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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 111

Chapter 111.
Back to the spider.

111 Delicious cuisine

[Fufufu. You guys were formidable enemies. Ah, I admit it. You managed to hurt me this far. Certainly, a mortal combat. It was a battle suitable to be called that. However, your hard fights were also vain against me. Fuhahaha! Finally, I won! Today, on this day, you guys have carved the absolute defeat in your body in front of me!]

Body-in-charge's tension is strange.
What's wrong with this guy?
Is this guy getting excited?

{Information-in-charge, when did this guy break so much?}
A good child must not see it!
{I see. Body-in-charge has finally entered the area that must not be entered}
Yes, that guy went there.
Therefore, we who were left must live strongly.
{Body-in-charge. I won't forget about you if it's around 3 minutes!}
Cup noodles!
{Cup noodles.... I'm hungry...}
Didn't you forget about Body-in-charge in an instant?
{It's possible that there's no such thing}
[Hey, aren't you cruel since a little while ago?]
Ridiculous, you returned to sanity!?
[No, shouldn't there be "Impossible!"? In that case, I will be like a fool even if I return to sanity]
{Was it different?}
[Hey, let's talk]

We make noise for a while.
Well, it can't be helped that Body-in-charge's tension rose.
At any rate, the scale peeling of the Fire Drake was finally completed.
Just as Body-in-charge said, it was a fierce battle.
The scale peeling of the Fire Drake and the three eels.
It was extremely hard.
Let's say it frankly.
The time spent on the scale peeling was longer than the combat time.
Well, I don't know the accurate time because I don't have a watch, so the time might be longer when I concentrate in a combat.

Besides, even if I said that it was hard, the one who did it was Body-in-charge.
Meanwhile, Magic-in-charge and me the Information-in-charge worked diligently to raise skill proficiency while chattering.
Although Body-in-charge got tired and asked to take over regularly, of course the answer is no.
But I refuse. (TL note: Jojo reference)
Well, because Body-in-charge is no different than me and there's only one body, it doesn't change the fact that I will get tired after all, but this is the problem of the feelings.
It's the feeling that the child's delusion was realized because I can force my homework to my other self.

[Fu. However, I have accomplished it!]
[Thank you! Thank you!]
Then, let's eat it at once.
[Ou, I have been waiting for it!]
{Catfish, eel and this Fire Drake}
Surely, the taste must also evolve!
[When I eat this, I will say "This is delicious!"]
{That's bad. That's the unappetizing flag}

Thus, time to taste it!


{Somehow, it's hard to say that it's unappetizing, but it's also hard to say that it's delicious, an exquisite prescription...}
It's that, like the whitefish that has no taste.
[Ah, I understand]
{Certainly, this seems to have the potential to transform if there's a soy sauce}
Is there a soy sauce in this world?
[No, I guess]
{It's impossible for a Japanese to live without soy sauce}
I think that subculture and soy sauce are the pride of Japan.
[Although I don't have the interest in meals when I was a human being, I realized it after I became a spider]
{Yeah. The cuisines in Japan are really delicious}
Don't give up!
This world might not have the soy sauce!
However, there might be a seasoning equal to it!
{Even if it's not a seasoning, as long as there's a delicious cuisine...}
[That's right. We have only ate raw monsters so far]
In the first place, can a monster be called as a food?
{To figure that out, are you a genius!?}
Oh, yes
I was a genius.
{Seriously? I was a genius. If I'm a genius, then I will be forgiven even if I do anything!}
That's right!
Today, on this day at this time, I declare one decision!
I will escape from this Elro Great Labyrinth in order to eat proper cuisine!
I have enough of eating monsters that are not delicious!
[I have enough of bad-smelling meat!]
{I'm also sick of poison!}
A healthy life begins with a healthy meal!
[More delicious things!]
{Sometimes, sweet things!}
I want to eat something sweet.
[Ah, I want to eat chocolate]
{Although there might be no chocolate, fruit will do... }
Aaah, although I have never thought about it up until now, I can't already.
[My body wants sugar!]
{When Body-in-charge says it, I will be troubled because it sounds real}
Let's aim at Arachne earnestly.
[Ah. Well, it becomes so]
{When you think of taking communication with human being}
After all, do you want to eat only monsters until death?
[I don't want that!]
{I want to eat delicious things!}
The cuisine made by the human being should be more delicious than a raw monster!
I will stop being a spider!
[Arachne is also a spider]
{But, even if we became an Arachne, can we communicate with human being?}
We'll use our spirit there.
{Recall my low communication ability}
[Hey, I can't remember my last conversation with human being when I was a human being...]
In the first place, when was the last conversation?
{Long ago to the extent that I can't remember}
[Am I all right?]
W-With spirit.
{I mean, can the people here understand Japanese?}
{The future seems to be full of troubles}


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  5. Please tell me she's not gonna take another 200 more chapters before leaving the dungeon

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