Monday, 10 August 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Q&A 9

Q&A 9.
This Q&A is hard to translate

Q&A corner 9

Q, Sensei is mysterious
A, All of Sensei's action and speech have meaning to it. As the story advance it's gradually revealed, so I will conceal the details here.

Q, Is it the difference of the title that "Evasion" didn't rose a lot unlike "Thought Acceleration" and "Foresight"?
A, Difference of the title and because "Thought Acceleration" and "Foresight" are used constantly. Although the skill proficiency of "Evasion" only rises when there's an enemy, because the other two always gain skill proficiency, it's easy to raise their level.

Q, If all of the creatures in this area have Flame Nullity, I'm interested in the use of fireball and breath.
There's no point using it, right......?
A, Yes. That's right. So, please think that the fireball is for the monsters that strayed off from the lower layer. Because the monsters in the middle layer are weaker compared with the monsters in the lower layer, intercepting the monsters strayed off from the lower layer with fireball from within the magma becomes their basic strategy. If it's another monster from the middle layer, it concludes by hitting each other.

Q, Although I think that digging a hole and make a poison pitfall is the basic strategy, why she never did that?
A, In the Elro Great Labyrinth, hard bedrock is the main ground. And, her legs that have sharp claws made her to be bad in digging holes. So, digging is impossible.

Q, Come to think of it, can the snail insect made into a taste weapon?
A, What dreadful thinking! If you are resolved to die, then might be possible.

Q, Prince...
A, I can deny that he's a little complacent of peace. However, there's a certain reason for the ways of the world...

Q, Zoa Ere
A, Although everyone imagined the origin of the name, this is completely a coined word! Those who think about it seriously, sorry!

Q, Come to think of it, "Detection" rose when its used but it never rose when the skill proficiency up by level up is because of the required skill proficiency "Detection" is a lot.
Is the skill proficiency gained when "Detection" is activated simply enormous?
A, The skill proficiency rises at a stretch when "Detection" is activated. Because a lot of skill proficiency is needed for the next level, the skill proficiency increase by the level up is not enough to raise the skill level. I think that you understand how abnormal is the increase when the skill is activated.

Q, The "Ne" at the end of the word, isn't it used heavily?
Isn't it bad to make her way of speaking that makes the reader glance repeatedly because it's a monologue?
Isn't it annoying if you keep using the same end of a word?
A, Kumoko's tone is done on purpose. End of word like 「Ne」 and 「Nee」, etc, are made numerously on purpose. In addition, a lot of words and expressions, etc, are made numerously on purpose. Although it might be unacceptable according to the person, because it's Kumoko's individuality, I don't intend to change it in the future. Please acknowledge it.

Q, The resistance endowment of "Universal Thread"....
A, Such carelessness is Kumoko's quality.

Q, The monsters' name looks alike and there are a lot of katakana, so it's hard to memorize it.
Though it might not be necessary to memorize it.
A, Yes. The monsters' name are mostly coined words, so it's hard to memorize it. That's why, I try to make it easy to understand as much as possible by using nicknames like eel or snake.

Q, The description of the spider's appearance is a little...
A, The evolution this time has only few descriptions, but I want to let you readers to imagine the detailed descriptions as you like. Other characters are not written in details about their appearance for the same reason.


  1. Dont trust sensei. Shady woman she is

  2. Thanks for the informations!

  3. Im working on some Kumo buttons for my desktop, took a break and made this:

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    2. Yeah. Not like anyone else can lol.
      Ill prob have a better one later. im working on a series of Kumo pictures

    3. Let me know if its not big enough or something. Or if you want I can give it no background if you have a specific one you want. I just copied the one you already had

    4. It would be perfect if the spider was black and the eyes red.

    5. There are a couple of reasons I choose brown body over black and purple eyes.
      I wanted a cute spider and purple is cute. black is being saved atm. I wanted some difference in the versions im making

  4. thank you ^^
    I think she will looks a little like Elise :p

  5. That resistance endowment of universal thread could apply heat resistance!
    haha, then kumo chan could use threads in the middle layer. But sadly, she overlooked it. Poor Kumo chan

    1. Yep, as he said it is her charm. She is an airhead.

      Also she could very quickly raise fire resistance by poking the lava. She has ample experience of skills being gained from facing troubles, but it too airheaded to see this.

      Still, its her charm.

    2. You understand if any part of the body touches or even gets generally close to magma you instantly combust right? (not sure about the water % make up of spiders or of kumochan but if it applies to humans and spiders have blood they would instantly boil from the inside and explode on contact)

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