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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Extra 3

Bestiary 3.

Extra Bestiary ③

Author note: To commemorate the total of 150 chapters

『Anogratch LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:100
 Average Defensive Ability:85
 Average Magic Ability:25
 Average Resistance Ability:30
 Average Speed Ability:100
「Throw LV1」 「Accuracy LV1」 「3D-Maneuver LV1」 「Cooperation LV5」 「Anger LV8」 「Revenge」』

Also known as monkey. It has the unique skill called "Revenge". It's called as the revenge monkey from the fact that it will attack those who harm it's comrades persistently. The breeding season exists, so the damage when the numbers increased becomes serious. While the individual danger degree is D, it's a dangerous monster that can be ranked as S according to the scale of troop. The individual inhabit in the Elro Great Labyrinth has the "Night Vision" originally. By the way, the troop that Kumoko defeat in the story is the smallest scale.

『Bugragratch LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:559
 Average Defensive Ability:531
 Average Magic Ability:97
 Average Resistance Ability:106
 Average Speed Ability:548
「Throw LV6」 「Accuracy LV6」 「3D-Maneuver LV6」 「Cooperation LV6」 「Overeating LV1」 「Rest LV1」』

Also know as huge monkey. The evolved form of Anogratch that has a huge crocodile-like mouth. However, the "Revenge" skill and the "Rage" skill are lost by evolving somehow. It's a strange species that loses skills by evolving. Because "Revenge" was lost, even if it's defeated, it's comrades won't attack in great numbers. It might get mixed in the large troop of Anogratch once in a while, but it won't cooperate with them. The individual danger degree is C that's near B. It's an unusual species that it's said that it's pre-evolution is more dangerous.  It's said that the skills were lost because of species preservation, but the truth is uncertain.

『Elro Generush LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:70
 Average Defensive Ability:70
 Average Magic Ability:68
 Average Resistance Ability:67
 Average Speed Ability:73
「Fire Drake LV1」 「Accuracy LV1」 「Swim LV1」 「Heat Nullity」』

Also known as seahorse. It's a monster that has the appearance of a seahorse that has limbs grown. Low rank Drake species. Usually, it swims in the magma and looks for food. Although it will lose to any monster in the middle layer, it will shoot fireball to the intruders from the upper layer and lower layer. However, it's a muscle-brain, so when its MP is exhausted, it will rush physically. Reckless. But, it will run away if the opponent is too strong. Danger degree, D.

『Elro Piek LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:102
 Average Defensive Ability:96
 Average Magic Ability:95
 Average Resistance Ability:93
 Average Speed Ability:106
 「Enhanced Smell LV3」 「Fire Attack LV1」 「Heat Nullity」』

Also known as red dog. An appearance of a red dog. Comparatively lovely. Uses the sense of smell to find its prey like a dog. But, it burns brightly when attacking. It's not cute at that time. Danger degree, D.

『Elro Geneseven LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:296
 Average Defensive Ability:256
 Average Magic Ability:91
 Average Resistance Ability:88
 Average Speed Ability:89
 「Fire Drake LV2」 「Dragon Scale LV1」 「Accuracy LV6」 「Swim LV5」 「Overeating LV1」 「Heat Nullity」』

Also known as catfish. It's a monster that has the appearance of a catfish that has limbs grown. Low rank Drake species. The evolved form of the seahorse. Swallows everything with its huge mouth. Changes into coward after evolving. It will run away even if the opponent is only a little stronger. It's always aimed by a certain spider because it's delicious. Danger degree, C.

『Elro Generave LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:881
 Average Defensive Ability:809
 Average Magic Ability:444
 Average Resistance Ability:421
 Average Speed Ability:573
 「Fire Drake LV4」 「Dragon Scale LV5」 「Enhanced Fire LV1」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV1」 「Probability Correction LV1」 「High-speed Swim LV2」 「Overeating LV5」 「Heat Nullity」 「Life LV3」 「Agility LV1」 「Endurance LV3」 「Powerful LV1」 「Sturdy LV1」』

Also known as eel. It's a monster that has the appearance of a eel that has limbs grown. Medium rank Drake species. The evolved form of the catfish. It can shoot out a powerful fireball attack that can't be compared with the low rank Drakes. It's physical abilities are also high, so it's purely strong. It also has the thinking ability to judge the situation. Although it's not a coward like the catfish, when the opponent is a higher rank, it might withdraw. In addition, it's also aimed by a certain spider because it's delicious like the catfish. Danger degree, B.

『Elro Debegiad LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:50
 Average Defensive Ability:42
 Average Magic Ability:19
 Average Resistance Ability:15
 Average Speed Ability:38
 「Swim LV1」 「Heat Nullity」』

Also known as round insect. It's a monster that has an appearance like a round globe with four feet. Its status is also low, and it's only weapon is ramming attack, so it's very weak. However, it will escape into the magma as soon as it perceives danger. Danger degree, E.

『Elro Geafrog LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:64
 Average Defensive Ability:55
 Average Magic Ability:42
 Average Resistance Ability:42
 Average Speed Ability:40
 「Poison Synthesis LV2」 「Acid Attack LV2」 「Shoot LV3」 「Swim LV1」 「Night Vision LV7」 「Poison Resistance LV2」 「Acid Resistance LV2」 「Heat Nullity」』

Also known as frog's evolved form. The alias as it is. The evolved form of the frog that inhabits in the upper layer to adjust the middle layer's environment. Therefore, neither its status nor skills have strengthened dramatically. Danger degree, D.


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  8. So a certain spider has made it her mission to devour every eel and catfish she can get her claws onto and they are both C ranked and B ranked.
    Makes me wonder what rank a certain spider is.

    1. The hidden godly X rank (X is the highest in a certain game higher then ss rank by I huge amount)

  9. I didn't read past this chapter, so it's not a spoil but a guess.

    Kumo found out that all the skills was create by admin for the simple joy to see everyone kills eachother in a never ending war

    Each time the hero or the demon lord die, a new one will take is place and the wars goes one.

    So, how can you brake this state?
    It's simple. The hero and the demon lord only have to be the same person.
    Once it's done their won't be any cause for war.

    For the time being, Kumo is the demon lord. To become the next hero, she has to kill the hero and hope to become the next one.

    That why she killed all the elite troup at the fort and her general. To have better chance to become the next hero.
    That also why she target the heros.

    Once she become hero and demon lord, she only have to gain the immortality skill (availaible, by memory, for 1500000 skills points) and it's done. The system is broken.
    The cause for war disappear and the admin can't do anything as there can be only one hero and demon lord at the same time.
    With her immortality, she will stay as the unique hero and demon lord to the end of time.

    It's will be a "Kill thousand to save millions" state of mind.

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