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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 92

Chapter 92.

92 Once again, I have cut a worthless object

Oh, monsters.
In my view, two seahorses swim happily in the magma.
However, although there are two in my view, Detection-san says that there's a catfish in the magma.
The catfish is swimming calmly in the magma, and it doesn't attacks the seahorses.
It might be the monster of the same evolution line, so it's not weird that they are together.

Two seahorses and one catfish.
If it's before evolving, I will hesitate for a moment, but now that I have evolved, I want to measure how high is my ability in a combat.
Besides, the me who defeated the eel before evolving, I can only say that the eel's degenerated forms are all small fries now.
I don't feel that I can lose.
Therefore, let's make them as the guinea pigs to test my body and the ability of my new skills.

For the time being, preemptive attack.
The usual stone throwing.
This time, it's fine without poison.
I want to see how much the damage increase by pure stone throwing.
It decreases the HP about 5 or 6 previously, so will it decrease by 10 now?

Thus, Konna hazu wa! ( コンナハズハー!)

... Is there anyone who knows about this material, I wonder?
Clos-, hit, it hits?
Somehow there's a terrible sound and the stone got smashed.
It went *smash*, you know?
Although the seahorse sinks into the magma because of the impact, did it died?

Ah, it floated back up.
Its HP decrease about one third.

Ah, a fireball is coming.
Eh, this, seriously?
Seriously straight?
Not a curve or a slider?
It's too slow to compare with the eel.
If it's like this, I can avoid it even if I hummed.
No, I can't hum.

I'm surprised at my growth that's more than expected.
What should I do?
If it's like this, I can even win by just throwing stones.
But, if I let them die in the magma, I can't recover their corpse.
Although there's composure in my stamina because of "Overeating", if possible, I want to increase the stockpile.

Ah, the catfish has rose to the surface.
Will it assist the seahorses as it is?
They are on the same evolution line after all, so it's aware that they are comrades.
The seahorse is also the same. Although they usually move individually, when there's a comrade nearby, they will cooperate.
I mean, worst case, the eel will also unite with these guys.
I don't want that to happen.

I avoid the catfish's fireball.
It's somewhat faster and bigger if it's compared with the seahorse.
But, the difference is obvious if compared with the eel.
I avoid while thinking trivial things like comrade, etc.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Parallel Thought LV8』 has become 『Parallel Thought LV9』》

The trivial thing that I thought while fighting.

For the time being, let's keep avoiding until their MP are exhausted.
Although it's possible to sink them by throwing stones, I want to recover their corpse.
For that reason, I will kill it after they come up to the land.
Ah, although the seahorses seem to die if I attack it carelessly, is it okay if it's the catfish?
To be frank, three fireballs fired at the same time can't even grazed me.
I'm also free because I only avoid, so throwing stone is better because "Throw" and "Accuracy" can rise.

Thus, once again, Konna hazu wa!

It hits.
As expected from the catfish.
Its HP hardly decreases.
Its defensive ability is high.
If it's only physical defense, it equals to me.

When thinking so, my defensive ability has become higher than the catfish.
When I think back again, it's incredible!
This weak looking spider body surpass the catfish body that's fully loaded with hard scales.
It's the mystery of this world.

When I was thinking about something useless, one of the seahorses' MP is exhausted.
The fool who goes up to the land slowly as it is.
If your attacks are avoided this much, you should have understand the difference in our ability.
Ah, wait for a moment.
I just realized something bad now.
The catfish, it will escape when it has no chance to win, right?

That absolutely can't be allowed.
Although it will end 「Oh, well」 even if the seahorse escape, catfish, you can't.
I won't let you escape.
Absolutely absolute.
Hey, you.
Why are you showing a frightened face?
It's not scary, it's not scary, you know?
So, come up to land quickly.
Don't worry, it's safe.
It's not scary.

Don't escape, you fool!
You're a hindrance, seahorse!
I swing the sickle of my foreleg towards the seahorse that stands in the way.
The seahorse's body was cut into two.

Did I do this?
My sickle is amazing.
Ah, perhaps, is this the first monster that I killed directly with my hands?
Up until now, I have only kill by poison.
The monkeys did died from falling and crushing, but this is the first time I kill directly.
It happened to quick until I didn't felt anything for the first time.
Or rather, CATFISH!
It escaped.
My catfish....
Today's delicious meal....

The other seahorse has crawled up from the magma.
Let's vent this anger at this guy.

First of all, let's try the Weak Poison that has paralysis added to it.
Thus, I moved next to the seahorse that's preparing a ramming attack.
I use "Poison Synthesis" without questions on the guy who's looking blankly.

It's becoming numb.
So, this is paralysis.
And its HP decrease by a fair amount.
Almost the same damage as stone throwing.
Ah, Weak Poison is also a poison, so there's damage.
No, but I should have lowered the Weak Poison's damage in order to confirm the paralysis effect.
Why there's this much damage?
Does the amount of damage for poison also increases by status?

In that case, this much power in Weak Poison.
How about the Deadly Spider Poison that even killed the eel?
... It's frightening just by thinking about it.

My combat ability has improved more than I think.


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