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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter S14

Shun 14.
The author doubled the S series length. Ugh, this is gonna be tough.

S14 Academy life

The academy life was favorable.
Although most of the students have learned the contents of the lessons already, I listened properly because I intended to review it.
When I'm really bored, I will raise my skill level secretly to kill time.

Although it looks peaceful if you remove the classes, there are various problems in human relations.

First of all, teacher.
Being humble to myself, or I avoid getting involve as much as possible, or I get involve in the hot blood way. It's divided into this 3 patterns.
It can be said that I'm from the royal family, but the reason is because my ability value has already exceeded most of the teacher's ability.
Even if I'm humble, I don't have such power. If I avoid plainly, I will hurt the teachers' feelings. Having said that, when I get involved persistently, it's annoying.
Although it's the best if they come in contact with me normally, there are only few of such teachers.

Next is student.
This also is divided into 3 patterns.
The type that flatters, the type that creates a distance, and the type that points hostility.
There's no decent type.
That's why, in the end, I'm often with Sue and Katia.
Hasebe joins there, and we spend most of our time together.

Generally, Katia drive away the guy who flatters.
Because it was obvious that I will put up a forced smile and accompany that guy, I was impressed by the figure of my friend who can cast away any hesitation resolutely.

The type that creates a distance is divided into a few patterns.
Students who have admiring glance, students who throw a cold glance in order not get involved, students who wait for an opportunity to get close, etc.

The most troublesome one is students who point hostility at me.
Students who point hostility at me are either they are from another country, or they are nobles who had a high social standing.
There are also students who rose suddenly from a commoner once in a while.
The thing common to them is their pride is high.
The social position is high and there's also a lot of them who have high ability.
Therefore, it seems that it's inevitable that I'm an eyesore to them because I have a higher social position and ability.

I was even challenged into a duel sometimes.
If a man of another country and I do such a thing, it's likely to be an international problem.
Of course I declined all of it.
Then, when I did so, 「The genius prince is a coward who doesn't accepts duels」, such rumor was scattered in the academy.
Give me a break.

However, it's what a child do after all.
I who can already be said as an adult if I add up my previous life, dodge it with a smile.
I was made to stop Sue who became enraged and went to purge the other party each time.

Sue's state is weird recently.
Even though she wants to ask something from me, she can't ask easily.
Something like that.
Well, though I do have an idea of what she wants to ask.
I mean, I heard it from Katia.

「Sue wants to hear about our relation」
「Eh? Relation?」
「It's about our previous life. I think that she guess it from the attitude when we come in contact with Sensei」
「Ah. Now that you mention it, we talked in Japanese in front of Sue」
「That's how it is. She would obviously find it strange that her brother who should have been together with her for a long time after she was born suddenly speaks in an unknown language intimately with a stranger」
「I see. I have done it」
「Well, when you're asked by her, it's your decision whether to tell the truth or to deceive her」
「Eh? Shouldn't I deceive her there?」
「The one who decides it is you. Whether you will continue to deceive your blood-related younger sister or you will tell the truth accurately. Either way, resolve yourself and deal with it properly. Otherwise, it would be rude to her, right?」
「Ugh, I understand」

That's why, Sue seems to be curious about my relations with everyone.
To be honest, I'm not resolved for this.
Tell Sue about the truth?
Tell her that I who was thought to be her blood-related older brother is actually an unknown man who's reincarnated?
Telling her that and being hated by her, I'm scared.

I intended to love Sue as a real younger sister so far.
But, that's only from my point of view. I wonder how am I reflected in Sue?
I'm aware that she's attached to me.
But, I wonder what she would think when she knows that the older brother she's attached with is a stranger?
I grew up with my former memories and experiences of my previous life.
Against Sue who matches with me by herself, it can be said that I'm cunning.
When she knows it, will she despise me?
I think that Sue will never despise me, but when such imagination came out, it was not good.

Then, if you speak of deceiving her, then I think that it's insincere in that case.
When my real younger sister is worrying so much about it and she's hesitating to ask, I can't bring myself to deceive her lightly no matter what.
If I want to deceive her, I must resolve myself with the intention to conceal it forever.

I still don't have the answer for it.
But, if Sue asks about it, I have to answer her seriously.
If Katia never told me about this, I might deceive her without thinking deeply.
I must thank Katia who gave advice to me beforehand.

That's why, neither the inside nor the outside of the human relations in the academy are not going well.
Among that, the one that made me troubled was the remaining three reincarnated person.

Sensei is mysterious as usual.
Just when I thought that she went somewhere without going for class, she appears suddenly and attended the class.
Even if I question her variously when meeting her, she often avoids it .
Especially, when it becomes the story about Kyouya's whereabouts, I think that the tendency is stronger.

Kyouya is a close friend of Katia and me in our previous life.
But, Sensei won't tell us about the whereabouts easily.
Although I manage to grasp some information, it seems that he's not protected.
Although I want to know where and what is Kyouya doing now, it doesn't seems that I can get more information from Sensei.

Hasebe is also a problem child.
Hasebe's current name is Yurin Uren.
Uren of the family name seems to be the name of the church as a substitute for the orphanage.
Hasebe, Yuri was an abandoned child.
There's a lot of abandoned children in this world.
Even in the previous world, there's a lot of abandoned children, so in this severe world that civilization doesn't develop, there's a lot of abandoned children.

It's not good usually, but they are raised like that in the church, and when they have the ability to understand the surroundings, they should live in the church.
But, Yuri is different.
Just after she was born, she has the memories of her previous life, so she has self-consciousness.
When she noticed, she suddenly became a baby.
Although I also experienced it, this is quite a shock.
I'm confused and above all, I became uneasy.
What will happen to me after this?
Did the former me died?
Then, how did the previous life turned out?

As I was like that, the uneasiness was everlasting.
Besides, Yuri was left in such a state.
The shock was not equal to mine.
To be honest, I can't imagine Yuri's feelings at that time.

Yuri clung to a certain thing in that maximum uneasiness.
That is the Divine Word Religion.
It's the religion that the church which picked Yuri up believes in, and it's a doctrine that has strongly permeated throughout the whole Human race.
If I were to interpret the teaching roughly, it will be 「In order to hear the Divine Word, let's develop the skills」

Divine Word.
I don't know what is this.
Although it's like the system message if it's playing a game, it was natural to hear it in this world.
I think that only us who are reincarnated will feel uncomfortable when hearing this voice.
It's natural to hear this voice.
It's natural that there's skill.
It's the common sense of this world.

Divine Word Religion is a religion that preaches that this voice is surely the voice of God, and in order to hear the voice of God more, they will raise their skill level and level.
From my point of view, I will think that "what's with that nonsense doctrine", but somehow, it's accepted in this world.
And, Yuri who should have the same feeling as me also was totally immersed in this religion.

「Shun-kun have raised a lot of skills. I think that it's wonderful. Hereafter, let's raise the skills rapidly and hear the voice of God more」
「Shun-kun never raise your level? That's not good! If you raise your level, you can hear the voice of God more, you know? You must raise your level to hear the voice of God」
「Shun-kun can use "Appraisal", right? Then, if there's a person with the skill named "Taboo", tell me. It's unforgivable to possess a skill that God determined it to be a "Taboo". It absolutely can't be forgiven. Absolutely. Therefore, absolutely tell me, okay? It's a promise, okay?」
「Shun-kun, your skill level rose and you heard voice of God today, right? Ah, God's divine voice was heard. Today, I can surely spend my day happily」

I draw back.
I drew away from her.
I think that it can't be helped that Yuri's eyes look corrupted when she speaks about the God.

But, Yuri shouldn't have been such a child originally.
She should have been a common high school girl that can be seen anywhere.
It must be the environment that changed her until like this.
The fear of being reincarnated.
The despair of being abandoned by parents.
The uneasiness to live in a different world.
It's not strange that the Divine Word that's heard in the nostalgic Japanese at such a place became her emotional support.
Moreover, only those who worship the Divine Word are in the surroundings.
It might be inevitable that Yuri who was a character that's easy to set adrift became addicted to the religion.
Though I doubt that she made use of the grace called reincarnation to its maximum and became a Saint candidate.

And, the last person was the biggest problem.
Natsume, present Yuugo considers me as an enemy.
And in addition to that, it's not ordinary.
It can't be compared with the hostility of the other children.
Because there's even killing intent mixed in his sight.

I don't know why this guy regards me with hostility to that extent.
Although I don't know, it's impossible that nothing will happen.
That guy will definitely do something soon.
I have such a premonition.

Author note: I think that I will double the length of the S series from now on, or submit 2 consecutive chapters.


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  16. i think i have idea whats taboo is ... its like a forbiden spells in this world... probably ..eating ur relative ..becoming god . or closer to god