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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter S16

Shun 16.
That Yuugo....

S16 The unrest that creeps to the peaceful shadow

Yuugo didn't came to the classes after that.
It seems that he's still staying in the academy, but I never saw Yuugo after that incident.
It was the same even if I asked Sue and Katia.

「He should just die because he make a move on Nii-sama」
「Sue. You must not say such a silly thing. However, I certainly can't agree that there's no blame」

The criminals who attacked Palton and the others seems to have committed suicide without confessing any information after all.
In the confinement place where they are restricted, it seems that the preparations to let them confess was not able to be done.
By the way, in the matter that's considered to be important, when a person is forced to confess, a certain item is used.
It's the curse tool that's loaded with the power of the "Heresy Magic" that's said to be forbidden.

"Heresy Magic" is said to be a magic that violates the soul, so the prohibition of acquisition is announced by the church.
The person who has this magic skill will be arrested by the church, and the person will either be placed under the management of the church throughout the life or be executed.
Of course the item that's loaded with the power of "Heresy Magic" is managed strictly by the church, but a person must request to the church to use it and it's permitted to use it when the church judged that the content of the request is appropriate.

Even in this incident, after the criminals were made to transport to the royal capital, they should be forced to confess using the item.
They might have committed suicide because they foresee that.
I was made to recognize this world and the world of my previous life are different again.

「Even if they can't prove the relation to the assailants, it's a fact that the person himself attacked the royalty of another country. Don't you find it strange that he's not charged with a crime?」

To Katia's question, I can't answer.
Certainly, the fact that I was attacked by that guy doesn't change.
But still, there was no blame in that guy.
It's an unimaginable thing in Japan.

「There's nothing strange about it. Because here is such a world」

The one who answered Katia's question was Yuri.

「Shun-kun and the others might not realized it because you are all at that position. The social position of this world has power that's much stronger than what everyone think. Because I'm a former orphan and a commoner, I have seen this kind of thing a lot of times. There was a person who was executed after being hit by a noble because the noble's hand was hurt when hitting the person. There was a family who were executed because the vegetables sold were infested with insects. This kind of story overflows throughout the world」

Not only me but Katia also became speechless.
We might not know about the world at all.

「The difference of the social position is an absolute difference. Yuugo-kun is the next Emperor of the world eminent large country. It's a simple thing to make an incident like this unsettled」

Katia who looks bitter.
My face would also be the similar.

「Therefore, Divine Word is the true equality. Divine Word won't discriminates anyone. Divine Word grants benefits equally to everyone. Divine Word is the truth of this world and the light that wraps everything!」

I leave Yuri who have started a trip.
When it comes to this, she won't stop.
Even if there's no listener, she will continue to talk about the magnificence of Divine Word endlessly.
Although I listened to her at first, I became good at pretending to listen to her and ignore the contents now.

I think about Yuugo while ignoring the Divine Word admiration of Yuri who has sparkling eyes.
What will happen to that guy in the future?
Status is lowered, and all of the skills were lost.
Perhaps, he's same as me, the "Emperor" skill that he has by nature was lost.

The only skill remained was the 「n%I=W」 that has an unknown effect.
Sensei didn't erase this skill.
Did she left it on purpose? Or, was it because she's not able to erase it?
Apparently, this mysterious skill is a skill peculiar to we who reincarnated.
Both Katia and Yuri have this skill.
And, probably Sensei too.
What kind of meaning does this skill has?

However, at present, this skill hasn't showed its effect.
A skill that doesn't shows its effect even by possessing it.
Such a thing is useless.

If I think about that, Yuugo would lose all his skills.
His status is the low rank monster class.
There's no skill that can be relied on either.
Speaking frankly, the current Yuugo has fell to the weakest class as a human.

The weakening of Yuugo will also be widely known someday.
If that happens, then I don't know what will happen to his future.
The worst case, breaking off the relations might be announced from the native country.
His native country, the Rengzant Empire where power is everything.
Will he who became weak still maintain as the successor to the throne?

When thinking so, this might be the punishment given to him.
Yuugo indulged in power.
After being indulged in power, even his mind has suffered.
Will there be hope to live in a man who lost all his powers?

Would I indulge in power like Yuugo if Julius nii-sama, Sue and Katia doesn't exist?
I think that it's not impossible.
I know the person who's stronger than me.
But still, I think that I will get drunk on my own strength suddenly once in a while.

I might be actually strong.
Yuugo becomes arrogant to that extent, so I'm sure that there's no one stronger than him in his surroundings.
Even the Rengzant Empire's true strength supremacy principle that's said to be a battleground.
Then, even if there's a difference in magic or physical, I who have the status that's almost equal to him might be considerably strong.

If that's the case, then if the environment is different, it might be me who will become like Yuugo.

I shivered when I think about it.
Possibly, the one who's status and skills got deprived by Sensei might be me.

Sensei, that person is also terrifying.

Because I entered the academy and my age reached the standard, I acquired some magic skills.
I don't know what will happen if I wasn't saved by Sensei that time.
But, even if I win or lose, it might have become a fierce battle that it won't end with a scratch.
Even if I'm peace-loving idiot, but still, in that situation, I should have done one counterattack at least.
However, I'm sure that I will hesitate about giving the decisive blow.
When thinking about it, I think that the winning rate of Yuugo who don't hesitates is higher.

And, Sensei neutralized that Yuugo easily.
In other words, I can't win against Sensei too.
What if Sensei tries to weakens me and Katia?
I don't have the technique to resist.

After that incident, Sensei didn't come to the class again.
Although it's the usual, such action seems to be even more weird if it's after that incident.

What kind of activity does Sensei do in the back?
How did she acquire such power?
What is she trying to do with such power?

I don't know.
It's full of things that I don't understand.
But, I don't think that I can get the answer even if I ask the person.
Besides, I'm scared that I will stir up a hornet's nest if I poke it poorly.

However, although it's my intuition, I think that Sensei is not an enemy.
Although what she's doing in the back is a mystery, I think that she's not doing something that will harm us.
Although it's not possible to know about it now, I think that a day when everything is spoken will surely come.
I decide to believe in Sensei and wait till then.

「That's why! Shun-kun should also convert into the Divine Word Religion!」

When I was ignoring Yuri, my hand was clasped by her before I know and I was pressed for an answer.

「Ah, although I admit that the Divine Word Religion is excellent, I will refrain from it」

I unbind Yuri's hands gently while cold sweat flows down because Sue engender a silent pressure.
Recently, Yuri has been pressing on me whether to convert into the Divine Word Religion or not.
Although I decline her gently every time, Yuri doesn't give up.
Because Sue seems to lose her temper every time, I want Yuri to stop because it makes me feel nervous.

Although it's as usual that Sue scowls at Yuri, Katia looks strange.
Usually, she would made an amazed face in such time, what's wrong?

「Katia, what happened?」
「Eh? Nothing. What's it suddenly?」
「No, because Katia's state was somewhat strange」
「Haa. I'm as usual」
「Is that so? If you are ill, then say so, okay?」
「Yes. There's no need to worry」

Because the person herself says that she's fine, it should be all right.
And, when I turned around, Sue and Yuri looked strange this time.

「This time is you guys. What's wrong?」
「No, it's nothing」

Sue and Yuri look at each other, and both looked strange.
I have no idea what's going on.
After all, everyone have a strange look on that day.


「Sue-chan, what do you think of it?」
「Not yet. But, it's not impossible」
「You think so too?」
「That's bad. Very bad」
「It's bad. Very bad」
「But, it can't be stopped」
「This might be a formidable enemy」
「Muu. It's not decided to be like that yet」
「You're right. As for us, we can only pray that it won't happen」


「Damn it! Like I will let it end here! This world is mine! Mine, only mine, the world only for me! I won't accept such an end! I won't accept it! I won't let it end until I obtain everything!」

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Desire LV1』》

「That fucking elf! I'll absolutely get my revenge! I won't forgive you, absolutely won't forgive you!」

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Anger LV1』》

「I will definitely deprive all of your things someday! In the same way as you did to me!」

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Seizure LV1』》

「Just wait for me! I will destroy everything that guy values! On top of that, I'll rape that fucking bitch and won't stop even if she cries or screams while laughing!」

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Lewd Technique(淫技) LV1』》

「Just wait for me! I will take back this world!」


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