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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team 2

Abnormality Investigation Team 2.
Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team ②

Author note: The middle-aged man point of view

Eight days after entering the Great Labyrinth.
The area where the abnormality takes place is close.

About the knights who I didn't expect much from them, they were useful when it comes to battle and only useless in their head. 
At first, I thought that I was forced to guide a inexperience nobles unit, but the fact is this unit seems to be composed of the noble's second son and third son.
As expected of the powerful country, Rengzant Empire.
It was not a mere decoration unit.

「Certainly, we are a medley unit of nobles, but we have acquired training and combat experience similar to the other units. In the first place, this is the unit that's gathered with those who can't succeed the title. Everyone is desperate when they can receive a title by raising their achievements」

I'm told like that.
Although they still have their former noble's arrogance, they seemed to experienced a lot of battles, so they seemed to have flexible correspondence unexpectedly.
For the proof, they don't listen to my instructions before entering the labyrinth, but when they entered the labyrinth and experienced how severe it is, they apologize obediently and follow my instructions.

「To be honest, I have underestimated the Great Labyrinth. The fault of the former nobles' unit is lacking of common sense. It might be better to allot some time of training to general education from now on」

The knight's captain seems to be a competent man.

Although it's a nice miscalculation that the knights are useful, I can't stop the unpleasant feeling in me.
Although I'm sure that we haven't reached the area where the report was raised, the number of monsters is more than usual.
Although there's no casualty at present, there are some who got wounded.
It's not a problem because there's a Treatment Technique User, but the scary part of the Great Labyrinth is you don't know what's going to happen.
We have brought a large amount of antidotes, and there are knights who acquired the "Poison Resistance" in the continuous battles.
I think that it won't become a dangerous situation quick, but still, I have an unpleasant feeling.

Is there even a Queen somewhere here?
It's not impossible.
The Taratect hunting is popular on the other side means that the Queen has laid the eggs.
In other words, it came to the upper layer.

Queen Taratect is an Over S moving calamity. 
Only one was killed by the Hero-sama long ago together with a large army in exchange of their lives in the subjugation record of the Queen Taratect.
Even if I exclude that one, there are still five of them in this world.
And, one of them settles in this Great Labyrinth.

Usually, it's at the layer below the upper layer, but it will go up to the upper layer when it lays its eggs.
Although it would go down immediately, I can't be careless because it sometimes stays in the upper layer.
I think that it's not there, but if we meet such a thing, no matter how many lives we have, it won't be enough.
I guess we should avoid large passages that the Queen seems to be able to pass.

Another thing that's in my mind is the area where the abnormality takes place is at the entrance to the middle layer.
If I think reasonably, it might be a powerful monster came from the middle layer and chase those guys who originally inhabit there.
However, is there such a powerful monster in the middle layer?

The middle layer is a Burning Hell where magma spreads all over.
It's a flame domain that the Humans can't capture.
However, the monsters' strength shouldn't have much difference from the upper layer.
It's the testimony that the adventurers who challenged the middle layer brought back.
Those adventurers raise their "Fire Resistance" for many years, fully equipped with fire-proof equipment and they challenged the middle layer.
After all, the food runs out because of the extremely huge middle layer, and they have to give up on the exploration. 
However, they became the first adventurers who returned alive from the Great Labyrinth Middle Layer.

It's said that the Great Labyrinth consists of upper layer, middle layer and lower layer.
There are several huge holes in the upper layer that connect to the lower layer.
Although there were adventurers who went down the hole, most of them didn't come back.
The small number of adventurers who came back testified that there's a frightening amount of monsters above C rank in there. 
It's said that the Queen makes the lower layer as its base. Although this is an urban legend, it's said that there's even a layer under it that's called bottom layer.
Although it can't be confirmed whether it's true or not, if they don't approach purposely, the lower layer and the even lower layer are unrelated.

Or, this time's abnormality is maybe something that came to the middle layer from the lower layer and crawled out.
I have such foolish wild ideas.

「Today, I think that we should rest around here once. What do you think?」
「Ah, I think that it's good. If it's the outside, it's the time when it gets dark」
「The time in the labyrinth gets out of order. You know the time well like that」
「Well, if you enter and exit the labyrinth for a long time when you're a kid, you will get used to it eventually. Guides are like that」
「I see. The guides are terrific people more than I thought」
「It's not like that. If it's the direct combat ability, Knight-san is way superior. In short, the right person in the right place. We are specialized in getting out from the labyrinth. Knight-san is specialized in fighting. It's like that」
「I see. By the way, I know this may be rude, but how many skills do you possess?」
「Huh? Skill, eh?」
「I'm sorry. I'm just interested in it. If you don't want to tell, there's no need to tell me. If you are offended, I will apologize」
「Ah, no. It's not like that. When it's people like us, it's rare to be appraised with appraisal stone. The last time I saw my skills is quite long ago, so I don't remember what kind of skills and how many I have」
「Skill is a lifeline. Isn't it better to grasp your own skills?」
「Well, I remember that "Night Vision" and "Danger Perception" have become level 10, but I have forgotten the others」

I who laughs lively, the captain returned an amazed look.
Well, half of it is a lie though.
Although it's true that I don't grasp all of my skills, I remembered it roughly.
However, there's no need to tell my skills purposely to another person.
It's my lifeline, isn't it obvious?


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