Saturday, 19 September 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Searching For Master

Searching for master.

Searching for master 3 thousand miles

I polish the magical power.
This is not good.
It's no good.
Up until now, this was all right.
However, when I see that person's magic, my Magic Manipulation seems to be a child's play.

Construction speed.
Like the tortoise's walking.
Construction dexterity.
Like a house of cards.
Magical power flow.
Like the drainage that was covered with dirty mud.
Completed magic.
I can't endure to see it anymore.

What a thing.
I have devoted this body to magic so far, and the complication that I have devoted myself is this?
Was I satisfied with such unpolished magic so far?
With the skills of such me is the empire's strongest magician?

I realize the limit of the Humans.
The too low limit.
Why was I born as the Humans?
With such a weak race, I can't possibly catch up with that person's height.

I dragged such melancholic feelings.
The Nightmare. That person was named so, and the me who failed in the subjugation of that person was given a penitence as the punishment, and I was confined in the mansion in the capital of the empire.
Well, such thing like confinement can't restrain me who can use the Transfer magic.
Because the higher-ups of the empire understand it, strict punishment is not given, and gave an easy punishment like confinement to temporize.
The empire might have the purpose to not want to let go of me.

I don't think that the empire will let go of me who's the empire's strongest magician and also the "Space Magic" user that there's no other user.
If I make a move that abandons the empire, the empire will detain me by all means.
But still, if it's useless, an assassin will surely be sent.
It should be the true intention that the empire doesn't want to lose a precious force.
Then, the empire can't harm me quickly.

From what I heard, the summoner, Buirims who survived with me was thrown into the Magic Mountain in the border with the Demons territory in the name of replenish the lost familiar and the recruit's training.
Strong monsters inhabit in the Magic Mountain, and it's a danger zone where the Demons occasionally surrounds with strategy.
It's not a place for a man who suffers half-dead wounds and lost all of his familiars to go.
Moreover, it's said that the followed subordinates are all quirky problem children.
Although Buirims is an excellent enough general in the empire, a summoner who don't have his familiars is useless.
Although I don't want the life that I saved with trouble to die pointlessly, only this is the power of the person.
I can only pray for his safety.

When I spend days in melancholic feelings, I hear of a certain rumor.
A Divine Beast of the spider appeared in the Sariera country.
I know it immediately.
It must be that person.
The Sariera country is the immediate neighbor of the Outsu country where the doorway of the Elro Great Labyrinth is.
The distance and the taken days, both of the calculation matches.

Although the Outsu country and the empire try to conceal it desperately, the rumor of a monster defeat the empire's unit and in the end, that monster was taken out of the labyrinth spread.
Although it was not taken out, it's certain that person has gone out by some kind of method.
The story about the fort that protects the doorway of the Great Labyrinth was destroyed is impossible to be concealed anymore.
Appearing in this timing, and a monster that can destroy a fort. It must be that person.

And, the story about the Divine Beast that appeared in the Sariera country.
From what I heard, it repulses the bandits, heals the people, and hunts monsters.
Exactly a Guardian.
The suitable achievements to be called as the Divine Beast.

I who can't endure to stay here, ignore the confinement punishment and went to the Sariera country.
First of all, I transfer to the Outsu country which I have went before, and travel the highway from there.

Although the Transfer that seems to be versatile, it has the fault that it can only transfer to the place that I have went before.
Now that the previous Hero who's said to be a space magician better than me has passed away, the only one who can use it among the Humans is me.
The reason why Transfer is not used on the march is because of such a reason.
First of all, the biggest cause that the user is overwhelmingly few is because almost no one has the affinity with this magic.
Whether there's even one in 10000 people or not.
And, above all, the person must be able to handle complicated magic construction that can't be compared with the other magics.
If these two points are not cleared, it's impossible to handle "Space Magic".

And, that person uses it very easily.
Even I can't perceive most of the Transfer's omen.
The too natural space tremor.
It was a Transfer that seems to be beautiful.

I change the carriage, from the Outsu country to the Sariera country.
However, there was a trouble to enter the Sariera country from the Outsu country.
It seems that some incident happened for some reason, and tension seems to run between the two countries.
Really annoying.
Even though I don't have the time to loaf in such a place.

Although I was somewhat stopped, I force my way through with the power of money in the end.
Even though I'm at the present age, I'm an empire noble.
Money is thick on the ground.
Above all, I don't have a family.
Something like money that's only used by me is meaningless no matter how much I have.

Like that, I finally arrived at the Count Keren's territory of the Sariera country where there's the rumor of the Divine Beast.
However, the thing waiting for me there was something unexpected.

Divine Beast-sama was killed by the underling of the church.
That's said.


  1. Eh? The underling of the church... that maou is underling of the church!???

    1. No it means that was the rumor that was going around

    2. It's just what the people is saying, they don't know what happened so the rumors spread.

    3. No that's just the Church claiming that they did it (or the town people blame the church)

    4. No that's just the Church claiming that they did it (or the town people blame the church)

  2. He calls her transfer beautiful.
    She calls the administrator blacks transfer beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter! Guess the church decided to take the credit for the 'kill'

  4. Maou-chan just got turned into a mook(church's underling). LOL

  5. the only one who can use it in the Humans is me.<==
    the only one who can use it among Humans is me.
    no one has the suitability with this magic.<==
    no one has the affinity with this magic.
    Eehm, this is the term usually used in english fantasy settings, from games to novels.

  6. Thanks for the chapter!

  7. The too low limit.
    The limit too low?

  8. wow, church is claiming they out an end to the monster O_o I am guessing they mostly using that to out-pride the empire.

  9. Haha surrree xome on he knows better

  10. lol 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother?


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