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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 75

Chapter 75.
This chapter's title.... too long.

75 It's good to do my part by myself, but there are times you feel frustrated when it's done by someone else, right?

I avoid the flying fireball.
Well, even if it's two, I can avoid it easily now.
I turn my line of sight towards the other side, and there are two seahorses.

It looks like this area is full of seahorses.
Although each one of them wander around in their own way, when they get together by chance in this way, they will attack at the same time.
Well, it doesn't attack in crowds like the monkeys, so it's good that it's easy.

I avoid the flying fireball again.
Their cooperation is not that good because they usually live individually.
They shoot the fireball individually as they like.
It's not like their fireball can hit me even if they cooperate though.

However, that.
It's troublesome.
Staying inside the magma, that's cheating.
They use long distance attack taking advantage of the fact that I can't do anything.
Can't you fight fairly?
Don't you think that it's unfair?
Don't you have pride?
I don't understand what are you saying.
I don't understand.
I never did anything unfair before, you know?
I never shut myself in the nest and launch one-sided attacks before, you know?
Look, I'm a girl of great rectitude.
Come on, say that it is.

But, these guys don't shut themselves completely like me.
One of their MP is going to be exhausted soon.
Look, it's here.

I don't know why the seahorse won't retreat.
It faces me by all means.
Although they don't escape to the emperor, are these guys the emperor's pedigree?
Come to think of it, these guys look like the dragon.
Well, it comes out from the magma after its MP is exhausted.
After that, it's my turn.

I quickly kill it with my claw that is clad in poison.
Because the second one came out from the magma conveniently, I kill it in the same way.

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Small Poison Taratect LV5 has become LV6》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Enhanced Poison LV2』 has become 『Enhanced Poison LV3』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Evasion LV3』 has become 『Evasion LV4』》
《Skill points gained》

Level Up!
My HP decreased plainly, so it's grateful.
My decreased HP recovered after shedding my skin.

Although I can win against the seahorse easily, I will receive damage when I touch its body.
It's not a big deal if it's only one, but when the damage accumulates,  the damage will become larger.
In the current situation where I have no way to recover except by level up, I don't want to receive even a little damage.
By the way, when I want to eat, it can be cooled if I just leave it for a while, and I will eat it after it's cooled.

Although I hope that either "Fire Resistance" or "Automatic HP Recovery" to rise in this level up, the world is not that easy.
"Fire Resistance" stays at level 1 and "Automatic HP Recovery" also stays as it is.
It can't be helped that "Fire Resistance" doesn't rise.
It looks like my species is weak to fire in any way, and it can't be overcome in a day.

"Automatic HP Recovery" is a convenient skill, but its level raising is quite slow.
Well, in the game,  the automatic recovery skill is usually a skill obtained near endgame.
And, to acquire this skill naturally without using skill points, and hoping it to grow faster from there, as expected, it's quite greedy.
It's a gain by just having it.

Actually, I don't think that I will break through the middle layer if I don't have "Automatic HP Recovery".
After all, it's impossible.
It's like committing suicide if I enter this area that continues to deal damage without automatic recovery.
I don't have a hobby like committing suicide, and in that case, I would probably search for a pit in the lower layer.
In the lower layer where that Earth Dragon lives.

Ah, there's a seahorse again.
I will be found if I advance like this.
I can run away if I want, but that's....

Should I try throwing a stone like the monkey?
I think it's better than doing nothing.
Although I can't hold a stone with the spider's body, I can stick a thread and throw it.

Let's experiment it at once.
First, I need to find a handy stone.
Un, there's a lot of stones of the suitable size everywhere.
I hold it with the thread.
Soiyaa! ( そいやー!)
Oh, it hits.
Is it thanks to "Throw" and "Accuracy"?
But, its HP didn't decrease much.
Ah, the fireball of counterattack came.

Afterwards, after we throw stones and fireballs at each other, the seahorse's MP got exhausted and it became a land battle in the end.
Although it's better than doing nothing, it doesn't change much even if I do it.
Well, if it's only one, throwing stones might be acceptable.
The skill level of "Throw" and "Accuracy" will rise, so it's not pointless.
However, it would be better to concentrate avoiding if there are two or more of them.
It won't be a joke if I got hit by the fireball.


  1. With pride, I'm actually surprised it can level up so quickly without the skill improving as well. I wonder if it may have been better to not level up so fast but to take the time to improve the skill

    1. Improving proficiency before leveling up is a valid strategy in some situations including the one Kumo is in. Kumo has to "stress" herself in order to gain more proficiency experience and the higher the level of monster being fought, the greater the risk needed to impart this stress to herself. As pointed out by the duke's "daughter" in training, improving proficiency before leveling up is good. When leveling up, the proficiency can rise on its own and thus that person takes advantage of that freebie from leveling up. So Kumo probably should stress each of her skills as much as possible in hopes they level up from use. Then she can level up her base level and gain yet another level up for those skills.

      This concept might occur even with indirect types of stats. For example, in the online mmorpg Ragnarok Online, one point of familiarity is gained with hired mercenaries after the team gets 50 kills of monsters that are at least half the level of the player's character. With that type of improvement, that means the player should kill monsters at as low a level as possible on low level easy monsters (while teamed with the mercenary) _before_ leveling up. If the player builds up proficiency/familiarity as a high level char, that is harder to do.

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