic.
The dregs of the dark magical power still remains.
Apparently, the magic of the dark system is used, but even I don't know the details.
"Darkness Magic", no, it can't be think that all these dark magical power still remains.
Then, is it the "Abyss Magic"?

"Abyss Magic".
The highest rank magic of the dark system that's assumed that it exists.
I have not seen the real thing too.
It was the first time for me when I saw that person has the skill.
Then, is this dregs of magical power the traces of that person using the "Abyss Magic"?
Although there's a weird feeling, the opponent must have been an opponent that the great magic must be used that left such influence like this.
It's tinged with truth suddenly that person was defeated.

I left the town that boiled to avenge Divine Beast-sama.

Even it's such a person, it will die when the time comes, huh?
This world is a wide thing.
Compared with it, I'm a petty thing.

I lose sight of my aim, and the living vitality is falling rapidly.
If I return to the empire, there might be some kind of punishment for breaking the confinement.
Although it should not be a severe punishment, that is troublesome now.
It might be fun to droop on a field somewhere, and die.

If I will die anyway, I suddenly think of isn't it better to die at the place where I met that person.
It was a good idea.
Now that it's decided, Transfer at once.

And, at the transferred destination, I meet that person again.
Although the appearance changed, I won't forget the intimidating air.
Although it split into two, my eyes can't be deceived.
Both are real.
...As expected.
I never thought that it can even split.
It calmly accomplishes the things that I can't think of.

One of them is a white spider's appearance.
Although it was black when I saw it before, it shrinks and the color changes too.
However, the two sickles of its forefoot are there.
The other one is a black spider.
This one is slightly large.
There's no sickle and it seems to be just like the normal Taratect species.

Although I'm interested in how it split, it's probably the method that's impossible for me who has a human body to imitate.
Then, I should learn the things other than that.
I applied for apprenticeship when I noticed.

I talked passionately for several hours.
Apparently, it seems to be astonished.
I lose myself and talk passionately too much.

However, with this, it's clear.
This person understands the Humans language.
Well, it's unthinkable that such a person can't understand words.
Even though it understands my words, there's no reaction.
Apparently, it won't accept me as an apprentice.

Having said that, it's not cruel.
Although it turned a silent killing intent to me after Transfer, it vanishes now.
For the time being, it seems that I won't be killed immediately.
Although it doesn't welcome me, it doesn't eliminate me.
It's like a stance of persisting abstention.

Then, I will observe this person's actions, and ascertain how this person reached the extremity of magic.
I decide so, and the observation began.

A few minutes after the observation begins.
I have the feeling that the world was overturned.

It's terrific.
That's the word for it.
When I met it at this place before, I notice it in a long distance.
It's the same as that time that it multiple activate several skills.
However, I understood that it's doing something aberrant with the body just by observing it carefully and closely than that time.

This person always activates the very small magic, and wears it in its body.
In addition, multiple magics too.
The ones that can be confirmed are dark, soil, wind, and light. These four kinds of magic is activated simultaneously.

A voice of admiration leaks out unintentionally to the too minute result of the magic.
What a minute magic.
Magic is the means for attack.
That means power is demanded from it, and powerless magic is unneeded.
Then, power is demanded for magic, and it's eternity that it becomes huge.
The very small magic that breaks the common sense.

Normally, these kind of things have no meaning.
However, I'm convinced.
This is the essence of the magic.
The ultimate secrets.
There's no troubles if it's only making it huge.
If I put my strength only on that, it can be done.
However, how about making it smaller?
It's no use to just reduce the power.
The precise construction technique is needed to make the fragile and small construction.
The magical power is poured into the fragile construction, and the delicate power adjustment demanded from the Magic Manipulation.
The polished technique is there that it's impossible to reach with strength.

I imitate the technique immediately.
At first, I experiment it with my forte, fire.
The result is a failure.
My whole body catches fire splendidly, and burns my body.

I extinguish it in a hurry, and laugh instinctively.
What a difficulty.
To carry out such an outrageous thing as if it's breathing!

Even though I tested various attributes after that, all the results were failures.
However, there was a gain.
Why I do such things? That's for the level raising of skills.
Every time I fail, I was able to confirm that the level of the skill rose.
Both the magic and the resistance.
Yes, this act that seems to be useless is actually the act to raise the skill level.

I always shoot very small magic to the extent that it won't damage my body by myself.
Who will think of such a thing?
Even if someone think of it, who will put it into practice?
There's always a new discovery when I'm with this person.

Because I didn't assume that it will become such a long journey, the foods seem to run out soon.
Should I go back to the town once?
No, I can't go back to the town because this is a once in a lifetime chance.
Ha, that's right.
Since I'm living with this person, isn't it fine that I take the same meal.
The meal that this person takes.
There must be something.

I have an upset stomach.
It was poisonous.
I thought that I was going to die.
However, as expected, this person is magnificent.
It's the first time that I hear of a title called Gross Feeder.
I must thank it for giving me the opportunity to acquire the title.
I will study on your side from now on.


  1. At this point, kumoko is shiro and maou?

    1. The Queen spider is black. the main body is white.

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    3. Eh... no way. it is fun to hypothesize, but being spoiled have a bad taste in my mouth if it is not voluntary.

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  2. to think he would notice the subtle skills....he is a genius after all.......

    1. Yeah. The multiple activating skills are obvious upon observation, but the tiny details were never mentioned before.

      Also, in a short time he acquired Gross Feeders, and noticing the methods to raise skills that no human ever notice before.

    2. he is a genius after all...

      aaah.... kumoko, you just made a he can join the excellent brats xD

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    1. this seems to be the most right. the main kumoko is shiro, while the future maou is a hijacked body with one of her wills, like with the queen taratect.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. The future main body may very well be origin taratect, while shiro is one of her wills. Or someone else's will. She mentioned, I think, that shiro and kuro are her creations, as well as shiro being her finest and kuro being a fail.

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  13. For this guy to understand how Kumoko's magic circulates in her body and come up with a viable way to begin attaining the skill to do the same on his own, this guy really is an outrageously monstrous genius.

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