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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 113

Chapter 113.
The prologue of a Spider vs A REAL Dragon.

113 Spider vs Fire Dragon ①

I finally get out from the lake of magma area, and I have reached the area that has the land.
Although it was good, I haven't hunted a monster at all since then.
Thanks to that, my SP that has so much started to decrease gradually.
As expected, it won't decrease to the extent that I will starve to death, I'm not using the SP-related skills to save it now.

Ah, what should I do?
Shutting themselves in the magma is really nai wa.
If it's like that, I can't do anything.
What a coward to run away and hide in it's advantageous field.
Can't you fight fair and square? You shameless person.

However, this is really troubling.
Most of the monsters in the middle layer can run and hide in the magma.
If they are on the land, I can kill them before they run with my speed, but if they are in the magma from the beginning, I can't do anything.
If I only eke out a living, then killing the monsters on the land is enough, but in that case, the experience points is not delicious.
I want to accumulate skill points.

Because I can evolve at level 20, I want to acquire one Evil Eye till then.
Even though I will aim at "Sloth" after evolving and receiving the bonus, my plan is out of order now.
What should I do?

If I go to the upper layer, I can chase them even if they run because there's no magma.
Ah, is there a monster that won't run away from me somewhere?

Although I thought of such thing, isn't this bad?

『Fire Dragon Rendo LV20
 Average Offensive Ability:3281(Details)
 Average Defensive Ability:3009(Details)
 Average Magic Ability:2645(Details)
 Average Resistance Ability:2601(Details)
 Average Speed Ability:3175(Details)
 「Fire Dragon LV1」 「Reverse Scale LV8」 「High-speed HP Recovery LV3」 「MP Recovery Speed LV6」 「MP Consumption Down LV6」 「Magic Perception LV5」 「Magic Manipulation LV4」 「Offensive Magic Power LV4」 「High-speed SP Recovery LV1」 「Great SP Consumption Down LV1」 「Flame Attack LV9」 「Enhanced Flame LV7」 「Enhanced Destruction LV6」 「Enhanced Slashing LV2」 「Enhanced Piercing LV2」 「Great Enhanced Blunt LV2」 「Cooperation LV10」 「Direction LV2」 「3D-Maneuver LV4」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV10」 「Great Probability Correction LV5」 「Presence Perception LV10」 「Danger Perception LV10」 「Heat Perception LV3」 「Flight LV7」 「High-speed Swim LV10」 「Satiation LV2」 「Fire Magic LV4」 「Slash Resistance LV1」 「Pierce Resistance LV1」 「Great Blunt Resistance LV1」 「Heat Nullity」 「Abnormal Condition Resistance LV1」 「Constitution LV5」 「Magic Well LV4」 「Body Flicker LV5」 「Durability LV5」 「Herculean Strength LV5」 「Solid LV5」 「Mage LV4」 「Amulet LV3」 「Shrink Space LV5」
 Skill points:30050
 「Monster Killer」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Leading One」 「Dragon」 「Conqueror」』

The start was abrupt.
Did both of us entered the range of Danger Perception? While wondering that, both of us take stance almost at the same time.

That is a Fire Dragon.
The form of the Fire Drake that has wings grown on it, a Dragon-like Dragon.
Seeing from its status, I think that it's almost equal to the Earth Dragon Kaguna.
Just when I thought that I might be able to fight against Earth Dragon Kaguna.

There's still a distance to each other.
But, apparently, the other side is motivated to do it.

What should we do?
[One vote in escaping]
{Same here}

Thus, full speed sprint, start!
I escape with a dash.
Like I can fight against a Dragon!

And, the Fire Dragon ran after my back!

You got to be kidding!?
[This is bad. That guy has the higher speed!]
{We will be caught up!}
Magic-in-charge, use that magic to escape!

Magic-in-charge activates a certain magic.
The magic of "Shadow Magic LV7", Shadow Sink.
This magic is the magic that sinks something into the shadow.
Although the MP consumption changes according to the size of the thing, it's impossible to sink something bigger than the shadow.
Though it's possible to sink big things into the shadow using it together with the "Shadow Magic LV2" Large Shadow.

If you ask what happens after sinking into the shadow, it looks like it connects to a special space called the shadow space.
And, there's no air in that space and it's hard to move, so it's a dangerous space that nothing can be done but to die once entered.
It seems that I can win if I sink the enemy here.
But, because it's impossible to close the entrance, it's comparatively easy to get out.
Besides, if the sinking one intends to resist, it can get out easily.
It's been proven because I tried making a pitfall against a monster before.

Although it seems useless, I thought of using this as a emergency escape magic by combining it with the "Shadow Magic LV3" Shadow Surface that can generate shadow in the light.
Although I haven't tried it once, it's better than getting caught up.

Thus, *plop* into the shadow just before the Fire Dragon catch up.
I turn off "Intimidation" at the same time, and erase my presence.
Although I can't breathe because there's no air, if I search for the appearance by Detection, I can see that the Fire Dragon is confused of its prey's disappearance and it looks around the surroundings.
If you leave without noticing me, then the strategy success.
But, can I hold my breath till then?

Ah, this is bad.

Suddenly, it realizes it.
After looking around for a while, the Fire Dragon has begun to stare at its feet.
The feet where I lurked.

That's right.
I forgot that there's a troublesome one in the Fire Dragon's skills.
Presence Perception LV10.
It's not a rat in a trap, but it was a spider in the shadow.


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