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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 81

Chapter 81.
In the previous chapter, I translated it as Fire Dragon, but it's actually not Fire Dragon but it's Fire Drake.
Anyway, enjoy the catfish hunting. Lol.

81 Spider vs Fire Drake ②

I wanted to meet you, catfish!
I found you at last!
Now, hand over the meat!
Hand it over right now!
The choices are, only snatch it even if I have to kill you!

My heart's desired catfish was found!
That guy is swimming calmly in the magma.
First of all, I need to lure it out from the magma.

By the way, the catfish's skill appraisal also succeeded.
There's no great difference with the previous guy in status.
The skills that the catfish has were 「Fire Drake LV2」「Dragon Scale LV1」「Accuracy LV7」「Swim LV6」「Overeating LV2」「Heat Nullity」.
"Heat Clad" can be used when "Fire Drake" became level 2. It's as its name, cladding heat on its body.
It's a defensive-type technique or so I thought, but in Appraisal-sama's explanation, the most important thing is that moving ability rises while activating a technique.
But, because its body is heated, if it doesn't have "Fire Resistance", its body itself will receive damage.
The catfish has "Heat Nullity", so it's irrelevant.

"Dragon Scale" is a skill that grows special scales on the whole body.
If I were to speak of how special it is, then certainly it has high defensive ability, and it can obstruct the power of magic to some extent.
However, it doesn't protect against it, but it interferes the composition of the magic and weakens the power.
Well, either way, I can't use magic, so I think it's okay if I recognize it as a simply hard scale.

The rest are skills that everyone have already known.
However, although it's something that I thought suddenly, this catfish, is it the seahorse's evolution?
It's the same "Fire Drake" species, and the skills are all the higher rank skills of the seahorse's skills.
Compared with the seahorse, the skill level rose and "Dragon Scale" and "Overeating" are added.
When seeing the species or the skill composition, it seems possible.

But, then the appearance changed so much just by evolving.
The catfish from the seahorse, isn't it degenerating biologically?
I don't know the details, so I can't declare it.
Although the appearance changed considerably, but, ah, however, if the round mouth is stretched with all strength and the whole body becomes thick, then will it be a catfish?

Well, such thing doesn't matter.
My concern is only the catfish's meat.
Thus, preemptive attack, Poison Stone!

The poison stone that I threw hits the catfish's back.
As expected, the HP hardly decreases.
Here, after all, let's go with the strategy where I hit it with "Poison Synthesis" when it rushes towards me.

And when I was thinking about that, that catfish shoots out a "Fireball Breath" from within the magma.
It's faster and bigger than the seahorse's fireball.
Well, but still, it won't hit.
I avoided the fireball that came suddenly.

The experienced time of "Thought Acceleration" can only be extended a little at present, but still, the entire world's movement feels slower than usual.
Thanks to my absurdly high speed, I can move normally even in the slowly advancing time.
Well, when the skill level of "Thought Acceleration" rose, this slow condition will get even slower, so I don't know what will happen at that time.
Now, it has extended from 1 second to 1.1 seconds, I wonder?
Although I don't know such accurate thing because it's an experience, I think that it's roughly that much.

The catfish shoots a second shot as it is.
This guy, it's doing the same thing as the seahorse.
As expected, the catfish is the seahorse's evolution.
The previous catfish only came up to the land at the very beginning by chance, and it uses the same strategy as the seahorse.
Ah, but "Heat Clad" is added, so I might need to deal with it in that situation.
Previously, it might attacked me because I appeared in front of it suddenly.

I avoid the catfish's fireball.
It's about time that its MP is exhausted, but how will the catfish come out?
Although the seahorse comes up to the land nonchalantly when its MP is exhausted, how about the catfish?
If it don't come up to the land, I will be troubled, but seeing that previous escape, it seems to escape if it felt danger.
I won't allow such a thing, you know?
I will chase you to the end of the earth, you know?

Leaving aside my concerns, the catfish stopped spitting fireballs.
You still have a little MP though?
Ah, it decreased now.
This, did it use "Heat Clad"?
It's amazing that such thing can be understand.
The opponent's information is fully known.
Appraisal-sama is a cheat after all.

The catfish creeps out from within the magma.
It opens its big mouth as it is and rushes towards me.
I waited for it!

I attract it enough, and "Poison Synthesis".
At the same time, I evade quickly.
The catfish swallowed the Deadly Poison while going straight ahead.
I look at that appearance and, ah, the catfish fell.
It's twitching.
The Spider's Deadly Poison is really effective.
The normal Powerful Poison won't have such effect, and when I match it with the Spider Poison, the power of "Poison Synthesis" skyrockets.
This skill's compatibility with me is really good.

Well then, I pour additional poison on the suffering catfish.
The catfish twitch greatly and dies at the end.
Now, I need to wait the effect of "Heat Clad" and the magma to cool.

Meal, meal.
Up until now, it was compulsory to eat the monsters that I have defeated, but this time is different!
I can taste deliciously.
Aah, how wonderful!
Cool faster.
I'm looking forward to eat it.


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