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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? S18

Shun 18.
S18 New Hero

It was immediately reported to Father through the teacher that I obtained the Hero title.
Immediately after that, I'm called by Father and I left the academy, then return to the royal castle.

The royal castle that I returned after a long time.
But, my mind was not stable until I will be indulge in deep emotion.
I manage to calm my shaken heart, and meet Father again.
The place was not the throne room, and it was Father's personal room.
Although it's wide, it's a room with documents, etc, scattered around.
Several man gathered there.

「Shurein. I'm sorry to call you purposely」

With my entrance, Father uttered a heavy voice.
Even I who didn't met Father a lot of times understood that Father's voice was more heavy than usual.
It's a much more heavy voice than the time I heard it at the appraisal ceremony.

「First, let me confirm whether you have really obtained the Hero title or not」

The appraisal stone used in the appraisal ceremony is grasped in Father's hand.
When I answered, an unpleasant feeling like being lick all over attacked my body immediately.
This is the feeling that I felt when I met Sensei for the first time.
This must be the unpleasantness that's felt when being appraised.

「You really have it」

Father's heavy voice.
Immediately after that, Father covers his face with his hand and begins to sob.


Older brother's name leaks out from Father's mouth.
Tears came out from my eyes after hearing that.
Breaking the self-control that I shouldn't do it here, my view is blurred by tears.

My shoulder is gripped.
The person is the third prince and the older brother above me, Leston-niisama.
My head is patted and I'm hugged gently.
I didn't have much opportunity to meet with Leston-niisama.
But, he's friendly and he was a congenial brother next to Julius-niisama.

I surpassed my limit.
I cling to Leston-niisama, and cried without reserve.
Only sobbing sounded in the room for a while.

「Father. I understand the feeling to grieve for Julius. However, it's necessary to think about the future. Let's begin the discussion」

The one who break the gloomy silence was the first prince who's our oldest brother, Cyris-niisama.
To be honest, I'm not very good with this person.
I have never seen him laugh and he's always devoted to work with a sour look.
If I omit my older sister who's married into another country, he was the only one among the siblings that I have the intuition that I can't get along with him well.

「Cyris-aniki, Father and Shun are hurt. Isn't it fine to wait for a little more?」
「No, Leston. It's as Cyris says」
「But, Father」
「Stop it, Leston. Father has say so」
「It's fine. There are feelings of mourning as a family. However, we are the royalty before a man. Then, it's necessary fulfill the obligation as the royalty. Mourning comes after that」

Father wipes the tears with the sleeve.
Although Father's eyes swelled up red, a powerful light dwelled in there.
Is this the king's appearance?
That's amazing.
I can't do that.

「Shurein has inherited the Hero title, so that means Julius have died」

Father said the thing that nobody dared to say it clearly while biting his lips.
In that word, Julius-niisama's death was pointed out again.

「Although this was hidden from Shurein and the people, the information that the Demon army finally have started the invasion was sent. Perhaps, Julius have died in the fight」

The Demon army.
Although I have heard talks of the Demon army's movement frequently, finally.
Even that Julius-niisama can't win against the Demon army.

「The report on how the result of the battle is not here yet. I have sent an excellent magician who can use Space Magic to confirm it, but...」

Immediately after that, a knocking sounded in the room.

「Excuse me」

Although I don't remember the name of the person who entered, he's one of the person who served as the general in this country.
He advances slowly towards the center of the room, and get down on his knees.

「I would like to report. It's about the war of the Human army and the Demon army」
「It was just at the right timing. How is it?」
「Yes. Although the detailed information is uncertain because the site is still confused, it seems that we have barely repelled the Demon army while there's a serious damage」
「I see. Continue」
「In case of the information that's understood now, some of the forts seem to have fallen. Among those, the Kusorion Fort was destroyed」
「What!? That large fortress!?」
「Y-Yes. This is still not a certain information. The site is confused, so this is a baseless rumor. The Demon army summoned a huge monster, blown by an unknown great magic and so forth. Rumors and guesses, it's a situation where we don't know which is the real information」
「Umu. However, the information of the Demon army withdrew is true, is it?」
「Yes. That's certain」
「I understand. Thank you for the report. Please continue to collect information」
「Yes! Then, excuse me」

The general leaves the room.
Father close his eyes and wrinkle up his eyebrows, thinks about something.
We brothers waited for Father's next words.

「It seems that Julius's death has yet to be confirmed」
「Yes. The site seems to be confused. What shall we do?」
「Conceal Julius's death and the fact that Shurein became the new Hero for a while」

There was no one in this place who's dissatisfied with Father's decision.
I don't understand the politics well, so I shouldn't interfere.

「It's still uncertain whether the Demon army completely withdrew or not. If the Hero's death is announce here, it will give uneasiness to the people. Although Julius's death will be known eventually once the talk from the site rises, don't reveal it to the others until then」
「Father, what would Shurein do in the future?」
「Shurein, I'm sorry but you have to leave the academy today. At the same time, make preparations so that we can announce the new Hero any time. Shurein」
「Although you might be confused because it happened suddenly, you are the Hero from now on. Succeed Julius's will, and you must bear the full brunt of the war as the hope of the Humans. You might not be resolved for this yet. So before Julius's death is known, I want you to decide the resolution」

Hope of the Humans?
E-Even if you ask me to decide such resolution suddenly.

「Your heart is probably not sorted yet. You may retire for today. Rest at ease」

Father's kind voice.
I will depend on that for now.

「I'm sorry. Excuse me」

I said it briefly and leave the room.
The worrying eyes of Father and Leston-niisama.
Cyris-niisama's cold eyes.
I close the door to obstruct the view.
Although I was driven by the impulse that wants to collapse on the spot, I bear it somehow and begin to walk.

After that, 30 days passed.
During that time, I did nothing but independent training in the castle.
Since I became the Hero, I must become stronger.
That's just an appearance because if I don't do anything, I will think about various things and I won't calm down.
If I move my body, my feelings were diverted a little.

According to the story I heard, it seems that Julius-niisama's death is concealed worldwide.
It might be Father's influence, but each country might have judge that it's dangerous to announce the Hero's death to the citizens at this unstable time, 
It seemed that the site of the battlefield is well known already, but it seems to be a future matter for the rumor of the battlefield to enter this country because this country is far from the battlefield.

It seems that the Demons didn't attack afterwards.
It's said that there's a considerable amount of damage on the Demons in this war, so they are considered to not move for a while. 
But, I can't be careless.
It's not somebody else's problem anymore.

It seems that there's no change in the state of the academy.
I often talk with Sue and Katia with "Distant Communication" and hear the state.

[How's the state there?]
[There's no change. There was a little confusion when Shun left the school suddenly]
[I see. Please tell everyone in the academy that I'm fine]
[Yes. Of course.]

[Sue. How are you?]
[I'm fine]
[I see. How's there?]
[Today, Yuri was called back by the church]
[Did she?]
[Yes. Perhaps, I think that the information of Julius-niisama's death has reached the church]
[So, Yuri was called back because she was the next Saint candidate]
[Probably. What happened to the Saint that accompany Julius-niisama?]
[It seems that Nii-sama's comrades have died except Hyrinth-san]
[... I see]
[It seems that Hyrinth-san who survived will return soon. I think that I can probably hear the story from him. I will ask various questions at that time]
[Yes. If possible, please behave yourself, okay?]
[Un? Well, I'm told to not reveal that I'm the Hero until Father announce it. So I won't do anything]
[Then, it's good]
[You sure say a strange thing. By any chance, are you worried?]
[That's obvious]
[I see. Thank you]
[... My pleasure]

Such exchanges was done several times.
Hyrinth-san is Julius-niisama's childhood friend and the comrade in arms equal to Nii-sama.
I have met him several times with Nii-sama.
When Hyrinth-san returns, I'm sure that I can ask various questions.
How did that Nii-sama died?

To be honest, I can't believe that ridiculously strong Julius-niisama can be defeated easily.
Either he was caught in an unfair trap, or Nii-sama fights against a large army that even he can't win.
I don't think that Nii-sama can lose in an one-to-one fight.
I'm sure that this will be known when Hyrinth-san returns.

I did nothing but independent training to brace my heart that almost sunk.


「Shun inherited the Hero title」
「This is the worst」
「Ah. In addition, the movement of the surroundings is somehow suspicious. I might not be able to deal with it」
「I understand. I will return immediately」
「I'm sorry even though you are busy」
「If it's for the students, Sensei can work hard」
「I respect that part of yours」
「Well, I shouldn't be such a hot blooded character though」
「How about the report to Potimas-danna?」 (TL note: He calls Potimas as Potimas no danna)
「It's already done. The worst case, it's necessary to think that to have Shun-kun to be sheltered by the Elves」
「I see. That might be good」
「Won't you oppose it?」
「Julius-aniki is dead, so I don't want my younger brother to die. If that's the case, then even if we won't meet anymore, it's better for him to stay alive」
「Yeah. Let's do our best」
「Ah. I'm counting on you」



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