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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter K1

Katia 1.
Truth of the remaining 6 students.

K1 Pessimistic Duke's daughter

「Sensei, wasn't that too much today?」
「No it's not」
「It's insignificant to say that it was Sue's killing intent, and it's not like Shun activated "Appraisal" with malice」
「Katia-chan is also boxed. Did you know that an intimidation is considered as a killing intent in the dangerous area?」
「Is it such a thing...」
「Especially, "Appraisal" must not be used thoughtlessly. If the person has "Appraisal" or a person with good intuition, then the person will know that he has been appraised. When you met with Potimas for the first time, did you feel any strange feeling?」
「Ah, that unpleasant feeling. So, that was the feeling of being appraised」
「That's right. Depending on the situation, that alone can determine the hostility intention of a person. Well, when you are in a dangerous area, it's better to think that everyone except your comrades are enemies, but it's unrelated」
「Depending on the situation, kill without questioning?」
「Did Sensei」
「Because there's no benefit in the question beyond this point for both of us, let's stop this. Even though I say that, this will become the answer for Katia-chan who's good at conjectures」
「Is that so? That shows how much Sensei has done」
「It's so」
「And, can't we meet the students that Sensei has gathered up yet?」
「You can't」
「The reason?」
「That also, Sensei can't tell」
「Say, Sensei.
Is it true that 12 people are protected? How did you find them in this wide world? If I don't know that, I will even doubt that whether everyone is really alive or not」
「If Sensei lie at there, then it's okay that Sensei will drink 1000 of needles. Although the method is a secret, there's no lie in the protected number and the discovered number」
「Then, how about the undiscovered? Sensei, please answer it honestly. Among the undiscovered 6 people, how many of them really can't be discovered?」
「... Two people. Death is confirmed to the four remaining people」
「... Is that so?」
「I'm sorry」
「It's not something that Sensei has to apologize. Can I ask it? The name of those who died」
「Hayashi Kouta-kun, Wakaba Hiiro-san, Kogure Naofumi-kun, Sakurasaki Issei-kun. The four people」
「... I see. But, if that's the case, then I can understand that the search is almost discontinued」
「We are still searching for the remaining 2 people」
「Say, why did the Elves help so much in the search? Although Sensei has explained the circumstances to the Elves, can the Elves be trusted?」
「About that, Sensei can only ask you to believe in Sensei」
「Are there such a lot of secrets?」
「Including that」
「I'm not the person who will believe a person by intuition like Shun. I want to believe in Sensei, but as long as Sensei continues to keep the secrets, I can't believe in Sensei from the bottom of my heart」
「Sensei thinks that it's correct. Shun is just too honest」
「Agreed. Because there are times when I think that I must be with him」
「Oh? Oh oh oh? This, even if it's still not a sprout, it looks like there's a seed? If it becomes like that, it's amusing」
「Eh?  What did you say? Sensei, what's with that disgusting smile? Because Sensei's appearance is a beauty little girl, if you look at me with such disgusting smile, I will unpleasant」
「Divine punishment」


「What is it?」
「What's the relationship between Katia and Nii-sama?」
「We are friends. What's wrong with it?」
「Lie. You are not just a friend, right? That Elf called Sensei is also the same. The Saint and the next Sword Emperor are also the same. What are you guys?」
「Is that something that should be heard from my mouth?」
「What do you mean?」
「Is the answer that you really want to hear is my answer, I wonder?」
「You should ask Shun himself. You won't be content even if you hear it from my mouth」
「It might be so」
「I intend to understand a little of the feelings that you are holding now. That's why, I think that you should express this feelings to the person himself」
「... I understand. Sorry. And, thank you」
「My pleasure」

「Although I completely throw it to him, this much should be okay. I mean, this is their sibling's problem. Even though I'm unrelated, I got involved in it. Yes, I'm unrelated. I'm unrelated.......... I should say this to Shun tomorrow」


「Ooshima-kun, why are you mixed in the girl's changing room in a dignified manner?」
「Eh?... Ah. Sorry. Because I have been living here for quite a long time already, I didn't consider about that. If it worries Hasebe-san, then I can either delay my time or I can just change in a different place」
「Eh, ah, un」
「No, why are you behaving in a strange way?」
「Ah, un. Because I didn't thought that you will answer calmly. At such time, isn't it normal that a person will panic and explain?」
「No, after I am reborn, I can't feel the charm in the girl's body anymore. It's like a lie that I'm dazed by it when I was a man. That's why, I don't feel anything when I look at a girl's body. Thanks to that, I can't feel such guilt」
「Hee. Don't you think that it's a little embarrassing?」
「When being born as the Duke's daughter, from changing clothes to bath care, it's all done by the maid, you know? My shame has flied somewhere」
「I-I see. That seems to be hard」
「Ah. Therefore, the dormitory life is comfortable. I believe that the other ojou-sama will complain because of the inconvenience that they don't have their maid」
「Ah. I also think so」
「Ah, and? Should I change in a different place?」
「Ah, hmm. Somehow after hearing Ooshima-kun's story, I think it's okay. I have to get used to it eventually, so it's fine as it is」
「Is it fine?」
「Un. I'm a senior as a woman. It's my mission to guide people. Leave it to me!」
「D-Don't be too hard on me」


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