Thursday, 6 August 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Q&A 7

Q&A 7.
Answers to the S and Y.

Q&A corner 7

Q, About the stamina and instantaneous force
A, This is the author's lack of the ability to express it.
The details are in chapter 21, but I will explain it here again.
Even though I'm using "Agility" and "Endurance", this is only used for convenience.
Systematically, the yellow gauge (agility) represents the amount of a person can move.
It decreases when a person sprints at full speed, etc, when this becomes 0, a person will lose his breath and it becomes painful.
If I say it oppositely, it's alright to move while the person still have this gauge.
Because Kumoko has only a little in this gauge, she can't last long if she sprints at full speed.
This is the situation where there's no "Agility" and can't continue.
The red gauge(endurance) is the energy that the creature saved up.
It will die from starvation when this is exhausted.
Although it's confusing, I can't think of another word for it, so it became like this.

Q, It's a reward in our industry!
A, O-oh.
Live strong.
Kumoko is relatively okay with dirty jokes.
Although it won't be so vulgar, I think she will blurt it out occasionally from now on.

Q, Here was a good person
A, He's a very good person.
He's an extremely fresh and good person.
Because he's suspected to be wicked on his debut, I made a story of him in a hurry(lol).

Q, Is Y, the Yuusha's Y?
A, That's right.
However, I never consider any meaning on it when I attach it.
At first, the S means Side, but I might as well make this as the initials of the prince, then the prince's name is decided. Using the simple method again, Y was decided to be Julius(Yuliusu) and Yuusha.
I never thought that the spelling would be misunderstood! It's my mistake!

Q, Woman's ability remark
A, Because this was hard to understand, I revised it.
Julius's Onee-san marry into another country.
So-called political marriage.
The woman's ability whom Julius says means the role that can only be played by woman.
I have rewrite it, and now, it's straightforward, saying that she marry into a family.

Q, Creature's poison can be classified into enzyme poison and neurotoxin. Kumo-san have which one?
Because it's a spider, I think it's neurotoxin, but it seems to be enzyme poison as it has effects after pouring it on the body.

A, This will likely become a spoiler, so I will ignore this now.