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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Human-Demon Great War 5

Human-Demon Great War 5.
Conclusion of the war.

Human-Demon Great War ⑤

【Kusorion Fort】

The Commander of the First Army, Agna's expression became severe after looking at the battlefield in front.
The war situation is not favorable.
Although it seems that the seesawing offense and defense are developed at a glance, the truth is that the Demons are having trouble in attacking.

The Kusorion Fort is the base with high importance among the the bases that became the aim for this simultaneous attack by the Demons.
It's not an exaggeration to say that this fort is the border that separate the Demon territory and the Human territory.
Even if the other bases fall, it's necessary to defend this fort to the last.
The fall of this fort means that the Humans failed to stop the invasion of the Demons.
It's such an important base.

Therefore, the deployed soldiers are full of the best among the Humans.
It's not strange that even a common soldier can become a General in a small country. It's composed of such strong men.

On the other hand, the Demon First Army led by the brave warrior of the Demon, Agna, gathered elites too.
If the Hero and the Demon King are excluded, it can be said that the best forces are gathered in this fort now.

Demons are assumed to be superior than the Humans.
However, Agna thinks that it's incorrect.
Although it's not wrong, it can't be said that it's right either.

The difference between the Demon and the Human is the difference of status.
Generally, the Demon's status is higher than the Human's status.
However, that's all.
Even if it's said that the status is high, there's individual difference in Demon.
If there's a weak Demon, then there's a Human who's better than it.

Above all, there's no difference in skill.
The proportion of skill is higher than status regarding the combat ability in this world.
Although this also has individual difference, if you see the Demon and Human in all, it can be said that the difference doesn't exist.

If you see only the height of the status, there's monster that's higher than the Demon.
However, as the danger degree determined by the Humans, it can be said as S and Over S, etc, if it's not a monster like a living calamity, it's possible to win.
Because monsters don't have intelligence, so they won't acquire skills by themselves.

Demons and Humans don't have the inborn skills unlike the monsters.
But on the other hand, they can use their knowledge and acquire skills through training.
And that accumulated skills become the weapon to defeat the monsters with inborn skills.
The monsters' skill are acquired either simply by themselves or accidentally while they still alive.
On the other hand, Demons and Humans have skills as much as they trained.
That's the thing that overturns the difference of the status.

The difference between the Demon and the Human is not as big as it's said.
The difference is small when it's compared with a high rank monster.
And, there's no difference of the skills.
It's not wrong that Demons are superior, but it was the conclusion from Agna after opposing the Humans for many years that the difference was an insignificant thing.

In addition, because the Demons are long life, their birth rate are lower than the Humans.
Naturally, the number decreases to that extent too.
The Humans that are great in numbers and the Demons that are superior in status.
Both forces rivaled.

Therefore, in this war, the Humans who have an absolute advantage of the location were more advantageous.
Thanks to the defensive wall called the fort, the Demon army can't attack well, and the loss gradually grows bigger.
Looking at the human forces and the defensive wall that they're using like a shield, the casualties that they've sustained have been insignificant.
Although the defensive wall is gradually being destroyed, if this pace continues, the collapse of the army might be earlier than the destruction of the defensive wall.

Agna was not able to think of an effective measure while having that recognition.
The Human armies are advancing a solid fight.
They defend the fort with an established tactic without relying on a clever scheme.
The established tactic is made based on the experience and knowledge accumulated for many years.
It's an established tactic because it's rarely broken, and if an unskillful clever scheme is used to break it, it will receive a severe retaliation.

It's possible to break the established tactic with a clever scheme.
However, one way or another, Agna was an old Commander.
Because he was also good in moving according to the established plan, he was not good at using a clever scheme to fight.

But still, Agna was a superior Commander, and have even succeeded in surviving the overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation somehow.
The person who was called as the great Commander who has the foresight derived from the longtime experiences and the precise instructions.

But still, the war situation worsens moment by moment.
The instruction of withdrawal was given from the headquarters at such time.
Agna was going to carry out this instruction immediately.
Even if they continue to fight, the damage will only increase in vain.
However, the withdrawal was not able to be done.

By the existence of a huge monster that appeared suddenly.

「Q-Queen Taratect!?」

Agna opens his eyes wide.
A Myth rank monster that even Agna who has lived for many years sees it for the first time in life.
The top of the spider-type monster that's said that only five exist in this world.
Queen Taratect appeared in the battlefield without any harbinger.

「Impossible!? How did it come here!?」

There should only be five Queen Taratects that exist in the world.
Even if the individual that inhabit the nearest, it should be far away from the Kusorion Fort.
It was unnatural to appear suddenly like this no matter how he thinks.

Agna calms his head down which almost got confused by forced.
In the first place, there's no way a Queen Taratect that has a large build can escape from the soldiers eyes and appear suddenly.
In that case, then there's only one method.

"Transfer" by "Space Magic".

As far as Agna knows, there's only a person who can control Queen Taratect and transfer that large build by "Space Magic".
The crooked smile of the person who controls the Demons appears in Agna's mind now.

「I see. I have served my purpose, huh? Maou-sama...」

And, the trampling regardless of the Demons and the Humans by the Myth class living calamity of the danger degree Over S begins.
The Kusorion Fort vanished without leaving any trace on this day.


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