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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 128

Chapter 128.
Kumoko shows her OPness to others.

128 Mercy is not for others

Today also, I explore the upper layer leisurely.
Lately, there's really no monster.
If it's a game, there's an interval until the monsters re-spawn, so the enemy will never come to an end.
But, if it's the reality, it won't increase if it doesn't breed, so it decreases if it's defeated.
After all, I hunt every monsters that I found to gain experience points and securing food.
Even if I don't do that, the monsters will run away from me and hide, so I will have to agree that they can't be found.

A little more, I have really accumulate experience points until a little more to evolve.
Another 2 or 3 small fry.
And, I can evolve.

It's probably no problem this time because it's safe if I use my home near the middle layer entrance and I have my "Satiation" stock too.
Even if it's not enough, because the corpse of the Earth Drake still remains, there's no problem if I Transfer there as soon as my MP recovers and eat it.
I have already prepared the environment to evolve.
Now only the experience points.

Damn it.
Is there a good experience points somewhere?
If it's now, I can "Hyahha" with composure.
Of course there's none.
I have to look for it steadily.

When I thought about it, I found it relatively easy.
Experience points, er, rather monster.
A snake.
In this upper layer, it's the strong one, so if I defeat it, I can level up and evolve.

But, there's one problem.
The snake is fighting with the human beings.

Two human beings are confronting the snake.
Another two who are already wounded are at a slightly remote place.
And another one doing the treatment.
Five people in total.

Judging from the situation with my "Clairvoyance", the adventurers got attacked by the snake.
Although it would be better if Appraisal can be used together with "Clairvoyance", judging from the situation, the snake is superior, is it?

So, even two people can't win against the snake.
Ah, because two people have already knocked down, so it's five people at first.
It seems that human beings are weaker than my expectation.

Ah, what should I do?
Although I can thrust myself into there and snatch the snake, if I do that, I will associate with those people.

But, if I leave them like this, they seem to be annihilated.
But still, isn't that fine?
Isn't it better to defeat the snake after they are annihilated?
If it's that case, I don't need associate with them purposely.

... After all, as expected, that's not acceptable.
If I do it, I can't called myself as a former human being.
Although I feel like it's okay even if I do it, it's troublesome and I kinda feel sorry for those people who got abandoned.

Thus, because I can't stand it, I will help.
You should thank this me who has a transcendence wide heart.

There no direction like "I came here to help you guys!".
I kill it quickly and withdraw quickly.
Like that, it won't have future troubles.
That's why, Snake, I will have you exit here.

I arrive at the place that I looked with "Clairvoyance" in an instant.
Making full use of "Space Maneuver", I move to the top of the snake's head.
The sickle that swings down.
"Enhanced Slashing", status strengthening and the additional effect of "Deadly Poison Attack".
My sickle pierces through the snake's head.
With that alone, the snake's HP became 0 in an instant.

The defeated snake.
I pull out my sickle from the snake's head, and shake off the blood.
Once again, I have cut a worthless object.

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Zoa Ere LV19 has become LV20》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Faint Resistance LV3』 has become 『Faint Resistance LV4』》
《Skill points gained》
《Conditions met. Individual, Zoa Ere can evolve》

《There are multiple choices of evolution. Please choose from the following.
Ede Saine
Greater Taratect
Ortho Kadinart》

Finally, level up.
With this, I can finally evolve.

Now then, when I look at the adventurers state, they stop in blank amazement.
Well, it's not like I don't understand how they feel though.
Well then, I will carry the snake like this and good-bye with Transfer.

Although I thought about that, the two people in the interior who fainted seem to die.
It looks like the snake's poison is effective.
Although the man who's nursing them is trying his best to cure them with magic, the construction speed and power are low.
If it's like this, they will die before recovering.

Well, it's the friendship that I did until here.
If I do it, I should do it thoroughly.

I move to the two fainted people.
Although the magic construction disperse on the way because the man who was treating them was surprised, it doesn't have any change even if there's this guy's magic or not.
"Treatment Magic" activate.
The magics of Abnormal Condition Recovery and HP Recovery for both of them.
My "Treatment Magic" rose considerably because I kept using it when I was raising my "Fire Resistance".
If it's such a poison and wound, I can recover it without a problem.

The man who treated them opens his eyes wide after seeing my magic.
Ah, if I associate any further, it will be troublesome.
As expected, you guys should do it yourself from this point.

I return to the snake and this time, I will transfer.
And, a certain thing was reflected in my eyes.

It was a fruit.
It looks like a dried persimmon.

Sweet thing!?
This is a sweet one, right!?
Is it the thing dropped by them when fighting!?
Can I take this!?
I won't let you say "No", you know!?
I will take it no matter what!

Thus, sweet obtained!
This is even happier than the level up!

I skipped cheerfully to the snake.
I leave the adventurers who are still dumbfounded, and transfer this time with the snake.


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