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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 64

Chapter 64.
The start to become OP?

Changed Detect → Detection
64 Appraisal-sama is really an intelligent person

Appraisal-sama is really incredible.
The skills that I can acquire appear in the list displayed with how many points they cost.
The current number of points I have is 200.
Because a skill requires a minimum of 100 points, I can either acquire two 100 point skills or one 200 point skill.

Well, that's fine.
The thing that’s important here is that the appraisal displays unacquired skills.
As long as it's displayed, it's possible to double appraise.
In other words, I can check the effect of unacquired skills before acquiring them!

If I use this function, I can find useful skills.  It’s not necessary to acquire them while worrying whether they’re usable or not.
Besides, depending on the situation, I can find skills that seem to be attainable by earning skill proficiency without needing to use my skill points.
The unacquired skills spread out before me.

Thus, let's appraise the skills displayed in the list one after another.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Overeating LV5』 has become 『Overeating LV6』》

The skill level of “Overeating” rose again as I continued eating while appraising.
But, there's still a lot of monkeys left, and it seems that my belly is still far from its limit.
My belly is incredible.
Is there a "Different Dimension Belly" title?

It's wonderful.
Even what is displayed now seems to be an illustrated encyclopedia.
Won’t it increase even more if I save up 300 points?
It will probably increase.
But, I need to raise my level to that extent.
Although my level rose due to fighting the monkeys in a struggle to the death like an idiot, it doesn’t usually increase that much all at once like this time.

But, the displayed skills now will no longer be displayed if I use up my points.
That's troublesome.
But, if there's a good skill, I want to acquire it.
What a dilemma.

What should I do?
Should I acquire a skill? Or should I save up my points?
Ku, I'm troubled.

I have already finished appraising all of the displayed skills.
There were some skills that I'm interested in.

『Magic Perception:Becomes possible to perceive magical power』
『Magic Manipulation:Becomes possible to manipulate magical power』

Aren’t these two necessary to use magic?
It really looks like it.  Considering the way these two are displayed together, it feels like it’s on purpose.
Perhaps, these are skills that show their effects when in a set.
I can acquire both of them at just 200 points.

But, there's a big problem.
Actually, I already had "Magic Perception".
It’s in the “Detection” skill.
Yes, “Magic Perception” is also included in the “Detection” skill.
That means, even if I acquire "Magic Perception", it might unify with “Detection”.

That's unacceptable.
Or perhaps I should say, if that happens, I might not be able to use magic for the rest of my life.
I can’t activate “Detection” and if that happens, I won’t be able to activate “Magic Perception too.
According to my expectations, if these two skills are a set necessary to use magic, then I might have been checkmated.

Eh, what's with this vicious bug?
No no.
It hasn’t been decided that it will happen that way.
Surely, I will become able to use magic someday.
Therefore, I will put this matter on hold.

There might be a skill that can make "Detection" usable.
But, it's doubtful that it can really become usable, and I don't want to use my valuable skill points any further on a useless skill.
Here, a skill that can be used immediately with clear effects is good after all.

The "Poison Claw" skill that I considered before is no longer needed because I already have the "Poison Attack" skill.
Although acquiring "SP Consumption Down" would not be a loss, its priority is not high because I have "Overeating".
Or rather, I was able to acquire the "Automatic HP Recovery" naturally, so I might acquire "SP Consumption Down" sooner or later.

Well, although I look troubled, I have already set my eyes on a skill.
Now, I just need to decide whether I should acquire a skill or I should save my points.
The skill was clearly distinct from the others.
In various ways.

『Pride(100):n% power capable of reaching the Gods. The rate at which you gain experience and skill proficiency rises greatly and each ability growth value rises. In addition, the W system is surpassed and the the right to interfere with the MA area is obtained』

I don't understand it.
The explanation and also why only 100 points is needed to acquire such a skill.
Although I appraised n%, W, MA area, all of the results were 『Impossible to appraise』.
The thing I managed to understand from the explanation was that this skill has an effect that increases how many experience points you receive and it increases your skill proficiency, it also gives growth corrections.
With that alone, it’s already an extraordinary ability.

To be honest, I'm unsure of what I should do.
Such an incomprehensible skill is too dangerous.
I don't know what kind of demerits it has.
But, if I think about it, there are a lot of benefits.
There's no other skill that can increase the rate at which you gain experience and skill proficiency.
I don’t know how much of an effect the growth corrections will have, but the difference seems large.

Really, what should I do?


  1. It's troubling~ Although the MA sounds interesting: magic abilities?

    1. MA area is something on a.more grand scale.
      W is world system.
      People on W cannot beat MA.
      MA <<<<< wall ( literally -_-) <<< W
      Demon lord / hero? = W
      Rulers = MA + W ( minor interference rights to MA)
      Administrators(Gods) = MA ( full rights)

    2. I think W system=world system(maybe)😑

    3. Very late response i know, but wanna mention that your way of putting is quite confusing at first. If W cannot beat MA, then it should be something like
      MA >>>>> wall >>> W. The way you're showing it is as if W is far far greater than MA, when you mean the opposite.

    4. I think that multiple < or > in a row denotes arrows while single < and > are less than and greater than respectably. So MA <<< Wall <<< W, means MA>Wall>W.

  2. [Pride] sounds like it is specifically one of the seven deadlies, and I bet it will be tied to Taboo. I bet taking it is considered to be spitting on the gods and is a step toward full on devil lord status.

    Still, since the gods reincarnated her into a spider with the obvious intention of having her be eaten alive and die pitifully they can go screw themselves.

    If any gods need to get a spider bite to the ass it is them. Go demon lord spider-chan!

    1. You're actually wrong on that one.
      This may be a spoiler but she's actually really a spider down to her very soul.
      All Classmates got reincarnated to the race that their soul matches.

    2. %n, W M A = pride
      0ver-eating = gluttony

      lust, wrath, sloth, envy ?

    3. she pretty much overcame sloth when she had to leave her home xD

    4. %n, W M A = all sins and virtues.
      Basically if you want to transcend being mortal

    5. %n, W M A = all sins and virtues.
      Basically if you want to transcend being mortal

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  3. Take it, take Pride! The "W system" is probably "World System" in other word. It probably a awesome skill.
    Thank for this 2 chapters, see you tomorrow then.

  4. Haha lol it'll definitely be pride. But why does all these skill cost 100 only! Haha that must mean she has a lot of compatibility with them right

  5. The way its written Pride seems to be the whole seven deadly sins demon lord route..... which i fully support, screw those gods, time for them to die by the hand of the great kumo-chan.

    1. A little of on the truth. There's a lot of conspiracy and foreshadowing in the series. The gods are not really the bad guys. ( actually depends on who's view.)
      And she will get not just the seven deadly sins but some of the seven virtues.
      And trust when I say she's an existence that surpasses both hero/ demon lord. She actually wants to kill both of them.
      About her reaching the gods? They want her to

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  6. Maybe thats her cheat. She only needs to pay 100sp for all skill while the others need to look out what they choose. Trueth to be told Kumo-chan and the 4th princess are the most op. While its seems Kumo-chan can acquire any skill with low cost the pricess can copy most of them if she had seen them (and phyisicaly possible). I didnt read the raws so it can be wrong.

    1. Wrong on the the princess part she's just an extreme brocon. And imitating her brother for very long

    2. you can learn any skill by copying o acting it out. we've seen that at this point already.

    3. That maybe so but what i meaned that even if she doesnt have sp in beginning she can still easly copy the skills she saw. And when i say easly i maent it too easy for her. For what Shun needed explanation she just copied it fromhim with wathing alone. That why i said she will be one of the most op cheracter in the series. But may be you guys are rightand shewont be a power house by the end of the day. One last thing we will seee how it plays out in the future chapters. Oh and i hpe it gets printed so we can have a few pics too.

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    1. Could you stop with the spoilers please, you've posted quite a few of them already. Personally I don't mind spoilers that much, but it's a dick move to people who don't like being spoiled. Sure you could just tell those people to not read the comments, but then they can't discuss things with other people, nor can they thank the author without being spoiled.

      That and people have stopped translating due to spoilers before so... I wouldn't recommend it.

  8. so we have kumo-chan on pride, rou and rimel on gluttony, and leigie on sloth.... hue hue hue we are going to have a list of light novels 7 sins...

    btw, we can just put every wuxia/xian xia characters on wraths and lust. those chinese novels are just full of OP rapist and murderers except for a few of them.

    1. She actually gets multiple sins and some virtues too

    2. and of course we the readers are greed for we are always greedy on chapters and always want moar

    3. arnold, go to animesuki or something. The translators blog is NOT the place to talk about spoilers. It rarely ends well, and more than a few series have been dropped because of it.

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    1. As the title said, I am a spider! So what of it?

  13. Had some time again, here's a bunch of edits:

    I made a few notes on common mistakes that I've seen so hopefully you can avoid them in the future.

    1. Fixed. I hope I'm aware that I'm making those mistakes every time, but I'm pretty careless. So, I try my best I think. I'm leaving the SP Consumption Down as it is. And also, I have changed Detect to Detection. Anyway, thanks

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