Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

German Translation: Weird Translations
Indonesian Translation: Novel Terjemahan / Cadisa
Russian Translation: Barmaglo
Vietnamese Translation: Team Just T
French Translation: Nandemo
Spanish Translation: Ilimitednyte

Continuation: Raising The Dead

Author : Baba Okina

The world where the Hero and the Demon King continue to oppose each other.
The grand magic from the Hero and the Demon King cross over worlds and exploded in the classroom of a certain high school.
The students who died in the explosion will be reincarnated in a different world.
The protagonist who is has the lowest reputation in the class was reincarnated into a spider.
Nevertheless, the protagonist adapted quickly to the present condition with strong willpower.
This is a story of the protagonist who has become a spider trying whatever it can to live.

01 Prologue
02 Looks like I'm a monster
03 There was a time when I thought that "Appraisal" was a cheat skill
04 Exploring a dungeon for the first time
05 Chapter of a new home
06 I didn't regret after munching it
07 24 hours vacation throughout the year
08 A spider without intelligence is just a normal spider
09 Skill verification
10 Level Up!
S1 The day when the daily life ended
11 I~to maki maki i~to maki maki♪
12 A moving reunion(lol)
13 I received a disgraceful title
14 Chapter of reconstruction
15 The time I lose my paradise
16 Leaving the nest
17 I use a dirty trick fair and square head-on
18 Complete recovery after staying at the inn is only in game
19 It's not a big deal if it does not hit!
20 I am a spider, currently behind you
S2 The fourth prince
22 Spider thread experiments
23 I'm sorry that I got carried away. Please forgive me!
24 Weak
25 Delicious snake
Q&A 1
26 De-hikki plan
27 I'm going to evolve!
28 Eat eat eat
29 The things that I need to do are still the same even if I evolve
30 Let's acquire a new skill!
S3 Fantasy
Q&A 2
31 I gained new skills
32 Growth period?
33 The seriousness of Appraisal-san
34 Sequel・Growth period
35 Therefore, don't get carried away that much(ry
S4 Magic
Q&A 3
36 Desperate situation
37 Struggles
38 Spider vs Bee ①
Q&A 4
39 Spider vs Bee ②
40 Spider vs Bee ③
S5 Appraisal stone
41 I achieved the desired level up!
42 Spider vs Bee ④
43 Spider vs Earth Dragon.........Eh?
44 Escape from despair
45 Elro Great Labyrinth Lower Layer
S6 Status
46 Survival of the fittest, or so I thought, but....
47 Poison poison
48 Forked, road?
49 Appraisal-san, you were a cheat after all
50 Mahou Shoujo Magical Kumoko☆
S7 Duke's daughter
Extra Bestiary①
51 Isn't it great to know the enemy's strength?
52 Threadness and sadness and heartening and
53 I have become stronger even if it's a little
54 Quiet sleep great strategy!
55 The defensive battle of 100 meters above ground ①
Q&A 5
S8 Skill encyclopedia
56 The defensive battle of 100 meters above ground ②
57 The defensive battle of 100 meters above ground ③
58 The defensive battle of 100 meters above ground ④
59 The defensive battle of 100 meters above ground ⑤
60 The defensive battle of 100 meters above ground End
S9 Skill point
61 I'm going to evolve! Part 2
62 Poison spider
63 Appraisal-san, no, Appraisal-sama!
64 Appraisal-sama is really an intelligent person
65 Pride
S10 The second prince
66 Skill rush
67 A formidable enemy appears! The name is Detection!
68 The end of the lower layer
Q&A 6
69 Elro Great Labyrinth Middle Layer
70 Training part
Y1 Hero and the king
71 Leveling
72 Leveling result
73 Death flag suddenly
74 Middle layer capture starts
75 It's good to do my part by myself, but there are times you feel frustrated when it's done by someone else, right?
S11 Elf girl
76 Let's become even hotter!
Q&A 7
77 Unlucky 7
78 ... It's an amazing skill.
79 How's a spider who's full of dangerous titles?
80 Spider vs Fire Drake ①
S12 Academy
Q&A 8
81 Spider vs Fire Drake ②
82 Spider vs Fire Drake ③
83 Spider vs Fire Drake ④
84 Spider vs Fire Drake ⑤
85 Spider vs Fire Drake End
Extra Bestiary ②
S13 Saint and Sword Emperor
86 Dance of victory
87 I'm going to evolve! Part 3
88 Zoa Ere
89 Changes due to evolution
90 Patience
K1 Pessimistic Duke's daughter
Q&A 9
91 Detection-san, you were a formidable enemy
92 Once again, I have cut a worthless object
93 The thing that extends over the layer
94 The top needs the top, so let's aim at more top
95 Higher rank species
S14 Academy life
96 I think, therefore I am. I move, therefore I am. I am me and me, therefore it is me.
97 The eight passes
98 Look at my eyes!
99 Because that guy is an idiot, I must get a grip on myself
100 Oh? Appraisal-sama's state....?
S15 Ruler class
101 Wisdom
102 Wisdom-sama is amazing
103 Magical Kumoko☆Returns
104 Magic Equipped Spider-type Versatile Warrior
Q&A 10
105 Does a Hikki dream of going out?
S16 The unrest that creeps to the peaceful shadow
106 Eel again
107 Master of the flame sea ①
108 Master of the flame sea ②
109 Fear Bringer
110 The thing acquired after defeating the Fire Drake
B1 The Demon King's close aide lets out a sigh at the conference
Y2 And the war began
Human-Demon Great War ①
Human-Demon Great War ②
Human-Demon Great War ③
Human-Demon Great War ④
Human-Demon Great War ⑤
S17 Voice informing the collapse
Human-Demon Great War Secret
111 Delicious cuisine
112 Monsters that change into metal
113 Spider vs Fire Dragon ①
114 Spider vs Fire Dragon ②
115 Spider vs Fire Dragon ③
S18 New Hero
116 Spider vs Fire Dragon ④
117 Dragon Killer
118 The meaning of killing a Dragon
119 Beam from the eyes! I won't do it though
120 Administrator
S19 Julius
Extra Bestiary ③
121 Let's forget about it quickly
122 Flying flying flying
123 I obtained the Dragon Power! Uhahahaha!
124 Upper layer, I have returned!
125 Deep fried!
S20 Fall
126 Real tag The "it" is a spider
Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team ①
Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team ②
Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team ③
127 Show me the possibility that a person has
128 Mercy is not for others
129 I'm going to evolve! Part 4
130 Taboo
K2 The last obstinacy of a man
B2 Maou-sama is dismayed
131 I lost
132 Earth Dragon Kaguna capture preparations
133 No.1 of hardness, No.2 of speed
134 Spider's natural enemy
135 Spider vs Spider ①
S21 The world's truth
136 Spider vs Spider ②
137 Spider vs Spider ③
138 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ①
139 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ②
140 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ③
141 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ④
142 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ⑤
143 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ⑥
144 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ⑦
145 The sinking earth
The royal capital battle ①
The royal capital battle ②
The royal capital battle ③
146 I feel sick
The labyrinth's nightmare ①
The labyrinth's nightmare ②
The labyrinth's nightmare ③
The labyrinth's nightmare ④
147 So, this is the possibility that a person has
148 I'm going to evolve! Part 5
149 Hello, this is the Evil God
150 You're just the Hero and the Demon King, don't get cocky!
S22 To the Elf Village
151 Outside
152 The spider traveling alone aimlessly
153 Conversation with Kuro
154 Mountain foods
155 The reason to climb the mountain is because ingredients are there
S23 Entering the Elro Great Labyrinth
156 It's the sea!
157 Sea fishing
158 When I thought that it was a fishing village, it was a farm village
159 Sneak thief > Bandits
160 Vampire Princess
S24 The Elro Great Labyrinth capture ①
161 Town
162 Dear Sir or Madam, I moved
163 Worship me, praise me
164 The picky savior
165 It's a curse
S25 The Elro Great Labyrinth capture ②
166 Mother eating
167 Spider of the rebellion
168 Write the things I want to memorize in the notebook and eat it like that
169 No more tributes
170 Demon King Ariel
S26 The Elro Great Labyrinth capture ③
The Divine Word Religion and the Goddess Religion
171 Since when were you under the impression that I can't escape from the Great Demon King?
172 I let the children to pay the tribute
173 Sponger
174 Apprenticeship applicant
Searching for master 3 thousand miles
Magician, apprenticeship
175 Revival!
S27 The Remnants of the Nightmare
176 Spare body talks
177 Inside the Demon King
178 Demon King vs Earth Dragon
179 Demon King of Gluttony
180 Spare body moves
S28 The Elro Great Labyrinth escape
181 It becomes something terrible
182 Battlefield inspection
183 People are trash
184 Now, pray to God
185 The small Hero
S29 Offer
186 Arachne
187 Communication ability
188 I'm hungry
189 Body function verification
190 Cuisine
Elf Village ①
Elf Village ②
Elf Village ③
Because I am a teacher
191 Tsuchigumo
192 Sea fishing part 2
193 The Administrator complains
194 The Demon King talks
195 Changes
Before the war
196 Rather than the spider, it's the ant
197 The treasure is buried underground?
198 Underground ruins
199 Robot army
200 Loot
Elf Village Battle ①
Elf Village Battle ②
Elf Village Battle ③
Elf Village Battle ④
Elf Village Battle ⑤
Elf Village Battle ⑥
Elf Village Battle ⑦
Elf Village Battle ⑧
Elf Village Battle ⑨
Elf Village Battle ⑩
Elf Village Battle ⑪
201 The Demon King and the Queen
202 God
203 Uninhabited area
204 Easy
205 The Demon King who's accompanied by God
Oni 1 Sasajima Kyouya
Character introduction
206 Black and white
207 Start
Blood 1 Negishi Akiko
Blood 2 Redo
Oni 4 Naming
Blood 11 What should I do if my classmate becomes a monster when reincarnated?
Blood 12 The Divine Word Religion and the Elves
Blood 13 Envy
Blood 14 The lie and the truth
Blood 15 Announcing the little girl abuse warning officially
Oni 5 The trampled one
Blood 16 Along the way
Blood 17 The Demon King of money
Blood 18 Abnormal Condition 「Drunkard」
211 Vampire training plan
212 Maou-sama's 3 hours cooking
Oni 6 Slave
Blood 19 Both the inside and the outside are dangerous
Blood 20 Master is a brute
Blood 21 Three years
The regular reports of the Demon King and the Administrator
The Pope and the Administrator
Oni 7 Illusion Weapon Creation
Blood 22 Demons.......
Blood 23 It seems that I have to go to the magic academy if I'm reincarnated
Blood 24 Enrollment
Blood 25 Although I who have encountered an engagement annulment event is like a heroine, because I don't have the memory of being bullied, what should I do?
Blood 26 Blood of Oni
Oni 8 Wrath
The revolving lantern of the summoner
The rumor of the adventurer
Adventurers vs Ogre
Empire knights vs Ogre
Old man×2 vs Ogre
Oni 9 Calmly
The Sword King and the magician
The Pope and the Ninja
The country of the interstice
The previous Sword Emperor
Sword God vs Ogre
Oni 10 Emptiness
Oni vs Oni ①
Oni vs Oni ②
Oni vs Oni ③
Oni vs Oni ④


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    3. I miss the translator after every release lol, I'm suffering from immense withdrawl, worst off us that it was a 22nd so coiling dragon was on break too lol.

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    2. Not sure about that. Maybe in the Kadokawa Book website

    3. I checked there. For now there is nothing (or at least I didn't find that option). The status is In Printing. Probably they need more time??

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      The girl is honestly neither good nor evil.
      She's just extremely true to her desires.
      She does what she wants to do and doesn't do what she doesn't want to do.
      And if it involves her life she will do anything to achieve her goal

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    5. The author announced that the WN is getting a light novel adaption scheduled to be released on 10 December.

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    1. Um, yes, it's me, only me. Sorry for the quality.

    2. I don't think so. The translation quality is as good as before. But the content of each chapter increases. Anyone jump reads will miss like this. Also one who thought Side Story is nothing getting this confusion too.

      Side story is really not side story, but main. Ignore it, and be prepared for wrath of Shun.

    3. No Oly, it has nothing to do with jumping around. It is the actual content, the words written. I could read the first hundred and so chapters (side stories included) just fine, but the last dozen or so have become hard to understand. Its because the phrasing has gotten rough. Like this for example from I think chapter 208
      "He make sure that I'm not crushed even though he fell."
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      "He made sure that I wasn't crushed even though he fell."
      That's one of the easier ones to figure out, some of the others are too difficult for me to fix to use as an example here.

      And Joshua your doing better than I could since I only know English, I was just wondering because it was much better at the start. Maybe you are trying to do too much at once and rushing? Looking back, back at chapter 181 it wasn't that bad, I was still able to understand it fine then, not sure exactly when the real change happened.

    4. I don't know. I always thought the early chapters are more rough. I just type like normal. Maybe it's because the contents going more different than the early chapters.
      Well, my tenses are not good. I don't know most of the times. I just take it from the translation and try to phrase it my way. Because English is not my mother language, or perhaps it is, but English is pretty limited in my country. So, my English became broken. But even with those words, I understand the sentence. Well this is only because I'm used to broken English.

    5. Really, its understandable enough for me, even if it gets a tad incomprehensible at times. If its really an issue, all you need is to get an editor to double check your work and you're golden.

    6. getting a editor or a proofreader would make the pace slow down though~

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    As for a more permanent project if you want to work on something else might I suggest Re:Monster translations over at the Wikia? A lot of the "Chapters" somewhere past 200 up to 320 are damn near unreadable due to being rather choppy machine translate. So they could always use an extra hand to improve some of that.

    Or maybe you could just help with editing and cleaning up grammar or something.

    Although I guess you could also just take a long break or focus on cleaning and editing this series further. I'm just trying to provide some suggestions.

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