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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 71

Chapter 71.
Becoming OP.

71 Leveling

I raised my skill level.
No, these must be raised.
It's since my first home that I settled down to raise level, but that time, I only raise "Spider Thread".
Or rather, I didn't know what's a skill.
The number of skills have increased since then, and above all, Appraisal-sama's level skyrocketed.
Well, that's possible to do efficient leveling.

Besides, I see the skill list and select skills that can be acquired, and took actions that seem to increase the skill proficiency.
As a result, a considerable amount of skills were acquired.
Appraisal-sama is really excellent.
Aiming for skills that can be acquired, what a cheat.

Next, for securing food, I have set up some traps.
Although it's a simple trap that's only sticking the adhesion threads on the floor, if a monster passes there, it will get stuck to it.
I left it as it is, and went to see it after a while.
As a result, a monster was caught.
It was a weak monster, so I kill it as it is.

That time, the Poison Thread comes to light finally!
Giving poison to my threads and surpassing "Severing Thread", my greatest weapon.
By only wrapping this around the opponent's body, damage is dealt slowly by the poison.
This is amazing.
Seriously amazing.
Even though it's amazing, I don't know whether it has its turn in the middle layer or not....
What an absurd thing.

And, I level up that time.
Don't say 「Huh?」 there.
Because I said 「What?」.
After all, it's just a small fry. Isn't weird that I leveled up?
That was surprising.
This might also be the effect of "Pride".
Leveled just by killing one small fry, what a high effect.

After that, monsters got caught in my trap.
Thanks to that, I won't run out of food and my stamina won't decrease.
There were some monsters that manage to escape from my trap sometimes, but it's fine.
I don't want to fight with a strong monster that can escape from my adhesion threads.
Thanks to that, only safe monsters remained in the trap, and I was able to kill them pleasantly.
The level also rose considerably, so I was all smiles.

After this and that, this is my current status.

『Small Poison Taratect LV5 No name
 Average Offensive Ability:92
 Average Defensive Ability:92
 Average Magic Ability:135
 Average Resistance Ability:168
 Average Speed Ability:830
 「Automatic HP Recovery LV5」「MP Recovery Speed LV3」「MP Consumption Down LV2」「SP Recovery Speed LV2」「SP Consumption Down LV2」「Enhanced Destruction LV1」「Enhanced Slashing LV1」「Enhanced Poison LV2」「Fighting Spirit LV1」「Vitality Granting LV2」「Deadly Poison Attack LV3」「Poison Synthesis LV7」「Thread Talent LV3」「Spider Thread LV9」「Severing Thread LV6」「Thread Manipulation LV8」「Throw LV6」「3D-Maneuver LV3」「Concentration LV9」「Prediction LV8」「Parallel Thought LV4」「Calculation Processing LV6」「Accuracy LV7」「Evasion LV3」「Appraisal LV8」「Detection LV6」「Stealth LV7」「Hell」「Heresy Magic LV3」「Shadow Magic LV2」「Poison Magic LV2」「Abyss Magic LV10」「Pride」「Overeating LV7」「Night Vision LV10」「Visible Range Expansion LV2」「Destruction Resistance LV1」「Blow Resistance LV2」「Slash Resistance LV3」「Fire Resistance LV1」「Deadly Poison Resistance LV2」「Paralysis Resistance LV3」「Petrifaction Resistance LV3」「Acid Resistance LV4」「Corrosion Resistance LV3」「Faint Resistance LV2」「Fear Resistance LV6」「Heresy Resistance LV3」「Pain Nullity」「Pain Alleviation LV7」「Enhanced Vision LV8」「Enhanced Hearing LV8」「Enhanced Smell LV7」「Enhanced Taste LV4」「Enhanced Touch LV6」「Life LV7」「Magic Amount LV8」「Agility LV7」「Endurance LV7」「Herculean Strength LV3」「Solid LV3」「Protection LV3」「Idaten LV3」「Taboo LV4」「n%I=W」
 Skill points:180』

I surely have became stronger.
With this status, won't I be able to fight with a monster of the upper layer?

Although it's something that I understood from the status, apparently, each ability can increase even without level up.
Although I did some running to raise the skill level, thanks to that, the status rise too.
It seems that it's the same as my former world that training makes a person stronger.
This one here is much easier to understand the growth of the status.

As for the status increase by level up, it increased twice of the previous one.
You might not know what I'm saying, but I also don't know what's done on me!
No, it's the effect of "Pride".
The speed increased by 42 when I leveled up once.
That's surprising.
Apparently, the growth corrections of "Pride" doubles the growth corrections of the other skills.
"Pride", what an amazing skill....

Skill level also raised a lot.
And, look at all of the poison-related skills.
Yes, did you saw that "Poison Attack" has become "Deadly Poison Attack" and "Poison Resistance" has become "Deadly Poison Resistance"?
This, when the skills reach level 10, they evolve.
 I'm amazed that skills have evolution.
The effects are the upgraded version of the previous one.
It seems to become my main weapon in the middle layer, so the skill evolved here contributes a lot.

Why did "Poison Resistance" rose?
It's because I whipped myself with Poison Thread.
After all, the skill level won't increase if I don't do it.
If it's for skill level, I will somewhat endure the pain.
Everyone will do it.
Even I did it.
Eh, only I will do it?
There's no such thing.


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    I feel admired that skills have evolution.
    -> I'm amazed that skills have evolution.

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