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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 104

Chapter 104.
New character in this chapter.....You should know who's the new character.

Changed Star Magic to Divine Magic.

104 Magic Equipped Spider-type Versatile Warrior

By the way, following the Poison Bullet of "Poison Magic", I tried Poison Touch.
Although it should have been a magic that inflicts poison damage by touching the opponent, there was a pitfall after all.
Although I thought that it's a fairly good ability for a skill that can be acquired at level 1, I also receive this magic.
It was the so-called self-destruction technique.
I mean, don't I have a lot of self-destruction techniques?
Although it might be suitable to raise the resistance on purpose, this magic can't be used normally.

Ah, but if I use with the level 3 Poison Resist, it might be usable.
Although Poison Resist is a magic that boost poison resistance temporarily, if this is used together with Poison Touch, it might be usable.
Well, I have "Poison Synthesis", so it's not necessary to use it purposely.
There's no need to use such a thing that has low power and it's a self-destruction technique purposely.
Because its power is low, it doesn't help in accumulating skill proficiency.
Although the Poison Bullet seems to still have ways to use it, there's no need to use Poison Touch.

I also tried "Shadow Magic" just in case.
The result is, un, omitted because it was plain.

The effects of "Heresy Magic" can't be confirmed if there's no monster, so I think that I will try it when I encounter the next monster.
Well, because it's a mind attack-type, I might not know whether it's effective or not just by looking at the appearance.
Although I might know if it's Phantom Pain, can Disturb be known?
Above all, is it fine to use Phantom Madness on a monster?
Phantom Madness, in short, it makes someone becomes insane, isn't it?
Making a monster berserk, isn't it a power up instead?
... As expected, I want to think that it's not like that, but let's use it carefully.

And, the last boss who waits at the end.
"Abyss Magic".

My heart throbs considerably to try this one.
In various meanings.
No matter how you think of it, this magic is dangerous.
Although I carried out an appraisal once again just to make sure because it has evolved into Wisdom-sama, the explanation doesn't change.
After all, I don't understand the effect of the magic.
Although it's obvious that it's a high rank Dark Magic, I don't know any more than that.
It might be an outrageous force if it's usable, but it's bad for the heart that I don't know what's going to jump out.

Although I won't fail because I have "Magic Extremity", still, my heart is throbbing.
Then, first of all, let's try from the level 1 Hell Gate.

Magic Formula Construction!

... Huh?
Wa-Wait for a moment!?
I can't control it even when I have "Magic Extremity"!?
What's with this idiot-like difficulty of construction!?
Ku, it's no use.
The magic formula that's being constructed easily left my controls and collapsed.

I want to say "That's ridiculous".
After all, the "Magic Extremity" that I have is as its name shows, it should be located at the top of the magic related skills.
This result even though I have the skill.
If this won't work, then no one in the world will be able to use "Abyss Magic", isn't it?
I mean, a magic with such difficult construction, what kind of dangerous magic is this?
Not being able to do the construction at level 1 magic, what's this?
If I activate the level 10 Rebellion Hell, is it like the end of the world?
Hahaha, never.
It won't, right?
It really won't, right?

However, this at level 1, either way, it's not usable.
It's still early to give up.
It was certainly difficult.
But, I'm a beginner who became able to use magic just now.
The other magicians probably do their best in practicing and raise the skill level steadily, while I acquire a cheat skill by a leap.
In other words, I'm not used to it.
Therefore, I can use easy magic thanks to the skill, but it's impossible to use high rank magic because I'm inexperienced.
I think that it's like that.

Then, there's only one answer.
There's only practice!

This, Body in charge.
Well, I understand what you want to say, Information in charge.
Do you understand?
Un. But, in that case, what should we do with information?
Can you back me up to some extent, Body in charge?
It's possible to do it, but the efficiency will drop sharply when 2 persons do a person's job.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Parallel Will LV1』 has become 『Parallel Will LV2』》

Good Timing!
Hello, the third me.
Hello. I heard the talk. It's already all right because I came!
Yosh! Then, No.3. I will have you in charge of magic!
OK OK. Leave it to me.

Thus, "Parallel Will" leveled up, and the number of wills that can exist at the same time has increased.
Body in charge and Information in charge are as the same as always.
The newly born Magic in charge will practice magic centering on "Abyss Magic" while moving.
By the effect of the "Ruler of Patience" title, the rise of the magic related skill proficiency should be improved, and if I raise the "Poison Magic" and "Shadow Magic", it will surely be useful in the future.

Besides, Magic in charge can join in the combat by using magic attack individually.
The Poison Bullet of the "Poison Magic" also, if it's use individually, it's quite strange, but if it's used in the cooperation with Body in charge, the utility value rises tremendously.
Feint and an unexpected blow, it seems that I can do various things according to the situation.
The Information in charge who ascertains the situation has an important role after all.
Exactly, the Trinity.

When I think over again, I'm amazing.
My status increase rapidly, and I fight in the way that makes good use of my body at the same time as magic flies.
Just by hearing this, I don't want to antagonize me.
Aren't I super-strong?


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  4. thanks !!
    something that's been bothering me for a while:
    why do you translate it as "Body in charge" instead of "Body Manager" or "Body Leader" or "Body Controller" ?

    1. It was like that in the original

    2. I prefer "in charge" rather than anything else.

    3. well, I suppose the "Body in charge" was in Japanese. So translator can adapt it so that it means something.
      that Said I adapted to "body in charge"... but it is still strange.

    4. well, I suppose the "Body in charge" was in Japanese. So translator can adapt it so that it means something.
      that Said I adapted to "body in charge"... but it is still strange.

    5. I like it even though it doesn't make much sense.
      Because Kumoko-chan doesn't make much sense.

    6. What about using the word "Chief"? Like, Body Chief, Information Chief, Magic Chief?

  5. Wasn't it the Ruler of Wisdom title that increased the magic proficiency speed?

    1. This. Ruler of Patience raised resistance proficiency, not magic.

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  14. Well she has heiracy magic and taboo so that makes her a heiratic.

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