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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 99

Chapter 99.
Changed Parallel Intention → Parallel Will and Body Life → Constitution.

99 Because that guy is an idiot, I must get a grip on myself

I'm Body in charge.
There's no name yet.
This time, I want you to accompany me in my complains about Information in charge for a while.
That guy is really an idiot.

Recently, in order to acquire "Shoot", that guy said 「Let's fire threads from my buttocks」, and when I tried it, the threads fired out vigorously more than I expected, and the threads fell into the magma.
I almost caught a fire.
If I didn't cut loose the threads immediately, my body would have been covered with flames.

And well, that guy propose a foolish thing whenever possible like this, and it all end up useless.
There's no successful trial that's proposed by that guy.
Well, I am also the same because I'm always excited every time.
Don't you have a little more decent proposal?
If you think for a moment, you will know that the proposal is bad, right?
Why you never think over carefully when you are in charge of the brain?
Are you an idiot?
You're an idiot.

Therefore, I who's in charge of the body must get a grip on myself.
At any rate, my actions are connected to my life and death.

Body in charge, Body in charge.
What is it, Information in charge?
Can the "Telephoto" be used on the Evil Eye?
!? You, are you a genius!?
Fufufu. Yes, I was a genius.
Seriously? I see, I was a genius. If I'm a genius, then I will be forgiven even if I do anything!
That's right. Isn't it amazing to use "Telephoto" to activate Evil Eye from a long distance?
Amazing. That's really amazing. Dream will spread.
That's why, let's look for a prey!

I'm Information in charge.
There's no name yet.

The simultaneous activation of "Telephoto" and Evil Eye didn't went well.
As expected, it can't be help because it would be a cheat if it can do that.
"Telephoto" became level 5 because I had it activated all the time.
When comparing with the time it's at level 1, the distance that can be magnified and the magnification rate have increased.
If Evil Eye can be used with this, a considerable long distance attack seemed to be possible, but it was not possible.

However, this Evil Eye is considerably useful.
Because I used it whenever I have spare MP, it rose to level 3.
The rise of the level is slow.
But, the tendency of using my MP in the middle layer capture is low, so it's just good.

This is something that I noticed in the Evil Eye. It looks like that there's no change in my view while activating Evil Eye .
Although it's impossible to activate simultaneously with "Telephoto", "Enhanced Vision" adapts in it perfectly.
If I can secure my view properly while activating it, there's no need to leave the eyes that don't activate Evil Eye purposely.
I can see the dream activation of eight Evil Eyes at the same time.

And, it looks like I can't added every kind of attributes in the Evil Eye.
Although I tried "Poison Attack", it didn't had any effects.
It's a regret.
Well, this is also the same as "Telephoto", so it can't be helped.
If my current Deadly Poison is used with the Evil Eye, my opponent will die just by looking that can be said that it's the deep blue magic eyes that can see death.
Because it can deal damage and weaken the enemy just by looking at the enemy, it's already a cheat. And as expected, hoping for more is greedy.

Then, I thought that whether the Evil Eye can be activated in 8 of my eyes, but this can be done.
However, the effect doesn't change.
Although I thought that the effect will become 8 times when it's 8 eyes, there was no such good offer.
But, this simultaneous activation can be quite useful for "Telephoto"
It's possible to magnify different places respectively, so simultaneous activation might be good depending on how I use it.

And, changing the topic, it's about Body in charge.
That guy is really an idiot.

Recently, I thought that I want to acquire the "Shoot" skill, so I propose that that guy should try firing threads out from the buttocks, then that guy said 「Sounds good, that's good. let's do it immediately!」 while firing the threads.
Towards the magma.
Although that guy said 「It flew more than expected」, there's no need to fire it at the direction where there's magma.
Of course the threads that were fired fell into the magma.
When the fire came along the thread like a fuse, I got impatient.
Although it was fine because Body in charge cut loose the thread at the last moment, if that guy didn't made it on time, my buttocks will catch a fire again.

And well, against the things that I proposed to that guy like this, a diagonal increase result is achieved.
Ah, it's a diagonal decrease.
Even if I make a genius proposal with much efforts, it's hopeless if Body in charge of the practice position is incompetent.
If you think for a moment, you will know that it's bad, right?
Because you have only been moving, did you became a muscle brain?
Are you an idiot?
You're an idiot.

Therefore, I who's in charge of the information must get a grip on myself.
At any rate, my instructions are connected to my life and death.

Information in charge, information in charge.
What is it, Body in charge?
I found a monster when I was playing with "Telephoto".
Seriously? It's not in the range of "Detection".
Kukuku. Information in charge, doesn't that means that your significance of existence is becoming thinner?
Nonsense! If you were going to offer information that exceeds mine, you won't be able to catch up with me if you don't have at least 100 eyes, you know?
Fuhaha, say whatever you want now! Wash your neck at best and wait!
Fu, that time will never come, but fine. Try and climb to this distant summit!
So, what should we do?
Of course we'll hunt it.
Aye, aye, Sir. Come, guys! Prepare for battle!


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