Thursday, 6 August 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Q&A 8

Q&A 8.
This Q&A has too many unrelated question. So only 3 questions remain.

Q&A corner 8

Q, For example, if she plays at an area with water, will she be able to be a water spider by the effects of the environment?
And, this come into my mind suddenly, for example, the Lesser Taratect can pick to evolve into a Small Taratect and it became small again. Will such thing happens?
A, There's a limitation for the range of evolution.
Although there might be evolution by environment, it's just probably.
It won't degenerate.
Because the Lesser Taratect is grown form, even if the Small Taratect is the higher rank species, it will never degenerate into a Small Taratect.

Q, The higher rank of "Monster Killer", "Monster Slaughterer", isn't it better to overwrite the previous title? Because Kumoko is going to acquire more titles from now on, the notation will only get more
A, The title evolves but doesn't overwrites.
Because, there are not so many titles, and because the acquisition condition is quite hard, it's difficult to acquire a lot of titles.
Kumoko acquired a lot though....

Q, >12 people in the Village of Elf
Isn't the Elf population too low? Or, people other than Elves live in there?
A, This means that 12 people are protected in the Village of Elf.
It's not that there are only 12 Elves.


  1. FiRsT!(0_0)

    and thanks for the Q&A :-)

  2. That means kumoko-chan may revive as a Corrosive Flame Small Taratect?

    1. that would be awesome!!!!
      But i dont think so, because after all this time in the middle layer she still hasnt fire resistance

  3. That means kumoko-chan may revive as a Corrosive Flame Small Taratect?

  4. I really want to see her next evolution because there is going to be a lesser poison but then the other one should be affected by pride since its the highest skill she has and also the most mysterious. Maybe before she evolves over eating well be come gluttony

  5. I just hope she can communicate with her classmates one day. However I just realized most of them are humans and she's a monster. Hero vs Demon Lord. What if... she's the next demon lord? Hopefully if that happens she'll have a human form...

  6. Can't wait to read the next chapter, i think it will be fun.