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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 65

Chapter 65.
This is HELL!!!!

I have changed Detect to Detection.

65 Pride

Pride, the word known well in the seven deadly sins.
It's considered as the most serious sin among the seven deadly sins, and it's used as the title of the Satan.
If this name appears in the game, it's an enemy of the last boss class and it is also used for the name of the cursed weapon even though it's strong.

From the sound of the word, I can imagine that it's a useless skill.
But, the confirmed effects are very attractive.
There's a temptation that makes me want to jump at it even if I know that it's a trap.
Exactly like the devil's temptation.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Overeating LV6』 has become 『Overeating LV7』》

I ate up all of the monkeys before I knew it.
I'm incredible.
Did I ate all of them?
As expected, my stamina is fully recovered.
That means, I have a large amount of energy saved if I add up with the "Overeating" stock.

Come to think of it, the "Overeating" skill said that I will gain weight accordingly, but is my body that fat?
Although I can't say anything because I can't see my body, I don't think I seem to be fat.
Ah, come to think of it, my appearance didn't change at all even though I evolved.
Although it was the same as before, is the Taratect species a species that doesn't change its appearance much?
Or it changes gradually?
Hmm, I feel like there's no change.
When looking at the monkey and the huge monkey, it clearly becomes a different creature.
I don't think that it's the result of gradually changing.

Well then, let's stop escaping from reality here, and think seriously.
This explanation of the "Pride" skill is similar to the mysterious skill that I have that is 「n%I=W」.
Because it's this similar, so it doesn't seems to be unrelated.
At present, the effects of this mysterious skill is still unknown.
It's neither a plus nor minus, probably.
When thinking so, there's no demerit?

...It's not good to assume it easily.
But, my heart has decided it.
No, I have decided it from the beginning.
I have such feeling.
I must acquire this skill.
I have such a vague feeling.
I must acquire this skill.
It can't be helped that I felt like that.

《Currently you have 200 skill points.
The skill 『Pride』 can be acquired by spending 100 skill points.
Do you want to acquire it?》


《『Pride』 was acquired. Remaining skill points 100》

I did it!

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Taboo LV2』 has become 『Taboo LV4』》

I have done it!

《Conditions met. Title 『Ruler of Pride』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the title 『Ruler of Pride』, skill 『Abyss Magic LV10』『Hell』 was acquired》

I did it!

Why did it become like this?
No no.
Isn't it impossible!?
What's this?
What's this?
I will say it once more.
What's this?

"Taboo" level rose.
Moreover, it's two.
I have done it!

I acquire an amazing title.
No, something like "Abyss Magic", it's definitely a high rank magic, right?
Moreover, it's level 10.
Isn't it strange?

For the time being, let's confirm the effect of "Abyss Magic" and "Hell".

『Small Poison Taratect LV1 No name
 Average Offensive Ability:38
 Average Defensive Ability:38
 Average Magic Ability:127
 Average Resistance Ability:127
 Average Speed Ability:537
 「Automatic HP Recovery LV3」「Poison Attack LV9」「Poison Synthesis LV3」「Spider Thread LV9」「Severing Thread LV4」「Thread Manipulation LV8」「Throw LV3」「Concentration LV5」「Accuracy LV4」「Evasion LV2」「Appraisal LV8」「Detection LV4」「Stealth LV6」「Hell」「Heresy Magic LV3」「Shadow Magic LV2」「Poison Magic LV2」「Abyss Magic LV10」「Pride」「Overeating LV7」「Night Vision LV10」「Visible Range Expansion LV2」「Poison Resistance LV8」「Paralysis Resistance LV3」「Petrifaction Resistance LV3」「Acid Resistance LV4」「Corrosion Resistance LV3」「Faint Resistance LV2」「Fear Resistance LV6」「Heresy Resistance LV2」「Pain Nullity」「Pain Alleviation LV6」「Life LV2」「Magic Amount LV2」「Agility LV2」「Endurance LV2」「Herculean Strength LV1」「Sturdy LV1」「Idaten LV2」「Taboo LV4」「n%I=W」
 Skill Points:100』

Wait a minute.
It's strange.
The status is strange.
When did my MP, Magic, and Resistance increase that much?
All increased by 100.
...Is this also the effect of "Pride"?

No, well, I don't care about the increased amount though.
It's a defeat if I care about it.
Well now, appraise, appraise.

『Abyss Magic:The highest rank Dark Magic that manipulates the darkness of the abyss. The magic that can be used differs depending on the level. LV1:Hell Gate LV2:Insincere Hell LV3:Lust Hell LV4:Gourmet Hell LV5:Greed Hell LV6:Wrath Hell LV7:Heresy Hell LV8:Oppression Hell LV9:Deception Hell LV10:Rebellion Hell』
『Hell:Manifest the Hell』

Eh, eeeh.
What should I say?
It's extremely dangerous.
What's with this Hell series?
Something like manifesting the Hell, it's clearly dangerous.

『Hell Gate:The gate of the beginning』
『Insincere Hell:Hell of those who are insincere and innocent』
『Lust Hell:Hell of those who are tainted by lewdness』
『Gourmet Hell:Hell of those who enjoyed delicious food』
『Greed Hell:Hell of those who will do anything for their greed』
『Wrath Hell:Hell of those who were affected by wrath』
『Heresy Hell:Hell of those who leaned on heresy』
『Oppression Hell:Hell of those who committed violence』
『Deception Hell:Hell of those who whispered lies』
『Rebellion Hell:Hell of those who raised a rebellion』
(TL note: Translating this is HELL!!!)

Moreover, what's with this appraisal results?
No, the effect of the magic doesn't matter.
Who's the guy who made this appraisal result!?

For the time being, I tried whether the "Hell" is usable or not, but nothing happens.
I became feel like disappointed, relieved and strange.


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    1. That's a common misconception, it stemmed from Christianity/Catholicism's mixing with Greek philosophy which emphasized "balance", so God and Satan are "balanced opposing forces". The original theology is a super OPed God who is letting Satan run lose for his own plans.

      Think of it this way, if somehow the police caught a crime boss, does tossing him into prison make the prison part of El Carpo's territory? In that case, all prisons are Mafia territory already. :)

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    Fourth Circle (Greed)
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    Sixth Circle (Heresy)
    Seventh Circle (Violence)
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