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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter S15

Shun 15.
This chapter is LONG.
Anyway, human status for the second time.
S15 Ruler class

Whenever Yuugo's eyes looked at me, I became in danger.
Especially, when I get a better result than Yuugo at the class, etc, he will release a cold glance that runs on my back.
It was obvious that something will happen sooner or later.
But still, I can't take any countermeasures.
Yuugo is the eldest son of the large country unlike me.
And, he's a reincarnated person same as me, so his ability is authentic.
Either in authority or in ability, there's no man who could give opinions to Yuugo.

And, the incident happened.
It was the time of the exploration lesson that became the first extracurricular activity.

The exploration extracurricular activity is carried out at the small mountain near the academy.
Well, although I said that it's near, it takes more than half day just to make a round trip if it's by walking.
Only students who manage to passed the examination given by the academy can participate.
In our academic year which is the first year, the number of students participating the exploration lesson is 12 including me.
Judging from the whole academic year, only high achiever was able to pass.
However, the students who didn't manage to participate in this exploration will be able to participate when they acquire power eventually.
The first time and this time was only a little, but in next time, the number of students will surely increase.
Rather, the first exploration has the number of students that can only make one group, so this year, an excellent group is participating.

We have to leave the academy on foot in the morning and reach the foot of the mountain before noon for the exploration.
After that, a briefing of the last confirmation is held in the hut at the foot, and have our lunch.
After lunch, we will be divided into groups and enter the mountain.
After that, we will spend a whole day exploring the mountain, make a camp, and on the next day, we will return to foot of the mountain before noon and return to the academy. This is the schedule for it.

Only weak monsters of the lowest class inhabit in this mountain.
The academy has hired a number of men to examine the area beforehand, and it has been confirmed that there's no strong monster.
Because even a weak monster can become strong when it evolves, this confirmation seems to be vital.

In this exploration, it's one point to learn basic survival skills.
One point to experience the environment where monsters inhabit.
One point to gather medicinal plants, etc, and learn the knowledge of the mountain.
Acquiring those experiences become the purpose.
End safely and obtaining knowledge and experiences are the purpose.
So, fighting a monster assertively subtracts the points.
In case we are attacked, if we deal with it appropriately, it will increase the points, but it's forbidden to purposely attack a monster.

The exploration is carried out in groups, and each group has four students and one teacher.
The breakdown of the group is decided by the lot so that we won't form a biased group.
It became separate groups with Sue, Katia and Yuri.
And, I have become the same group as Yuugo.
The formation of the group, me, Yuugo, Oka-chan aka Firimes, the knight's son Palton, and the magic teacher, Oriza.

My relation with Palton is more than an acquaintance and less than a friend.
Even though Palton's father was a former baron, he make many military exploits and raise his title, and he has reached up to the earl.
Severe training is given to Palton by such father, and he has the skill organization specialized in physical.
His strength is also quite high in the academic year.
The person himself doesn't seems to be content to it, he concentrate in training everyday. He's a serious character boy.
Because he comes in contact with me like a retainer, I will talk to him, but it's like we are on good terms.

Oriza-sensei is a middle-aged magic teacher.
She's the unmotivated one among the teachers, and she is a person who come along because it's her work.
She hate troublesome things, and when Yuugo and I was assigned to the group of her jurisdiction, she scowled without concealing it.
It was well known that there was an unusual sign between me and Yuugo.
However, should I said that she's indeed a teacher? Her combat ability is very high.
Despite being a magic user, she has the skill composition that makes close-range battle possible, and her ability value is also higher than the students.
When something unexpected happened, a teacher must protect the students, so it was impossible that the teachers who came for this exploration lesson are weak.

The unexpected one is that Oka-chan sensei aka Firimes participated in this lesson properly.
Sensei is often absent from lessons without permission.
Although she is acting behind the scenes, she won't tell us about the contents.
She absent from the class without permission, so I'm sure that she's moving busily.
It was unexpected that Sensei will participate in this lesson and be restricted for approximately two days.

However, there's also Yuugo, so if she going to be near, it's reassuring.
Perhaps, even if I include the academy's teacher, Sensei might be the only one who can stop Yuugo.

「Then, dismiss for a moment. After each of you had lunch, please divide into groups and act」

The facilitator teacher declares it, and the briefing ended.
After finish eating lunch, divide into groups and act.

「Nii-sama, we will part for a while. It's lonely」
「Sue, it's only one day」
「It's a big problem even if it's only one day. When thinking that if something happens to Nii-sama in the place where I'm not looking, I can't sleep at night」
「It's alright. The safety in this mountain has already been confirmed, so unusual things won't happen」

I pat Sue's head to make her feel relieved.
I can't say that there's a person in my group is more dangerous than the mountain because if I say it, she might worry about me.

「Shun, be careful of Yuugo earnestly, okay? It looks like that guy's head has completely gone crazy after coming to this world」
「... Understood」

The exchange in low voice with Katia on parting refrains my head.
He's crazy.
He certainly is.
The current Yuugo is not normal.
There's a dangerous sign that it's not weird that he will do something.

The exploration advanced smoothly when I'm worrying about such thing.
We never meet any monsters, and we reached the scheduled camping area safely.

「Shurein-sama, is here the camping point?」
「That's right. It seemed that we arrived earlier than planned」
「It's because the boys have stamina. It's hard to follow for the girl, Sensei, you know?」
「Bullshit. Oka-chan's status is considerably high, right? There's no way you need to persist this much」
「Sensei thinks that even if you know that and you pretend not to know, you still worry about Sensei is a condition of a good man」
「I don't mean to become a man who sees the complexion of the woman in detail」
「Ah, Ore-sama is acceptable」

Palton and I begin the preparations for camping while Yuugo and Sensei doing such exchanges.
Oriza-sensei only looks at us silently.

「Shurein-sama, could you hold that part?」
「Ah, okay. Is it like this?」
「Yes. After that, if I do like this」
「Un. Completed. Thank you, Palton」
「No. Originally, I should be doing this preparations by myself, but I have caused trouble to Shurein-sama」
「Palton. The social position is unrelated in the academy. Therefore, there's no need to mind it so much」
「Although there's also the social position, I personally respect Shurein-sama. Therefore, this is something that I do because I like it. Shurein-sama, please don't make an apologetic face to my actions there」

I gave in to the honest eyes of Palton.
Sue is also the same, where is there an element that can be respected in me?
It's mysterious.

After the preparations for the camp is completed, there a little time remain because we arrived earlier than the schedule.
In that case, we will confirm the surroundings lightly.
Each of us act separately, and explore within the range not far enough to be separated.
Although I objected to take independent action, it's decided that everyone will be within the range where our voices can be heard.
If it's like this, the nearby group member can rush immediately even if something happens.

And, I'm alone in the mountain.
If I gather medicinal plants, etc, by myself, points will be added.
I looked for the medicinal plants while activating "Appraisal".

And there, a sword fight sound is heard.

I heard it from the place near where Palton was exploring.
I wonder whether the opponent's sword was specially made or the opponent has the "Silent" skill because the sound is extremely small.
But, to me who has the "Enhanced Hearing" the sound was clearly heard.

I try to run in a hurry to Palton, but I was obstructed by the person who stands in my way.
It's Yuugo.

「What are you trying to do? Yuugo, no, Natsume」
「I just thought that I should have you exit about here」

I return a tense voice to Yuugo who talks friendly.
Yuugo who says an unbelievable thing calmly.
I didn't know about it and swallowed saliva.

「It's a joke, right?」
「Does this looks like a joke? You're an eyesore」

At that moment, the smile disappears from Yuugo's face.

「This world is the world for me. The world for me to be the strongest and to reign. And yet, there's someone better than me」
「Why are you saying such a crazy thing? This world doesn't belongs to anyone. Return to sanity」
「I'm sane. It's a dream-like world where you can do anything if you have skills, you know? Isn't it that this world is exactly only for me? But you see, this world doesn't need people like you. So, die」

Yuugo draws his sword.
I also have no choice but to draw my sword.
I look at Yuugo's status.

『Human Race LV31 Name Yuugo Van Rengzand 
 Average Offensive Ability:608
 Average Defensive Ability:599
 Average Magic Ability:546
 Average Resistance Ability:522
 Average Speed Ability:583
 「Automatic HP Recovery LV4」 「MP Recovery Speed LV4」 「MP Consumption Down LV4」「SP Recovery Speed LV8」 「SP Consumption Down LV8」 「Magic Perception LV8」 「Magic Manipulation LV5」 「Magic Combat Act LV5」 「Magic Granting LV4」 「Offensive Magic Power LV2」 「Enhanced Destruction LV7」 「Enhanced Slashing LV7」 「Enhanced Blow LV4」 「Enhanced Flame LV4」 「Fighting Spirit LV7」 「Vitality Granting LV7」 「Vitality Attack LV7」 「Flame Attack LV3」 「Paralysis Attack LV2」 「Sword Talent LV6」 「Throw LV5」 「3D-Maneuver LV6」 「Concentration LV9」 「Prediction LV3」 「Calculation Processing LV3」 「Accuracy LV8」 「Evasion LV8」 「Stealth LV3」 「Silent LV1」 「Fire Magic LV3」 「Destruction Resistance LV2」 「Blow Resistance LV2」 「Slash Resistance LV3」 「Fire Resistance LV3」 「Poison Resistance LV2」 「Paralysis Resistance LV1」 「Pain Resistance LV1」 「Enhanced Vision LV10」 「Telephoto LV1」 「Enhanced Hearing LV10」 「Hearing Range Expansion LV1」 「Enhanced Smell LV8」 「Enhanced Taste LV7」 「Enhanced Touch LV8」 「Constitution LV5」 「Magic Well(魔蔵) LV4」 「Body Flicker(瞬身) LV5」 「Durability LV5」 「Herculean Strength LV5」 「Solid LV5」 「Mage LV4」 「Amulet LV3」 「Shrink Space(縮地) LV5」 「Emperor」 「n%I=W」 
 Skill points:350
 「Monster Killer」』

His status is a little physical unlike me. He has a firm strength.
Besides, this guy acquires skills assertively with skill points unlike me.
Above all, the most troublesome is the "Emperor" skill.

Emperor:Raise the effect of the skill. And, inflicts heresy attribute effect (Fear) to the opponent by overpowering』

The fear by overpowering is resisted for the time being.
But, it's a foul-like effect to raise the effect of the skill.

Yuugo brandish his sword.
I intercept it with my sword.
Ku, heavy!

「Fu, I know it. You never used skill points to acquire skills, right? In additon, you never raise your level. Points are things that are supposed to be used! Like this!」

Flame surges from Yuugo's sword.
I avoid it by a hair's breadth.

「If I do it too flashy, the others might notice it. So, just die quickly」
「Do you think that you can get away with that if you do such a thing?」
「It's alright. I'm the main of this world's future, you know? Of course I will be forgiven even if I do anything. Besides, the preparations are made properly. My subordinate should be disposing the others at this time. I will release the monster that I brought after I killed you. It's a powerful guy that won't be generated here usually. Something like the pitiful students and teachers have been devoured by the monster that generated suddenly. I will defeat that monster, and return alive. It's such a scenario」
「Such a careless plan, do you think that you won't be accused?」
「Who? Who will? Here is not Japan. I'm the future Sword Emperor, you know?  Even if it's a little unnatural, who can state their opinions to me? And, is it fine to make it into an international problem? There's no way it would be fine. That's how it is. You shouldn't think that all the crimes must be make public like Japan」

I'm dumbfounded.
To Yuugo who had the idea that's too un-Japanese.
And, he accepts it naturally.

「Good bye. I will at least remember you in the corner of my memory」

The sword swing downwards while cladding in huge flame.
However, it didn't reach me.

Yuugo's body blown off suddenly.

「Natsume-kun. You did too much」

A horrifying cold tone different from the usual dull voice.
The overwhelming presence that doesn't match the figure of the small elf.
Oka-chan Sensei appeared there.

「Your plan is already crushed. Your subordinates have all been restricted. And, I have disposed the monster that you brought along」
「It seems that you have been paying attention on Shun-kun, but it looks like you underestimated me too much. Sorry, but Sensei can't afford to overlook your rampage anymore」

Sensei walks up to the fallen Yuugo.
Yuugo tries to launch a surprise attack,


He was struck to the ground by something invisible.
That must be the thing that blew Yuugo's body off a while ago.
Perhaps, it's a wind-type magic.

Sensei's hand grips Yuugo's head.
And, I perceive the flow of magical power there.
Some kind of magic seemed to be put on Yuugo.

「Activate the Ruler Class Privilege. By the Ruler's request, activate the Ruler exclusive skill. Agreement of activation」
「I agree」

From Yuugo's mouth, a flat voice different from his usual voice is raised.
The magic from a little while ago, is that the "Hypnosis" by the "Heresy Magic" that's said to be forbidden?

My surprise doesn't ends there.
Rather, a further surprise attacks me.
Yuugo's status displayed by "Appraisal" falls rapidly.
Furthermore, the skills are disappearing rapidly.
Yuugo's skill became only the mysterious garbled text skill in no time.

「!? What did you do to me!?」

Yuugo who finally returned to sanity, shouts.

「Sensei lowered your status and deprived your skills」
「Wha-!? There's no way such thing can be done!?」
「Shun-kun, how's the "Appraisal" result?」
「... Sensei is right, all of your status have fall to 30. In addition, the skill doesn't remain, too」
「This world is not yours. Reflect on this at this time and Sensei recommend living as a normal person from now on. Even if you become stronger by acquiring skills, there are no good things about it...」

Yuugo who becomes dumbfounded.
I who's confused.

The exploration class was stopped afterwards.
Palton and Oriza-sensei were safe.
I heard that it was about to get dangerous, but thanks to Sensei's help, there was no serious wounds.
All of Yuugo's subordinates who attacked them were captured.
However, no one confessed their relation with Yuugo, and because Yuugo himself kept feigning ignorance, there was no blame on Yuugo.
Is this also a judgment that thinks about international relations?
I was made to really recognize that the common sense here is different from Japan.

By the way, after I return, I'm troubled because Sue clings to me in tears. 


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    + It's too strange that she only have 100 skill point in spite that the world favor her in many way like the compatibility with Aprasie/Idaten... The way i think is that she met sensei and die -> lost all her points and memory of 2nd life (kuro is 3rd)
    + (small note) in 4 people that confirm is death there is one girl name Hiiro?!?
    + (another small note) the time flow in main and side story is different. Given that the whole class reborn at the same time (Shun/Katie/Yuugo...) there shouldn't be any one who reborn late.But given Kuro raise speed. Max time she need to become powerfull might just 3 years while Shun and the rest need at least 18 to be able t allowed to go out side and o have good level and skills
    => BIG GUESS: sensei killed Kuro (Hiiro) -> throwed her body in side Elro Great Labyrinth Upper Layer -> Mother ate her -> give birth for her again in spider form -> She lost her memory and begin a new life as Kuro

    1. I will be happy if some one can comfirm is my guess is right or wrong. But just leave it at (Right/Wrong) please don't spolie any thing. Thank :v
      Thank you for your hard work Turb0 !

    2. And for why she still have her 1st life memory maybe thank to the n% = w skills that keep her soul in 1st the same which explain why she don't have 2nd life memory

    3. I am currently on chap 277, so I can only base on the story up to that point and I forgot some details.
      -last boss: not likely, so I'll say (wrong).
      -sensei has taboo and sin/virtue skill: maybe, I forgot the details, I'll say (right).
      -once been attacked by student/gather them to steal skills/insane: (wrong)
      -to seal skills: (kinda right)
      -killed the students: (wrong). I haven't read how the students died but there is a reason why she knew the condition of almost all of them.
      -Have to commit taboo to get ruler: (wrong) I think.
      -100 skill point: the reason for the difference in her situation compared to other reincarnators will be explained later.
      -there is one girl name Hiiro among confirmed death according to sensei: yes.
      -time difference between main and side/kuro-chan's faster growth speed: (right)
      -BIG GUESS: (wrong)

    4. sorry, I should use her correct name "Kumo-chan". Kuro (black) is the name of someone else.