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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 72

Chapter 72.

72 Leveling result

In the poison connection, "Poison Synthesis" also rose considerably.
"Poison Synthesis" becomes level 7, and the kind that can be created and customizable field increases.

『Poison Synthesis Menu』
『Weak Poison, Medium Poison, Strong Poison, Deadly Spider Poison LV3』
『Damage Adjustment, Duration Adjustment, Contact Damage Adjustment, Synthesis Amount Adjustment』

According to the level of "Poison Attack", the Spider Poison changed into Deadly Spider Poison.
Although Medium Poison and Strong Poison are added, it's only stronger than the Weak Poison.
But still, the effect of Deadly Spider Poison is way higher.
Unfortunately, only the Deadly Spider Poison will be used in combat.

And about the newly added customize function, the Contact Damage Adjustment is just as its name that it can adjust the damage dealt by touching it.
The Damage Adjustment adjust the damage of the poison that's injected into the body, while this one adjust the damage on the outside.
Because the Deadly Spider Poison exceeded the limit that can be adjust in both damage adjustment, there's no need to adjust it.
Although the Synthesis Amount Adjustment is just as its name that it can change the amount that can be synthesized all at once, the MP consumption increases when the synthesis amount increases.
When I was leveling, it can be done instantly and it's convenient. If I don't make a mistake in using it, then I can torment my opponent with a large amount of poison.
Sink in the poison swamp!
Saying something like that while dropping a large amount of poison down.

Skills other than the poison-related also rose considerably.
I succeeded in acquiring the MP and SP related skills.
As for MP, it were recovery speed and consumption down.
The effects are just as the name, increase the natural recovery speed and decrease the amount consumed.
SP is also the same, recovery speed and consumption down.
However, the recovery speed only applies to the yellow stamina gauge, but the consumption down applies to both yellow and red.
When I sprint with all my power, the decrease of my yellow and red stamina gauge becomes slower.
Because the red one doesn't decrease by the effect of "Overeating", a thing was understood from Appraisal-sama's result.

"Enhanced Destruction" is a considerably cheating skill.
The effect is that there's a damage correction when destroying something.
Creature is also included in the 'something'.
In other words, the attack is strengthen wholly.
The resistance corresponding to this is "Destruction Resistance".
Just because both skills are scary, I thought that it's better if I acquire them.

"Enhanced Slashing" and "Enhanced Poison" strengthen the attack of their own attribute.
"Severing Thread" and poison are simply enhanced.

"Fighting Spirit" is an unusual skill that consumes the red SP to increase physical ability status.
This is the so-called boost skill, but the red stamina gauge is considerably consumed.
The red stamina is my lifeline, so I don't want to use it so much.
And, the consumption is not too good, so it would be better to not use it unless I'm greatly cornered.

"Vitality Granting" is a similar skill to "Fighting Spirit" but the target it can enhance is an object.
If I were to use it, it would be the threads.
However, it doesn't seems that I will use this much because of the same reason as "Fighting Spirit".

The best from thread-related skills that I have acquired is "Thread Talent".
This is a convenient that gives a bonus correction to the whole thread when I use it.
Things like the power of the thread and the maneuverability of the thread rose.
Even though it's simply a positive effect, it does its work properly.

"Throw" and "Accuracy" also rose plainly.

As for the "3D-Maneuver", I never did anything special, but when I keep going down and up from the home and the ground, the level rose strangely.

Neither "Parallel Thought" nor "Calculation Processing" rose that much.
Well, this can't be helped.
Let's wait for it to rise slowly.

But on the other hand, "Concentration" and "Prediction" rose considerably.
"Prediction" is trivial, but "Concentration" is now at level 9 and it's just a little more to reach level 10.
When thinking about the tendency up until now, when reaching level 10, either the skill will evolve or the skill will derive a new skill.
"Concentration" is quite useful, so I look forward for it's evolution or it's derived skill.

There's no change in the magic-related skill.

The resistance too, I encourage myself depending on the circumstances to acquire "Destruction Resistance", "Blow Resistance", and "Slash Resistance".
And, I also finally acquired "Fire Resistance".
After doing all those things until now, it's finally level 1.
The "HP Recovery Speed" doesn't increase easily either, so the prospect might be too good.

All of the five senses were raised.
I also acquired the "Enhanced Taste" just in case.
As expected, it's useless as long as I'm in this labyrinth.

Status-related skills also rose.
As a result of using poison on myself, I acquired "Protection" that raise the resistance status.
And, the resistance status increased considerably when "Poison Resistance" became "Deadly Poison Resistance".
Although I don't know what relation does it has, it might increase when resistance is increased.

The skills that I had a hard time in the status-related skill were "Idaten", "Herculean Strength" and "Solid".
It doesn't rise easily.
I ran a lot and finally "Idaten" rose by one level.
Compared with the other status strengthening skills, I understand that these three are way harder to raise.
Well, considering that their high effects and being high ranked skills, it's natural.

Now that it's understood that there's skill evolution, perhaps, the other status strengthening skills will evolve if they reach level 10.
In that case, I want to evolve it quick.

The regrettable one is that Appraisal-sama's level still haven't rise.
I think that only a little of skill proficiency is gained recently because my range of action is limited.
Then, it might be good to start capturing the middle layer soon.

For the time being, it's possible to offset the terrain damage.
I have confirmed it when I go near the magma once.
But, it's only offsetting it.
If my HP decreases by other factors, my only way to recover is by level up.
If I think about safety, I should raise more of my skills, but I want to accumulate Appraisal-sama's skill proficiency.
I'm troubled.


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